Our Little Girl

By Karilyn Barnett

The Law of Gestation states that every physical seed has a given gestation or incubation period.  Our ideas are seeds of a spiritual nature and they too have a given gestation time before they are brought into the physical world.

Sometimes in life we have great ideas and without much thought or effort, we are able to bring them to life.   Other times though, our ideas seem to take much longer to grow into being. Wouldn’t it be nice if our ideas came with a gestation chart, like a package of corn seeds?  This process of waiting is for our good and growth.

The wait can be frustrating, but we should never be in a hurry to force an idea before it’s time.  Often, the wait occurs because unknown to us, certain events are being put in motion by the universe.  Here’s an example that may help.

I got married when I was 27 and I wanted to be a mother in the worst way.  As time went on, we encountered one difficulty after another. Our faith and desire to hold that little one in our arms kept us going, but the wait was so difficult.  By age 31 my husband and I started to consider adoption. It was a new idea, but one we were open to.

We began the process just before I turned 32, and we were told that the “average” waiting time was 2 years for placement.  My heart sank, but we carried on. The paperwork was a challenge, but not unbearable. We just tried to stay focused on having a baby in our home.  The only item that had not been completed was a letter to the birth parents. This proved to be the hardest of all. My heart ached for the birth parents and their families.  I contemplated their struggles and felt that I had some understanding of their trials. For several weeks I put the letter off, it was just too much. Then one day, something miraculous happened.  I was sitting on my bed and this letter literally began to be dictated to me. I quickly grabbed a pad of paper and simply held on to the pen as it seemed to move effortlessly across the paper. Soon the letter was finished and I was completely overwhelmed by the process.  Never had I ever experienced anything like that before.  

When I gave the letter to our social worker, he paused and said that the letter was different because usually the letter was written to the birth parents.  My letter had been written to the baby. I explained to him how the process took place and he was intrigued as well and accepted it. Now with the letter and all other paperwork finished, we simply had to wait.  It was still hard, but this time we really felt a baby was coming within our reach.

Little did we know, our little baby girl would come into our lives just 3 short months later!  It was a glorious day to hear the news and to finally hold her in our arms. After we got her home and the excitement had settled down, I recounted the letter writing experience.  It became clear to me that God had to write that letter because I wasn’t getting the job done. He knew this baby was coming and time was running out. He had started the chain of events moving many years before.  Thankfully He stepped in and brought about a miracle in our lives. We truly feel that our little girl was meant to be with us all along; she just had to come a different way. We are so grateful to her birth parents for taking such a courageous step and blessing our lives.  It has now been nearly 13 years since the letter writing experience and our lives have never been the same. Adoption is beautiful!

When the waiting becomes nearly unbearable, don’t give up hope, and remember there is a gestation period to all things.  Hold fast to faith and know that in due time you will receive that which you desire.



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