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Here’s a throwback post from 2011:

It’s after 2 in the morning and I’m still wide awake – just read my sister’s blog and I’m re-inspired to try harder to share more of my real and raw experiences, too.  Here comes a real and raw one now:

If you’ve known me very long, you may have noticed how I’ve sort of fallen off the map since May. (Thankfully, today’s technology allows me to automate much of my business and take a sabbatical when I need one without it being too obvious. One way I did this was by pulling out some of my favorite, archived articles/blog posts and recycling them, or talking about other interesting people and the messages they had to share instead of my own.)

As I’ve said before (like I did in my class, “Lessons Learned Since Writing Jackrabbit Factor,”) our world turned upside down about 5 years ago. Everything that had been going so well (you know, all those reasons I wrote Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures in the first place) suddenly imploded. Well, not suddenly – it seemed to happen in slow motion – so slow that we hardly noticed what was happening.

Let me back up. After our first big financial breakthrough in 2000, and after having enjoyed our new success for several years, we made some careless investment decisions. When we finally became completely conscious of the problem, we believed that we could “make” those bad decisions into good ones somehow just by “thinking right”.

A hard lesson I learned was that, sure, while it may be true that in every adversity there is a seed of equal or greater benefit, that doesn’t mean the adversity will go away with right thinking.

It only promises that something good can be born from it.

It seemed that no matter how much positive thinking I mustered, our situation refused to improve. It felt as though the principles were suspended on my behalf and it didn’t matter how well I lived what I had been teaching, none of it seemed to be working as it had in the past.

So as you can imagine, one of my biggest stresses was figuring out what to do with the business. My husband had long since left his job to help me with it. But now, what about my books? What about our websites and programs? If the principles really didn’t work any more, how could I possibly continue teaching them?

I wondered if it was time to just pull all the books from the bookstores and issue a public apology.  But, even as I fought my own demons, I continued to receive mail from readers all over the world who shared their success stories and profound gratitude for my work.  Ben Southall attained the World’s Best Job out of 34,000 applicants and credited my book for his success on a national news program. Publishers from other countries were asking for the rights to my book. Business owners were talking about how my programs had helped them multiply their revenues. Mothers shared stories of how they got the money they needed even after all appearances indicated it should have been impossible.

I read their expressions of gratitude and began to feel jealous of my readers’ successes. I began to feel like a pawn – an instrument in God’s hand, helping thousands of people achieve their dreams, but not being allowed to achieve MY dream, which was to just live a simple life enjoying my children and focusing 100% on my own little family.

Each time I seriously thought about quitting, I remembered those people and their stories. Simultaneously, I felt God telling me, “Keep teaching – you don’t make the principles true or false by how well you live them.”

Actually, we had quite a few arguments about that, God and I. But He always won. I’d throw my Felicity tantrum, and get bitter, rebellious and cynical. I’d try to ignore the needs of the business and just DECIDE to live the life I wanted. But then life always had a way of throwing me back into the work.

In my rebellious moments, I derived tremendous pleasure out of cleaning a toilet, or reorganizing a cupboard.  After all, that’s what normal people do, right? I just wanted to be normal. I wanted to let go of the pressure I felt to be a shining example of right thinking.

I can’t tell you how many times I logged into Facebook, sorely tempted to update my status with what I was really feeling.  I can be really good at sarcasm, but I also know how damaging it can be, so I resisted.

Over time, I began to learn new lessons. Deep, profound, clarifying insight into the same principles I had thought I understood before. My mind opened up and all the pain began to have purpose again. I began to write the Jackrabbit Factor sequel, Portal to Genius, to document what I was learning. We had new breakthroughs, and began to see our finances turning around. We had some of our best months we’d ever had, but still had a pretty deep hole to climb out of.

The final verdict was this: I knew the principles were true. I knew that things around me changed according to my thoughts and emotions. I knew that things went better when I lived with childlike faith, and took the time to “see” the outcome I really desired and answered the question: How would it really feel if…?

It’s just that sometimes I didn’t feel like doing it. I was tired. I was discouraged. I was impatient. I was embarrassed. Thinking right takes effort and intention, and frankly, sometimes it’s just plain easier NOT to do it.

Anyway, I really do need to get some sleep, but all this is leading up to why I had to drop off the map in May, and what’s happened since.  It’s actually very exciting. 🙂

So stay tuned… and g’nite!

Read the follow-up post here

Leslie Householder

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  1. Hi Leslie,

    You are so right!!! If one believes in certain principles or has certain religious beliefs, those beliefs alone might not work at that time, or at all! There is always the Cosmos and it’s infinite paths to reality and its absurd sense of humor to consider!! For instance, I have been working to get my life back on track after a looong period of setbacks and disasters (almost 5 years now), but all I have to show for it is more misery and heartache! However, if you know these beliefs to be true and have not yet arrived at where you think you should be, it probably only means you still have some learning to do!! So we do what we humans are sooo good at: pick ourselves up and try it again!!

    Best regards,
    Angelo D. Minneboo

  2. Hi Leslie i have no idea how to drive here to places like blog anyways i just wanted to say thank you, i posted something earlier to encourage you to keep on with what you do well. I don’t have a degree I didn’t finish high school but I have a positive attitude towards learning from those who are willing to give us the inspiration to get out of our comfort zone. Again thank you..

  3. Once again, you have come through with this post at the MOST appropriate time – at least for me…

    After having attained the house, the family, the car, the 840 credit rating, savings and travel, it all fell apart in a flash – in of ALL months May (2008)… We lost it all – and we are just now starting the climb back out (moving back with my father in my 40’s was NOT what I had intended, lol – at least not consciously!)

    I’ve said it to you before, and I’ll say it again now:

    You are right – the principles DO work, and they work all the time. Sometimes there has to be a “jolt” to remind us that our quest is never really finished, and there are always deeper, much more satisfying truths to uncover.

    You’re human, Luv, just like the rest of us. Even the best teacher continually learns something new!! It is, however, an incredibly beautiful statement of your integrity, as well as your desire to truly help and guide the rest of us, that you can be this honest and open with everyone. Such impeccable authenticity is one of the most precious gifts you share with us!

    You’ve been a true inspiration and a real friend, even though we’ve never met. During the past 2 1/2 years, you’ve also been a large part of the life-line that has kept me from giving up during some of my darkest moments!

    Thank you.

    I can’t wait to read your next post! You sure know how to write in the cliff-hangers!!

    HUGE hugs for you!

    Many Blessings and Much Love


  4. Thank you for being REAL! I, too, have had some of the same experiences and I can honestly say, I appreciate you being honest about it all. It’s not the “perfect” that people are drawn to……it’s the imperfect. Because most of us feel at ease with others who are like us and we are all “imperfect.” Sometimes, God just has to bring us to our knees so that we don’t forget to look “up”. So, KEEP THE POST……it just may spread the HOPE we are all looking for in this life. You go girl!!!

  5. Hi Leslie,

    I haven’t even been around your information for years, but just the other day your name came to mind and so I decided to search you again on the internet. Four years ago when I was 19 I was searching a lot and found a lot of information on LOA and I was so grateful to find your information that so clearly defined these principles in a way that felt comfortable with my beliefs. Because of this I have tried significantly to make changes in my life regarding success and your books really helped. Perhaps I was led to you because of the difficult time you are having now. I wish you blessings, and I WILL pray for you.

    God bless,


  6. What wonderful honesty, Leslie. It all goes to show that you are human. And that gives everybody hope, because sometimes people will look up to successful people like they are some kind of gods… and then think, “well, their success cannot happen to me because they are super-human.”
    But nobody other than God is god-like. We are all just people. Some of us are just more willing to take chances than others, and that is natural. My two children don’t have the same appetite for challenge, and that goes for all of us… in all areas of life…
    What you have shared is the valuable lesson that one should not (1) give up or (2) start doubting.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Leslie
    Over the years I’ve known you yes you’ve been very honest and hope you don’t pull down this blog. I believe in the future it will serve many a person looking for the information that you post.
    God Bless You and Your family Abundantly
    P.S Still setting up my website.

  8. I love you Leslie!! Always have and always will. Thank you for having the courage to speak your mind in a time when that isn’t always the popular thing to do.

  9. Leslie,
    I would say keep it up. This is my reasoning. I am just starting out to do teleseminars and workshops. It really is helpful to hear that other who “have arived” where I want to be are still human and have difficulties and struggles. When I go through mine I will look at this post and I won’t feel so awful. There can be a tendancy to think we have to be perfect to teach others. Thank you for sharing your soul with us and thank you to everyone who has posted as well.

  10. Hi Leslie,
    I have a story, it’s a hard one to swallow and started 53 years ago, recently with the help of Bob Dyer’s Book “Excuses Be Gone” I realised the folly of my own created “Duality”. I am now watching the Jack Rabbits, and I count myself as being part of your select group who have rediscovered the Source. I have a web site about a Queensland seaside city called “Hervey Bay”, it’s URL is I have been organising it for over three years but I found it was not fitting with my passion and was about to set it aside as I could not for the life of me see how I could link it to my passion; which is teaching the masses that they need to make a subtle change to their thinking before books like “Think and Grow Rich” will work for them.

    The exciting prize waiting for those that feel the pain of failure is that when they break out of the paper bag they will know they are part of the Master Key as opposed to those who through there Type A personality seem to have been born with the Midas touch, and think their Ego is the Master Key and they remain within their own created Duality.

    You through your reference to “The Greatest Job in the World” promotion held here in Queensland have opened up a huge cavern of opportunity as I can now link your work, Ben and Queensland to my website and head down my desired path; may you be blessed with infinite future success and may your future past be eternally blessed. Cheers Geoff

  11. I have to admit I really didn’t know what you were referring to at first as I haven’t followed very much lately as you stated it is difficult to stay on track at times(my words not yours exactely) I do remember now and of lately, I have been trying to pick up my pieces and move forward without taking in to much so as not to remain lost..HOP HOP HOP thank you and I will make a decent attempt to follow.
    ty marty embersflame on facebook

  12. Leslie,

    God Bless You! Your words give me the one thing I could not do without – Inspiration. Every single day I hear you say “FIND A WAY”.
    Thank You for bearing your soul.


  13. Thank you for sharing! You have no idea how much I needed to hear that! (tear) The previous comments explains much of how I feel. Can’t wait to hear what’s on the other side of the last few months 🙂

  14. Leave it! It is so real. We all get down and have troubles. To hear that someone like you has them too, and wants to give up, validates our trials and tribulations. We have to continue to work on them and trust they will work out. You give us all the hope that we can come out of these times as well.

  15. WOW LESLIE! THAT IS OVER THE TOP POWERFUL! WHY? BECAUSE IT CONFIRMS THAT THE PRINCIPLES WORK, BUT, THAT THE JOURNEY IS NOT A ONE TIME EVENT, OR TWO OR THREE, AND THE JOURNEY IS NOT NECESSARILY TO THE SWIFT OR TALENTED, BUT TO THOSE WHO ENDURE WELL TO THE END. Moreover, it proves that the stress of life can cause us to turn away or divert for awhile, but that we can always “repent” so to speak, and come back and get going again with renewed determination! Further, that you are human and not always perfect in execution, and we can ALL relate to that, big time!

  16. Hi Leslie,
    I guess I started your program shortly after you took some time off. I have to let you know what I think of it. I love it. It has been a step in a path that I started in April of this year. I am older (60) and have been in debt all of our married life. I started listening to Davy Ramsey and that started this path I am still on. Next came your website about using thoughts to find the things I want in this life. Next you sent Heather Madder’s info to me and I signed up for her course to show me how to get the mechanics done. I listen to Ty Bennett I think you might have also sent me that link. I’ve learned some great tips on writing to keep people’s interest. I think a lot about the Jackrabbit factor. I don’t know if I want to become a millionaire, but I do want to believe in myself and that I can accomplish my dreams. Thanks for teaching me the laws that I can have my dreams. And thanks for helping me see that I am where I am because this is where my comfort zone is. I am changing my comfort zone!!! Shelley

  17. Leslie,
    I first read “Jack Rabbit Factor”, followed by “Portal to Genius”.
    I have read that three times now and it has truly been life changing.
    It changed the way I pray, reminded me of many principles of truth I had taken for granted, and has caused me to read many more things that are shaping the way I teach my kids, interact with my clients, and what I expect of and for myself.
    One thing is for sure, mortality is a testing ground, and although true principles abound and work, they certainly don’t come without a growth curve attached.
    I love the quote, “what you are looking for is already looking for you.”
    Reminds me to keep after it until we cross paths.
    Thanks for your contribution to society, and for moving forward even in your own trials.

    Mike Fife

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