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Responding vs. Reacting

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The Law of Relativity states that nothing is good or bad, big or small, pretty or ugly, until you relate it to something else. Understanding this principle can help you experience better outcomes as you respond to hardships rather than react to them. For example… Read more here…

Blood Test News

Surprisingly, it was only one day after my last update that I finally got my long-awaited results from the ctDNA test, which shows whether or not the tumor has been sloughing off cancer cells into the blood stream… Read more here


RF Leadership, Training, and Income Opportunities!

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Start any time with Mindset Mastery Self-Paced or Genius Bootcamp Immersion

“When someone attempts to describe Genius Bootcamp, many times you hear that it is indescribable! I share this reality, yet I’m going to give it a shot. The magnitude of changes that have occurred in my life since Genius Bootcamp has been phenomenal. I believe these results are typical, despite everyone’s journey being unique to them. The joy and depth of engagement I witnessed were infectious and inspiring beyond anything that I’ve experienced in 50+ years.

“[My experience] was three days packed with a balance of creative, life changing activities, high energy, light, learning ways of looking at and engaging life that would make any task, goal, or dream achievable. Influenced by the book, The Portal to Genius by Leslie Householder, it was an adventure in how to achieve the things I have only dreamed of, but thought myself unworthy of. That lie was shattered over this time period, and the growth and exploration have continued beyond those three days.” Jeanine Rhodes

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Oahu Meet and Greet – Part 2 (Podcast)


  • When to be specific in goal setting.
  • How to use Rare Faith when you suffer with depression or anxiety.
  • Knowing “What’s my part?”
  • How “peace” as a feeling counts for activating second level goal achievement.

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