Love Yourself

By Karilyn Barnett

Let me say right off the bat, that the kind of love that will be discussed in this article is genuine and sincere.  Do not mix this up with conceit and self-absorption which are not love.

You must love yourself before you can truly succeed.  Why? True love is at the center of our universe and will flow directly through us if we are on the same frequency to receive it.

All things that we desire in life can be obtained by virtue of the Law of Vibration.  Simply put, if we are in harmony with the thing we desire, the thing we desire will be drawn to us like a magnet.  The Universe uses the highest frequency of love to transmit these signals. If we don’t love ourselves first, then the thing we desire cannot be drawn completely to us.  We will always feel it coming toward us, but we will not be able to receive it. It is imperative that we truly love ourselves.

We came into this world without an opinion of our self.   Over time circumstances came our way that caused us to feel a particular way about our self.  As a child our subconscious was wide open and we accepted these feelings as truth. Little by little, our subconscious mind was separated from our conscious mind by a filter of sorts.  With this filter in place we could now decide for our self if the feeling was truth of fiction. If it was fiction we could reject the idea. Our ability to choose our thoughts is what separates us from all other living creatures on the earth.  

But what happened to the feelings that did slip into our subconscious mind?  They are still there! They operate like software on a computer, completely behind the scenes and out of our awareness.  These obscure thoughts are emitting signals, perhaps of peace, contentment and love, but possibly of worry, doubt and fear.  If it is the later, then these signals are not going to be in vibration with the universe’s highest frequency of love. We may be successful, but not to the degree we desire.  We will always feel like something is missing in our life. This can cause relationship problems if we are not careful.

Thankfully, there is a solution and remedy.  We must become aware of our present moment thoughts through our feelings.  If we are feeling happy and content, then our thoughts are positive and good.  However, if we are feeling worried, angry or stressed then we can know that our thoughts are not positive and need to be corrected.

We can correct our thoughts by practicing two simple things.  The first is expressing gratitude and the second is “I Am” statements.  

Practicing gratitude is fun, easy and can be turned into a game.  You can keep a gratitude journal or you can repeat silent thoughts of gratitude throughout your day.  Another idea is to place a small dot on things around you such as your bathroom mirror, your computer monitor, or on the microwave and every time you see a dot, quickly express gratitude for something.

“I Am” statements are powerful and creating.  You have experienced them when you’ve said, “I am tired, or I am hungry.”  The universe delivers tired and hungry right on que! Since you want to summon positive attributes, you need to repeat positive “I Am” statements such as, “I am healthy, or I am kind, or I am loving, or I am honest, or I am forgiving” etc.  An “I Am” statement may feel like a lie at first, but the two little words “I Am” are literally summoning the attribute you desire. So if you feel you need more patience in your life, repeatedly declare, “I am patient.” Over time, the new attribute will replace the old programming and you will elevate yourself to the higher frequency of love you are looking for.

We cannot give that which we do not have.  We cannot give love, if we do not have love first to give.  It is not selfish or conceited to take care of ourselves first.  Think of the flight attendant’s warning to put on our own oxygen mask first, before assisting those around us.    The fact of the matter is we must love ourselves completely before the universe can pour abundance upon us and we can declare ourselves truly successful.



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