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Choosing the Positive Thoughts

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Patricia wrote:

“While everyone slept, I calmly moved everything, pulled the carpet …and looked for air mover rentals. … I was calm, and consequently, [my husband] was not upset. I remember having a thought, ‘So…I can let this ruin our pool party tomorrow, or I can take care of what I can and put it out of my mind, and enjoy what we have worked to create!’ I chose the latter… Read more here…


It’s the Absence of Doubt

Doubt is an action. It is something you do. It’s not something that happens to you, it’s something you DO.

So, when you feel it, you can speak out loud: ‘I choose to believe.’ … It’s the mindset that determines whether you will find the solution to the problem you have right now.

Rare Faith Podcast #3




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“This is hands down one of my new most favorite books. I have gone through it twice in a little over a month and love it. My husband and I started it a couple of years ago and almost finished it, but when I read The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius this time, I felt like I have never even read it. Absolutely amazing and very inspiring. … I want to learn and know these principles, particularly since I had such a life changing experience in Genius Bootcamp. I want to be able to live these every day and teach them to my children. Kimee


“Thank you so much for your Jackrabbit Factor series. They were a major game changer for me. … I had never realized that how I felt about the world around me could affect what would be there. … In the months ahead, my book, Unapologetically Alison will be coming out. … a raw and stirring play for over-performing post-millennials. …Your books gave me the hope to start dreaming and build a life I wanted to create, instead of the one I felt doomed to live.” Alison Fabricius


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Belief Breakthrough (part 1) – Podcast

When you have an “impossible goal”, it’s time for a belief breakthrough. If your goal is bigger than you, how can you know if there is unseen help orchestrating everything you need to accomplish it? This is for those who don’t have the time or resources they need to achieve their goals.
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