Gratitude Before Arrival

By Karilyn Barnett

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that everything is either moving into physical form or moving out.

When we hold fast to an idea, creation, desire, or thing we are allowing the spiritual form of the thing we desire to move into the physical form.  With each concentrated, positive thought that we give to the idea we are bringing the thing we desire closer to us and we are moving closer to it. As long as we hold the detailed image of the desired thing and give thanks for it then we can count on receiving it in due time.  

Give thanks for something we don’t even have?  Yes, that’s correct; give heartfelt gratitude BEFORE the arrival of your desire.  Gratitude is like the lightening rod that sparks the process. When a person can truly be grateful for something they don’t even have and which may even be contrary to their current state, then the Universe can really move into action.  This is true faith.

A word of caution:  Do not let doubt cross your mind.  Doubt will erase all of your positive mental thoughts and gratitude. Doubt will quickly rebound your desired thing right back to the spiritual and you will be wondering why you never received it.  You must not doubt. If you find a little doubt creeping in, cast it out. Do not entertain it, consider it or dwell on it. Simply thank it for coming and confidently proclaim your desire and gratitude.

Perhaps this example will help you understand this principle.  My 10 year old son loves to earn money. He rarely spends it and is great about saving, but every now and then something comes along that he really, really wants.  When he gets into this mode, he can go on and on about the thing he desires. He researches it on the computer and thoroughly does his homework. He’ll go to bed at night talking about it and then wakes up the next morning, picking up in the exact spot he left off from the night before.  When he gets on these little kicks, he it totally focused and ready to receive. I remind him to be grateful for it and to see himself playing with the thing that he desires. Of course though, being a child, he still needs mom or dad to approve his desire and take him shopping. In this case mom and dad are playing the role of the universe.  On several occasions, I have thought, “Now’s the time, let’s go make his purchase” (universe is moving the item to him) and then something happens before I can get the words out…My son starts complaining or whining about something (negative action/doubt)! Well, that’s the kiss of death to my “let’s go shopping” thought and the thing he desires has vanished from before his little fingers.

Though this example is very simplified I hope you can see how our negative thoughts, actions and doubts can literally drive away the very thing we desire.  Next you time desire something remember these simple steps:

  • Create the image clearly in your mind
  • Express repeated gratitude BEFORE your desire arrives
  • Cast out all doubt and negativity
  • Expect to receive the thing you desire, or in other words believe in faith!

Put this to the test and you will find that it works.  Understanding the Law of Perpetual Transmutation will enhance your life.



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