How to Rely on God for a Paycheck

This is nuts. It’s 1:00 am and I can barely keep my eyes open, but I know that if I just go to bed, I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep anyway. I have to get this out of my head. Having a message to convey is my curse and my blessing all wrapped up together.

Anyway, if I wait until the morning, there will be too many distractions.

So here’s my question to you:

How much money do you need to feel financially free and secure?

Is it a monthly cashflow? Is it a pile of “X” amount of dollars in the bank? What’s your number?

For years I operated from a standpoint of, “I will feel secure when we have $_______ coming in every month, residually.” Or, sometimes it was, “I know the work is done when we have $________ saved or invested.”

What I’ve noticed is that no matter what benchmark was set, once we achieved that number, I still didn’t feel financially safe and secure. I could see how quickly it could evaporate, or how easily we had grown into that income, and once again, felt a driving need to earn more.

Suppose One Million Dollars is your benchmark for success. Suppose you think that having $1M in the bank would allow you to do everything on your list that has been waiting for the day you could afford it. What if I could send you a check today for $1M. What would you do with it, right now?

I know you’re just reading along, but I really want you to stop and ponder that question:

What would you do TODAY with $1M?

If you don’t have a solid answer, then you are not prepared to receive $1M. If you feel like just putting it in the bank would solve everything, then you’re not prepared to receive it. If it’s so big that you can’t even wrap your brain around the concept of having $1M, then what difference would it make if it were $2M, or $400M? If you cannot conceptualize the difference between those figures and what that kind of money could do for you, then it’s time to start doing your research on the elements of your lifestyle that you’d like to enjoy one day.

Find out how much that cabin really costs, and whether that price includes granite or Formica, indoor or outdoor toilets, log or sheet rock. Get a feel for what the money can buy.

Suppose you were to leave your occupation to serve a humanitarian aid mission somewhere. How much money would you need each month, and how much does the plane ticket cost? Have you done enough research to know what’s a good deal and what isn’t?

If you have something in mind you’d like to do, have, or become, pretend like you already have the money and start shopping seriously for the things you’d need to purchase in order to have those dream experiences.

THEN (and here’s the cool part), release your concerns about the money, and focus on enjoying the experience as though it is happening now.

Picture it.

You don’t have to worry about the money part, because when you apply the principles of visualization to your dream-goals, things begin to line up for you to deliver the experience, sometimes without even requiring you to pay the regular price. Either opportunities line up that will provide you with the money you need, or circumstances will evolve in such a way that you will get to enjoy the benefit of your dream-goal through a barter, or a gift, or some other unexpected way.

It’s not your job to manage the creative process.

This is why I’ve always hesitated to encourage money goals, because honestly, for me, that’s not what pushes my buttons. Every time I set a money goal, it seems to put me into a state of being that repels the money. It must be some kind of subconscious program I have, I don’t know.

However, some people are really motivated and driven by money goals, but for me, they always seem to backfire. Well, I’ve decided that’s okay. I would rather that my driving force be the ultimate reason for wanting the money. I don’t want to have the money at the expense of all the other things that are more important to me than money, and that’s the risk we take when our goals are centered on a dollar figure.

So this begs the question: “What if I really do want a pile of money in the bank?”

Let me put it to you this way:

What is financial freedom, really?

What is financial security?

Isn’t it knowing that no matter what happens in the economy, or with your job, or whatever, your family’s needs will be met?

When our income tripled and we experienced what it was like to pay off credit cards, and buy the groceries we really wanted, and sign the kids up for all kinds of lessons, and fix all the broken things around the house… and ultimately move to the home that would really meet all of our wants and needs as a growing family, I thought I was experiencing financial freedom. I was able to do what I wanted, when I wanted to.

No question, it was an experience I hope everyone will enjoy.

However, we could not be content with life as it was, because Trevan was gone too much, and we always had to ask permission from his employer if we wanted to take some time off with the family. We would be concerned about the consequences he’d face at work if he had to stay home sick.

We were doing pretty well, but had so many opportunities come across our table for which he (we) simply did not have time to do our due diligence, and we could see it was potentially costing us as much as his annual salary to let the opportunities go. These were opportunities that could have replaced his annual income in just one or two transactions… and how much time would that have afforded him?

So it became clear a few years ago that he had to take the leap of faith. We believed that by letting go of his regular and dependable source of income, we’d begin to really soar financially. He’d have time to do due diligence on the amazing opportunities to invest in businesses, or real estate, or helping businesses find capital, etc.

We were convinced that by letting him finally be his own boss, and as we continued to live the principles of prosperity we had been studying, we’d finally get to start putting BIG piles of money in the bank. This is how we pictured creating peace of mind. In a small temporary way, we planned to make a ton of money and then simply take a little break. We had worked so hard for so long, we were liking the idea of taking it easy. Not retirement, of course, but easing up on our crazy life-pace that we had subjected ourselves to for as long as we could remember.

Well, just as in the story of the acorn, letting go of the tree was terrifying, although we knew in our hearts it was time. (In the case of the story, the tree represented his job). We wondered how long we could survive without the sustenance that the tree had always provided.

We envisioned the grandeur and prestige of being independent, full-time entrepreneurs. It sounded so glamorous, and we were proud of ourselves for taking the step in spite of our fears, especially in light of the Stickman Concept.

With a bit of cockiness, we approached our investments with confidence, knowing that everything works out for us, because we had enjoyed a superb track record since discovering the principles in 2000.

Well, God has a way with people like us.

Like the acorn, we took a hard fall, and had never before experienced such fear and confusion. We wondered how long we’d have to flounder before God would see fit to rescue us and send us the financial windfall we continued to chase through our various ventures.

We literally lived on the end of our resources, eking by, one day at a time. I couldn’t let myself wonder, “What happens when the money runs out next week, and there is no paycheck coming in?” I didn’t let myself even think about it. There were times where I had to consciously choose to relax and subject myself to peaceful music in order to combat the storm raging inside my mind.

Somehow, God continued to sustain us in various ways, week by week, against all odds. This lasted a few months and then turned into more than a year… and I finally began to think, “If He has kept us going this far, and we’re still alive, we have food to eat and a place to live, and our family is in tact, then why wouldn’t I believe He would continue to support us?”

So during the second year, we pressed forward full throttle toward our goals, allowing the little money we had to flow through us freely, trusting that nature would fill the vacuum we continued to create. Unlike year #1, during year #2 we operated with very little (if any) anxiety, and gained confidence that everything was going to continue to work out. By this time, we were at peace with whatever was going to happen, good or bad. We’d move our feet in the direction of our goals a little further each day, and until there was absolutely nothing left we could do, we’d keep on keeping on.

I settled in to that strange new way of life. Like the acorn, we realized that we could survive, even disconnected from the tree, and I began to release my fears of, “What if we have to move?” Or, “What if you have to go back to a job?”

Suddenly, I found myself relying on God the same way we had relied on the paycheck. I knew God was there, and was aware of us and our needs, and I also knew that He could only bless us according to our faithfulness, so we practiced being at peace in the storm. Can’t really practice without a storm, so here was our opportunity to practice.

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So now, how much money do I need?

Honestly, it flows through us faster than you’d believe because of how much we continue to pump back into our business so that we can extend our reach to more families and bring more mothers home from work.

I’m like that acorn, and as much as we all think we want a pile of money, I have learned that financial freedom is not having ten years of money in my hands today.

The seed does not benefit from having ten years worth of nutrients and water dumped on it all at once.

Neither I nor the seed would be able to absorb it, and it would likely wash us both away into oblivion. No, in the bigger picture, the seed is better off receiving only as much as it needs, as it needs it.

Financial freedom is the financial peace of mind that comes from recognizing that your job does not pay you… it is God that pays you through your job. It is not your business that pays you, it is God that pays you through your business. Remove the delivery vehicle, and He can still deliver the resources you need to become all you have chosen to become. It will find you, so relax as you keep taking just one more step!

As you allow yourself to find peace in darkness and uncertainty, you discover that miracles here on earth have not ceased. You become the newest recipient.

The acorn only becomes a mighty oak after it lets go of the parent tree, and finds all the sustenance it needs from God through the elements within its immediate surroundings. It grows independent and becomes shelter and sustenance for other tiny seeds only just getting started.

You don’t need a bazillion dollars in the bank. The person who learns to rely on God for daily support is the person who is truly financially free… because no market crash, no bank failure, no thief nor law suit, can ever overshadow the peace of mind that comes from having discovered God’s willingness and power to give you just what you need when you need it.

I will point out, also, that only people who experience great financial hardships will likely ever discover this miracle I’m talking about. If you’ve got it rough, count yourself highly fortunate. The sooner you let go of your fears, the sooner you’ll experience true financial freedom.

Realize now that even if all of your fears came true, you could still bounce back bigger than ever.

And then once you finally feel, and daily live, with that freedom in your heart, it’s only a matter of time before it begins to manifest in your physical reality, too.

But by then, you’ll have a wise and proper perspective on money, and will put it to work, blessing the lives of others.

I look forward to hearing your story. Originally published September 3, 2008

To learn how to enjoy peace of mind in any economy, join me now in the Mindset Mastery Program.

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  1. God sustained us for a couple of years on no income… husband was seriously ill and I felt I should stay with the children. I was generous with whatever little I had, money, food, etc. and shared with others and God was always generous to us. We’ve had everything we needed and He continues to sustain us. Challenge to remain calm in the storm. It seemed that God had been putting me through a “Learn to be calm” course. As the big problem we were facing would be miraculously solved, the next one would come along as if to say: “Okay, you did well with that one, how about now?” I’ve often given up the last of what I’ve had to the Lord and He’s always supplied. Last time was an anonymous envelope of $3000 to help us with our car situation. I’m in awe. Like you said, “If He has sustained me this far, then He’ll continue to do so as long as I’m doing my best to follow His ways. And if I can remain calm, He can help me even faster!” Thanks for your post. It was a confirmation of what I’ve already been living.

  2. I asked my spouse what he’d do and the first thing he said is “give half away” I can assure you we aren’t millionaires so a million would be a big deal to us. I assumed he wasn’t ready for the money. I’d love your thoughts.

  3. If you were to give me $1.3M today, I know exactly what I’d do with it. Why? Because I’ve had this idea in my head that right after I turned 42 (which I did recently) that amount would come to me–I don’t care how (as long as it’s in a positive way). I sat down and wrote down exactly what I would accomplish for my family and me with that money, and step-by-step, in my Mindset Mastery journal. I outlined the actions as though I already had it. I even included the scenario as it would play out, with me traveling to certain places to pay certain bills, etc. I got good and excited! I have had these goals since I was old enough to set goals, and even though my goals have matured and become more specific than they were when I was a child, and even though this is not the only money I’ll need for the rest of my life, it is in many ways the catalyst that will change so many things dramatically, and show my children that it is possible to break trends and attitudes and beliefs that have been held on both sides of our family for generations. So many benefits from one thing–so many blessings. I choose to believe.

    1. Hi J. Smith! I love that you have a very clear vision for what you are intending to accomplish and that you believe! There is so much power in intentional action combined with belief. It sounds like a big vision! One thing that is fun to watch is how a vision can begin to take shape one tiny element at a time, and how step by step we begin to put the pieces in place. One caution though – We can move down the wrong path when we put too much energy focusing on the one big windfall that promises to solve everything all at once – I’ve fallen into that trap myself and have also seen a lot of faithful people get stuck because they just aren’t excited enough about the small, mundane, simple steps that help everything unfold in line with nature’s timing (the law of gestation). Keep up the good work, and keep looking for those inspired thoughts that will help you stay on track to accomplishing all of your goals! 🙂 Steady progress based on sound principles have the greatest effect for long term success.

      1. Thank you, Leslie! It is easy to lose sight of the little steps in between “Point A” and “Point B,” so I appreciate the advice! I love your articles and podcasts, and your books. Whenever I start to feel distracted by impatience or discouragement, reading something of yours or listening to it always helps me to re-align the hope inside of me.

        All the best,

        J. Smith

  4. Thanks for this awesome message Leslie, it is very relevant & just what the doctor ordered. I appreciate you staying up to compile it for all of us. Based on all the comments we definitely all needed it.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  5. Wow. Exactly what I needed today – my carefully planned full-time entrepreneur leap is now less than 3 months away! So excited to share this post. I should post it on my office wall. I have a feeling I will come back to it often.

  6. Leslie,
    Thank you for the great article and insights. My husband and I are going through exactly these experiences right now. The struggle is so real!! And not a lot of fun, but I feel we are learning some principles we never would have if not exposed to the hardships we are facing now.
    My husband lost his job 5 months ago and we planned to have a job in three months time, but it didn’t work out. We have gone down every path we know, turned over every stone, and we continue to hit brick walls in the progress of finding work again.
    I have a part time job still and we received a nice severance package. But I have an arthritis autoimmune disease that requires some pretty expensive weekly shots. So that’s the main part I’m nervous about. Without insurance I can’t get them.
    But like you mentioned God just keeps paying us. We have more money than we’ve ever had. We have stuck with our same monthly budget, and the money just keeps going and going and going. I don’t know where it’s coming from, but it’s there in abundance.
    We figure we have three more months until the money runs out, and no job to go to yet. Yes, we’re getting nervous. But the money keeps stretching.
    My husband is also bishop of our church unit and is very busy in that capacity as well.
    It’s been a blessing to have him home and have time to be with our kids more and serve in our church.
    But I want to ask God, when? When? Are we going to find a job?
    We are using and practicing all the principles of the Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius.

  7. Thank you Leslie. Perfect timing for my and my wife and the lessons we are currently learning. We are living each day with increasing peace. Much of that comes from being your students. Thanks again.

  8. Hi Leslie,

    In addition to wanting to say thanks for an extremely valuable post, I also wanted to commend you and Trevan in the most public way possible for doing something that most people probably aren't even aware of.

    You have steadfastly refused the easy money form having adsense ads on your blog posts(or home page) so that your messages are clear and unadulterated.

    Your star shines brightly indeed, and we are all lucky to have you.

  9. HI Leslie, I'm with TruthSeeker — please stay up late more often!

    Thank you for yet another mindset altering injection of Universal truth to live by.

    God bless you.

  10. "Can't really practice without a storm, so here was our opportunity to practice." I had never looked at the 'storms' that way before. God recently put the scripture Psalm 57:1 -2 on my heart – part of that says "in the shadow of your wings I will make my refuge, until these calamties be overpast." (calamties = storms)

    Although my current storms are not financial in themselves, I know in order to truly be financially free to do the things I believe I am called to do, I will have to lay aside my 'pay check' job to so so! I think perhaps learning to have God's peace in the current storms I have been going through is helping to pave the way for trusting Him when I know it is time to step out of my current 'job'. I have already known it will have to be done by faith – in order to move forward.

    Thank you for your insight into all that you shared in this blog. It definitely came at just the right time in my life. God seems to be bringing messages such as this to prepare me in advance, so I will have the strength and courage to take that step of faith in His perfect timing.


  11. Thank you for this great perspective. My husband has been out of work for the last couple months. At first, I just kept thinking positive, knowing that a job would come. After a while I started becoming more scared and angry at my situation. Just as I hit a peak in my anger, God softened my heart and I realized that my little girl had become closer with her Dad than ever before. This is something I had been praying earnestly for. I finally realized what a blessing the last couple months had been. They were an answer to my prayer. Now having read this article I have the further reminder to count my blessings, because amazingly we have been fine. We have had help from people, and had to become more humble, but really there is no difference from when my husband had a job. The only difference was that he was proud of making money, and now we have been reminded that it comes from God either way. It is good to be confident in yourself, but know that you are not the one who does it.

    The only part I am still struggling with, is having the abundance mindset, when I see the numbers. The Lord has provided all of our real needs, but there are those wants. Like things to decorate with and make life easier. I have to tell myself not to buy them because we don't have the money, but then I feel like I am living the scarcity mindset. But if I just went ahead and bought them it would be very unwise. I feel like I have grown enough that I could manifest them in my life ( I have had a lot of really good experiences with the law of attraction), but I would feel dumb doing that because usually they are small things that I don't really need right this minute or anything. I am fine not having some things as long as I know we will have all of our big dreams. I guess it comes down to the question I would be very grateful to have answered: How can you completely live with the abundance mentality, when you know that you have to control your spending for the time being and that triggers the scarcity mindset for you?

  12. Hi Leslie, in 2008 I was driving to work one day, when out of the blue, I heard a voice in my head, saying: George, this is the day you must hand in your resignation. I was really surprised and decided to just ignore it, that this was not really happening. But the voice came back even more insistent, saying: You must take this leap of faith and hand in your resignation today.
    So when I got to work, it was as if I was on autopilot – I just went to the photocopier, pulled out a piece of paper and wrote out my resignation. My last day at work was the last day of May 2008.
    Just after I handed in my resignation, I found out that my retirement funds had become frozen. I then had the option of cancelling my resignation, but I decided to forge ahead regardless, thinking the situation would be resolved soon enough. I also had some other savings to fall back on.
    My plan was to trade covered calls on the US market with my retirement funds, so I thought I had it "made in the shade" so to speak.
    In july, my 95 year old mother, who was living with me, had a fall and started developing dementia. So I thought well I am free, so I can look after her at home. By December, my savings had all but been depleted and still no retirement funds. I also had a speeding fine, after chaufeuring an interstate friend around all day.( my first fine in about 10 years) My licence was suspended and I got caught driving with the suspended licence when I was returning from a trip delivering my mother to a temporary respite centre so that I could attend an event. I then had to go to court about that and got off with a good behaviour bond. Even my dog, who is only 5 years old, started to develop arthritis in her rear right leg and now limps permanently.
    I then decided to sell my car and my Rolex explorer, to help make ends meet and I advertised my home for sale. I applied for a carer's payment but was knocked back because I could not provide all the information they required for that financial year. The house has now sold and I am renting it back, because there is no room in the nursing home for my mother. Her dementia is now quite severe and her memory is sown to about 20 seconds, with much confusion, anxiety and so on.
    Last week she had a fall and broke her left upper leg and she is now in hospital recovering after an operation to insert a plate to hold the bones together. In between all this, I had 2 episodes of severe lower back pain which caused me to stay in bed for nearly a week each time. No it was not psychosomatic, it was after pressure cleaning mouldy pavers around the house. Somehow this caused too much strain on my loer back.
    I don't think my mother will ever be able to come home again, as she needs more care than I can provide.
    So for months I have been living off the pensions my mother gets, one from Holland, where we used to live and one from Australia. I can just barely make ends meet each fortnight. I currently have about $60K of debt, which I can not pay (tax and credit cards)
    I have read the Jack Rabbit ebook and also lots of other material by other well know authors, which had enabled me to keep a positive mindset through all this and I just know that by using your 19 Rules of Prosperity all will be well again very soon, somehow
    All this has made me more spiritual and caused me to draw closer to God.
    One author actually says "when you think you have it made in the shade, God will probably move your shade" and that is precisely what happened to me!
    Another insight I gained only the other day was that, to all intents I quit my job of my own volition, not because my mother needed my care. I think it had to be that way, because if I had felt compelled to quit my job because I needed to look after my mother, I would probably have felt resentful in some way. But the sequence of the events has prevented that.
    George Artz

  13. Leslie,
    One of the best testimonials about learning to trust God. It is very scary at times, but it is good to hear from someone who has succeeded.

    God bless,
    Steve Amos

  14. Lesli,
    As usual, I love what you have written! It was a great reminder for me today. I can totally relate to what you are saying. For the last two years with the economy being what it is and with the effects we are feeling in our business, I have marveled at how we somehow keep going. In the past I would have felt panic and depression and fear, but because of all I have learned from you, I have felt nothing but peace.

    I have been amazed at the doors that have opened for me to continue to build my food storage and to pay for the kids activities in spite of our "cutbacks" at home.

    I know that there are good things coming and I am at peace. I also know that there are "bad" things coming with these times we live in, and yet, I am still at peace. I choose to be part of the good part and seeing how the Lord has continued to help us out, I know that He will continue even if things become more difficult.

    It all comes from Him and He is capable of taking care of me no matter the situation.

    Love all you have written!! I needed it!

  15. Leslie — I thank you for your comments. I’m glad to know that there is someone else who cannot directly pursue money goals. I’ve seemed to discover that as one of my gifts that God has given me. I am drawn to learning to exercise faith, but it seems that money must be indirect.

    I really enjoyed the Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures as well as the Stickman Video. They seem to resonate with me. I’m still pondering the content. Knowing John Sims and coming from an LDS background helped me to really relate to what you shared.


  16. It is so helpful for you to confirm to me the things I know are true and haven’t put into words. I needed that. Thank you for your support.

  17. Thank you. You have no Idea how much I was in need of the message that your books and your blog has delivered.

  18. Leslie–you ought to stay up late every night! What a great perspective. I love where you say that you learned to rely on God the way that you had relied on a paycheck. Suddenly, the idea of serving without purse or scrip seems feasible. It also makes me question, when we cling to physical resources as the source of our blessings, rather than to God as that source, are we serving Him or are we serving Mammon?

    Thanks for the great insight!

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