Leaning on the Lord in a Financial Crisis

You may have heard me talk about Marnie Pehrson who I met online shortly after my family’s big breakthrough in 2000, and who got me started writing books and teaching online. She had me write a series of articles for her readers, and that collection later became my book Hidden Treasures. She also asked me to teach a class for her annual Virtual Women’s Conference – one of my very first experiences teaching strangers over the internet.

Well, I recently came across the chat transcript of one of my very first virtual teaching experiences. Amazing how timeless the principles are – they’re just as relevant today as they were when I first learned about them over two decades ago.

So enjoy this little throwback to the early days:

“Leaning on the Lord in a Financial Crisis” with Leslie Householder

Chat held at the SheLovesGod Virtual Women’s Conference Oct. 16, 2002

[Leslie] While we are waiting to get underway, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Leslie Householder, and I will be conducting this chat with Marnie Pehrson today. We’re glad you stopped by…

[Leslie] I have found in my own life during the last few years a few things that has helped me tremendously with my faith and hope during times of trial, and I hope to transfer some of it here today.

[Leslie] During the chat, if you have a specific question, go ahead and shoot, and as we are able I will try to address as many questions as I can.

[LaMonica] I have a question

[Leslie] go ahead

[Leslie] in the meantime, I want each of you to get a piece of paper

[LaMonica] I lost my job on the 30th of Sept and my pastor has been preaching on having faith and trusting God. I do I know that I am truly trusting Him if I do not trust my self

[Leslie] LaMonica, I think what we will talk about today will help with your faith, ok? Write down (each of you) what blessing or change you are hoping to attain in your life.

[Leslie] and if anyone would like to add to the chat what they are hoping to gain from attending the class today…

[Leslie] I am going to continue as you are doing this…

[Jnn] I’ve been reading a LOT about abundance from a secular point of view and trying to practice it, but I’m eager to hear a Christian perspective.

[Sonya] I really want to be the woman that God has called me to be. I’m finding that as my relationship grows, it is becoming increasingly important to use my talents and abilities for His glory.

[LaMonica] I just want to be the wife and mother God has called me to be…but I know that I need to help out financial as well. We have 2 car notes rent and 5 children that not including the rest that goes with life

[Leslie] sometimes we have a desire for something that we believe God could provide us with, but it is hard to have faith in something you can’t see yet.

[Jnn] very hard — especially if you have limiting beliefs

[Leslie] One thing I want you to all know is that “desire” is reality seeking expression. You do not have any good desire unless the way is being prepared for it to happen.

[Sonya] I believe what the word of God says and the promises from Him that I hold dear in my heart concerning my life. It’s the PROCESS that I am finding difficult.

[Leslie] Have any of you heard of the story in Judges about Gideon’s army against the Midianites

[Sonya] yes

[Jnn] no

[LaMonica] I was reading in James ch2:14-26. It talks about Faith without works is dead. I know that it is impossible to please God with out faith. But how do I know I am really doing what God wants me to do?

[LaMonica] not sure

[Leslie] Gideon needed to defend his army against a massive enemy. Think of your situation, you are Gideon, the Midianites are your opposition, be it lack of faith, or bill collectors, or whatever your opposition is.

[Leslie] We so often base our faith on the things that we see, our circumstances.

[Leslie] True faith comes from believing in something that hasn’t manifest itself yet.

[Jnn] true

[LaMonica] I try to live by walk by faith and not by sight but it hard because the pain can be too much

[Sonya] the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

[Leslie] So what will happen? The things that your spend your time thinking about are the things that are on their way. Your comments are all so right.

[Leslie] Try this…

[Leslie] think of a dog not chasing a cat.

[Leslie] what did you see?

[Sonya] I see a very bored dog

[Leslie] what was the first thing that came to mind?

[LaMonica] I have some beliefs in some things I want for my life and family but I do I know if it is Gods will for us. I know about calling those things that are not as if they were

[Jnn] can’t do it

[Marnie] a dog chasing a cat

[Jnn] see dog chasing cat

[LaMonica] something is wrong with the dog

[Leslie] thank you Marnie!

[Jnn] me, too

[Leslie] when I say “the dog is not chasing the cat”, the first thing I see in my mind is a dog chasing a cat, and I have to force it from there to change to the bored dog.

[Leslie] Back to Gideon,

[Sonya] like the cup being half full?

[Leslie] he went with his army of 32,000 to battle, but the Lord told him that was too many. Yes, we have to watch our thoughts, as Jesus told us. Not just what we do, but what we think.

[Leslie] Why wouldn’t Gideon just take his 32,000 men to fight?

[LaMonica] Reminds of when Paul says I want to do good but I do the evil anyway.

[Leslie] The Lord told him to reduce his army so that when they win, they will know it was God’s hand that saved them, and not themselves

[Sonya] there were too many men for the Israelites

[Marnie] Cause the Lord kept telling him to take fewer and fewer until he got down to only 300 men.

[Leslie] Just like David and Goliath. God shows us over and over in the scriptures how he gives daunting tasks to the small, and they conquer.

[Marnie] To show forth God’s power

[Leslie] Right, first the Lord told Gideon to send the fearful men home first.

[Sonya] God also wanted the Israelites to depend on Him for the victory, lest they shalt get a big head and

[Leslie] Do you see a parable in THAT?

[LaMonica] Yes

[Leslie] We have to NOT allow ourselves to fear.

[Sonya] boast of their own power

[Kathy] Fear–the big obstacle

[Leslie] When you feel fear, consciously tell yourself you can’t allow it. Picture all the little army men in your head and send the fearful ones away.

[LaMonica] I was once told the Devil lives off fear like God lives off Faith

[Leslie] Know, KNOW that the battle is won AFTER the fearful men are sent away.

[Leslie] Good one, LaMonica.

[Kathy] That’s really good!

[Sonya] amen!!

[Leslie] The army was reduced to 10,000

[Jen] wow for just jumping in on this chat …WOW what a great comparison!

[Leslie] isn’t it interesting that there were more men that feared than were brave.

[Sonya] very interesting

[Leslie] So just because you might tend to feel more fear than faith, God has shown that it is good enough, as you send the fear away.

[LaMonica] I know that there are 3 sizes of faith mustard seed, little and GREAT. I thought that I was passed the mustard seed to little and some times I think I have no faith at all

[Leslie] The next thing he told Gideon was to bring them to the water.

[Leslie] What does water represent in the scriptures?

[Leslie] Who is the living water?

[Marnie] Christ is the Living Water

[Leslie] right

[LaMonica] God

[Sonya] CHRIST

[Jnn] Christ

[Leslie] so we must send the fear away, and that might be a daily exercise…

[Leslie] and then we need to come unto Christ. God allows us to have challenges so that we will come to Him.

[Leslie] We go to him in prayer and acknowledge our dependence on him. We repent of our unfaithfulness. We beg for assistance, and believe He is powerful to deliver.

[Leslie] But there were many that came to the water and were still sent home.

[LaMonica] But how many times does a person have to go down that road? I mean I feel like I have been down this road before and God has seen us through but here I am again.

[Sonya] As long as it takes you to learn the lesson.

[Kathy] Or maybe He wants your faith to grow even more

[Cathy] we constantly travel the road even when we learn, always learning

[LaMonica] I was told to tell the story at the beginning before the end comes. I need to praise God now so when the storm is over I will still be praising

[Leslie] Then let’s move on to the laws… first take your paper and draw a circle the size of a sippy cup lid (I’m a mom)

[Sonya] he Israelites wandered for 40 years, until God told them that they’ circled around the mountain long enough, now turn North

[Leslie] From the bottom of the circle, draw a short line down, and at the end of it draw a smaller circle.

[Leslie] From the bottom of the circle, draw a short line down, and at the end of it draw a smaller circle.

[Leslie] Now, in the top larger circle, draw a horizontal line through the center.

[Leslie] on top of the large circle, draw 5 or 6 little lines, like antennae

[Leslie] and coming out of the little circle, draw four little lines representing arms and legs.

[Leslie] What we have here is a stickman, and it is you.

[Leslie] be sure that the top circle is larger, that is important.

[Leslie] this entire diagram represents your mind

[Jnn] not an artist, but I got it

[Leslie] the top half of the large circle is your conscious mind

[LaMonica] ok

[Leslie] the bottom half is your subconscious.

[Leslie] the little circle is your body

[Leslie] your body, your actions are controlled by your subconscious.

[Leslie] that is why we often have habits that we find very hard to break, because we haven’t yet been successful at changing what is in the subconscious…but that is a whole different lesson for another time.

[Leslie] now….

[Sonya] some time soon I hope

[LaMonica] I know what you mean

[Jnn] yeah, I’d like to hear that lesson, too

[Leslie] draw a line to the right of the body, coming out of it, and put a little arrow at the end of it, pointing to the right

[Leslie] at the end of the arrow, put the word RESULTS

[Leslie] word

[Leslie] the antennae at the top of your head is the input place for what goes into your mind

[Leslie] each antenna represents our different senses.

tbangel567 enters this room

[Leslie] can we name them? Shoot

[Leslie] sight

[Marnie] see hear taste touch smell

[Leslie] help me out…

[Sonya] sight, smell, hearing

[Jnn] taste, touch, hearing, sight, smell

[Leslie] thanks, Marnie! Saves the day again

[Leslie] Now, whatever comes into our conscious mind, we have the ability to accept or reject as truth.

[Leslie] That is important for you to remember. You have a filter on your conscious mind

[Leslie] But! (And there’s always a big but…)

[LaMonica] We are told in the WORD that we can take our thoughts captive…

[Leslie] There is NO filter on your subconscious mind.

[Leslie] whatever you hold in your conscious mind, with emotion (because emotion is the method that a thought is turned over to your subconscious…)

[Leslie] is what ends up in your subconscious.

[Sonya] is that the place where our experiences create our mindsets?

[Leslie] yes, and it doesn’t matter what the emotion is….

[Leslie] it could be excitement, it could be fear…

[Leslie] whatever the dominant emotion is.

[Leslie] notice something now…

[Leslie] look at the RESULTS

[Leslie] We spend most of our time paying attention to our results.

[Leslie] we are utilizing the little SEE antenna…

[Leslie] and what kind of emotions are we feeling?

[Leslie] Marnie?

[Sonya] depends on how we equate the situation with past hurt doesn’t it?

[Marnie] Well, if we see something in our lives we don’t like, we might be feeling doubt and fear which would just result in more of what we don’t want.

[Sonya] I like your answer better Marnie

[Leslie] exactly. These are natural laws, so to speak, and God doesn’t interfere automatically in making that change.

[Leslie] Now draw a little cloud above the head

[Leslie] this represents a new idea… a picture in your mind of how you want things to be. It is imaginary, it hasn’t happened yet.

[Leslie] It is your desire

[Leslie] now it has to compete with the stimuli coming in from the antennae

[Leslie] but, if you hold it in your mind and do not cast it away with your doubt, then you have the power to turn it over to your subconscious…

[Leslie] There is a law of vibration that we won’t have time to discuss here, but will be available soon. (You can watch it now here). SO, what kind of emotion do you think you could muster as you think about the idea in the little cloud? Feedback, please

[Kathy] Excitement

[Leslie] ok

[Leslie] what else?

[Sonya] indecisiveness

[Marnie] Gratitude

[Jnn] excitement mixed with doubt

[Cathy1] pleasantness

[Leslie] hmmm, let’s look for emotions that are positive, things that cast away doubt… Gratitude is powerful

[Jnn] need the gratitude

[Cathy1] joy

[Leslie] if you can think of the new idea, and CONVINCE your subconscious mind that it is ALREADY true; it won’t know the difference.

[Cathy1] peace

[Leslie] that is your goal. To feel grateful for it REALLY grateful, before it has happened. Is not that real faith?

[Leslie] It is like a game. You are trying to trick your subconscious.

[Leslie] if you fear your current circumstances more than you feel gratitude or excitement for the blessing you desire, then you are being counterproductive, and in a sense, God’s hands will be tied to help you from yourself.

[LaMonica] ok I see what you saying…It is they way we think about things that can truly control the results we want

[LaMonica] ok I see what you saying…It is they way we think about things that can truly control the results we want

[Kathy] I understand what you’re saying, but it seems a bit manipulative.

[Jnn] what I don’t understand is how God’s hands can be tied

[Leslie] It is true. And once it is well established in your subconscious, your body, or the physical part of you moves into a state of being that attracts what you want to yourself. Marnie, will you tell us about the acorn?

[Marnie] It’s self-control. The only thing you are manipulating is yourself… your own thoughts. If we don’t direct our own thoughts, trust me someone else will.

[Sonya] if I say that my”refinement period” is difficult, does that mean I’m not grateful?

[Leslie] He requires faith. If we do not have the faith, h

[Leslie] He cannot help us the way he would like to

[Kathy] I believe God needs our faith to act–we have to take risks, but God is bigger than our thoughts. Do you think we can MAKE something happen?

[Marnie] An acorn holds within it the plan for an oak tree… it doesn’t hold everything (all the materials it needs) to become an oak tree yet…

[Leslie] what do you mean by refinement period?

[Sonya] the refiner’s fire..Becoming more Christ like everyday..

[Marnie] If you hold the oak tree in your hand, it will never grow, but if you plant it in the right soil, it will sprout and grow and begin to draw to itself everything it needs to become a tree.

[Marnie] Our thoughts… our righteous desires are like the acorn. If we don’t plant it and hold it in our minds, they will never grow/materialize.

[Jnn] what about the prayer “help my unbelief”?

[Leslie] ah. Well, I have found that we are here to overcome obstacles, and grow closer to God through them. As we get better at exercising our faith, we are prepared for different challenges. These ideas are just a way to look at what is happening and a way to empower us to maintain faith. We

[Kathy] I also think honesty about our thoughts is important. I think God can handle our negative thoughts. I do agree that they can take root and defeat us, thought.

[Marnie] Faith is like a seed… plant it and it grows. Cast it out and nothing grows. That’s why James said faith without works is dead. The “work” is to plant the seed and follow the promptings the Lord gives you as you hold your vision with your eye of faith.

[Leslie] all struggle with faith, and at a time when I suffered from depression, I felt very discouraged because I could not seem to “hold” the positive thoughts long enough to turn it over to my subconscious. And I haven’t even gotten into what happens once it is there… I hope we have time… but during

[Leslie] that time, I would go in prayer with “help me with my unbelief…” and confess to Him that I just wasn’t capable. I was doing the best I could, but I needed him to make up the difference. And through Christ, I received the blessing anyway. But it required all I could do, and then a surrender, a

[Leslie] giving it over to Him.

[LaMonica] I know what you mean Leslie…I had to get away from the negative and be around people that were positive and read positive think positive in order to gain the positive back. Plus a lot of praying

[Leslie] Here’s an example of what happens once it is in our subconscious…

[Marnie] When we come to Christ and surrender to Him, we enter into a partnership with Him and His infinite goodness – His infinite “positiveness” can overpower our “negative.” It’s called His GRACE.

[Marnie] God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense

[Sonya] Thank You Jesus

[Marnie] Go ahead Leslie…take a few more minutes and talk about what happens once it is in our subconscious…

[Leslie] We were moving and needed a fridge. At the time we didn’t have the money to get one, and yet I wouldn’t let myself think about “oh, no, what are we gonna do??!!” Rather, I spent my quiet time visualizing the kind and color it would be, feeling gratitude that it was on it’s way…

[Leslie] and my husband and I went to a church social with it on our minds, and a man we rarely ever talk to was sitting and we just went and sat by him. (Our subconscious sort of leading the way… the Spirit works with us like that…)

[Leslie] and as we chatted with him, it came up in a very passive way and he said, “no kidding, I have one just like that that I am looking to get rid of. I was going to have the utility co come pick it up this week.”

[Leslie] God came through because we had faith and acted on the little promptings

[Leslie] I didn’t have to beg, I didn’t have to use my will power, and I only had to see it in my mind, and be grateful for it.

[LaMonica] That is just the kind of God He is

[Leslie] power, excuse me

[Leslie] So pay attention to your thoughts, and your emotions. Make sure you are only turning over thoughts of the unseen and not your circumstances. Don’t fear. Send the fear-men home!

[Leslie It looks like we are out of time, Marnie are we able to stay for questions?

[Marnie] Sure, you can stay all day for all I care.

[LaMonica] Thank you this was very helpful. I hope to be able to attend more of these

[Kathy] Thanks, Leslie. I have to return to my work now.

[Leslie] I am going to take a diaper change break, brb

[LaMonica] I about to take a leap of faith I am feeling out a Job application but I am praying that God will be done

[Marnie] Everybody Don’t forget our Teleclass today, “You’re Late Again Lord, The Impatient Woman’s Guide to God’s Timing” with author, Karon Goodman at 2:00 pm ET today.

[Marnie] One thing that Leslie didn’t get a chance to mention is the importance of knowing that what you are desiring is God’s Will for you.

[Jnn] if this abundance stuff is a Law, then when God is “late”, isn’t that because of our lack of faith?

[Marnie] The very first step is to make sure that your desires are in alignment with God’s will. And then you can KNOW that it WILL come to pass in its appointed time.

[Marnie] God is never late… just like the acorn, everything has it’s own gestation period. A tree takes years to grow; a baby takes 9 months to develop in the womb

[LaMonica] I have always found God to be on TIME…Just when I needed Him the most He shows up and Shows OUT

[Marnie] Your desires take time to germinate and grow.

[Marnie] You can’t lose faith and call God late… you just have to hang on and wait for the appointed time.

[Jnn] So the secular abundance people who say we can have anything we want are wrong?

[Sonya] Thank you for that Marnie, I think that’s what I really needed to hear.

[Marnie] You’re welcome. If you didn’t get a chance to ready my study lesson this week… you might like to read it.

[Marnie] It’s called “How to Really Give it to God”

[LaMonica] Sounds good I need that.

09:07:06 [Marnie] It discusses a lot of this. Also Leslie has an e-course on the site too called “Living the Abundant Life”

[Marnie] It’s http://www.shelovesgod.com/classes/abundance/ (The ecourse has grown up, been renamed, and is now available here)

[Sonya] I read it a few days ago. It was very helpful.

[LaMonica] I think why I have not gotten what God has for me right now is because I have not truly turned everything over to Him.

[Leslie] Jnn, even godless people can get what they want, by using natural laws that govern prosperity… but it is important to me to know that what I desire is right for me. You know, “what profiteth a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his soul…”

[Jnn] oh!

[Leslie] Jnn, we can use the laws of success to get what you want… even godless people can use these principles… what they don’t understand though,…

[Jnn] I see what you mean !

[LaMonica] I have a lot of bitter and hatred in my heart towards my father wife. My father passed away in Jan of this year and it is hard for me to forgive her for some of the things that she has done to my father and me. But I pray that God will allow me to let it go and let him have His way.

[Leslie] hang on, Marnie, my page isn’t scrolling anymore, are my comments posting?

[Marnie] The Lord grants to us according to our desires – whether they be for our own good or whether they be for our detriment. That is why it is SOOO incredibly important to make sure our desires are in alignment with HIS will first

[Sonya] this makes so much sense!

[Jnn] I really never thought of that

Leslie enters this room

[LaMonica] I know that I cant be blessed holding on to anything that is not of God.

[Marnie] Glad it’s starting to make sense.

[Jnn] be careful what you ask for, is really true, I guess!

[Sonya] LM, I know how difficult forgiveness can be, but what’s the flip side? Can you have a fulfilling life with the Lord?

[Sonya] if you hold on to bitterness?

[Leslie] Right, you get what you ask for

[Sonya] You hold yourself in bondage

[LaMonica] Yes it has been 9months and now when someone tries to tell me what she says I pray Lord please do not let me accept what I am hearing

[Marnie] Proverbs tells us that “as a man thinketh so is he” Thoughts are powerful things. They’re ALIVE – right Leslie

[Leslie] That is one of those things that you beg the Lord for mercy. You don’t have to be perfect to see these principles work. But you do need to acknowledge your unworthiness and dependence.

[Leslie] “Mind is the Master power that molds and makes,

[Leslie] And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes

[Leslie] The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,

[Leslie] Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:

[Leslie] He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass,

[Leslie] Environment is but his looking glass.”

[Leslie] -James Allen,

[Leslie] “As a Man Thinketh”

[Marnie] Christ works MIRACLES and what is the definition of a MIRACLE? When God brings something about that seems to defy natural laws. It’s not that they are defied…it’s just that when we can’t live by them, if we trust in Christ, He lives in perfect harmony with them and we are in a partnership with Him and thus nothing is impossible for us.

[LaMonica] I have asked God to forgive me in March…the pain is not as bad as it used to be but I know I am not where I need to be

[Sonya] A family member abused me as a child and I spent SO many years hating him for it. Until I saw a vacation picture of him with his family. They were laughing and carrying on, and I got so mad because here I was sitting on the couch like Boo Boo the fool Hating him, when he could’ve care less. His

[Sonya] life was moving on, while mine was in a state of paralysis.

[Sonya] not cool.

[LaMonica] Thank you all for listening…it is hard for me to talk to anyone that knows me about this because they know what I have gone through with my day and his wife. They tell me I have a right to feel that way when I know in reality I do not because it is about GOD and not me or anyone else

[Sonya] God bless you sister

[LaMonica] Thank you

[Leslie] You have a desire for peace, and that alone is evidence that there will be a way. Hang on to that hope, and expect you’ll see it in reality one day.

[LaMonica] I keep repeating John 27:14 to myself. I make it personal. I put my name in the verse

[Marnie] I read an article once about a woman whos husband had been unfaithful. She was trying very hard to forgive, but just wasn’t able to do it yet. Her bishop advised her “to hold a place in your heart for forgiveness and when it comes, embrace it.”

[Marnie] In essence, he was teaching her these principles… to hold in her heart a place for what she wanted and when the time was right she would be able to forgive.

[Marnie] Eventually she did.

[Jnn] Ooh ! Tell me more about holding a place for something!!

[Jnn] Heard about it but don’t understand it

[Sonya] yes, do tell!

[Marnie] I think it’s acknowledging that you have a desire for something… even though you may have no clue how to achieve it or not be able to do it yet. You use these principles…

[LaMonica] I want so badly to forgive her but it hurts and I don’t want to be rejected by her. I want to be able to move pass this but it seems like the more I try the devil tells me why do it she is only out to hurt you and she do not care anything about you/

[Sonya] LM, I would like to be in agreement with you, but there is no John 27″14

[Marnie] You hold the desire in your mind… that you have forgiven that you can forgive and then as you do this, people, information, events will come along and you will be prompted how to use them to be able to gain what you desire.

[LaMonica] Sorry 14:27

[Sonya] Is it possible to have unforgiveness toward yourself, even if the events were not your fault? How do you deal with that? In the same manner?

[Marnie] In other words… don’t tell yourself, “I’ll never be able to forgive her” Tell yourself that you are in the process of finding forgiveness… That you are so happy and grateful that the Lord is helping you to forgive her.

[Jnn] when I heard it, the person described it in reference to expecting a person to be kind or nice or receptive and then, they were…holding a place for them to be all those things. Does that work?

[Jnn] oops

[Jnn] can relate to your question, Sonya! I think we can!

[Marnie] I believe it does. I use this. I expect good from people and I invariably find the good.

[Marnie] I know someone who looks to be taken, mistreated and ill-liked and she is!

[Marnie] You draw to yourself what you’re focusing on. Focus on being able to forgive, being able to find wonderful people and you’ll find those things.

[Marnie] That’s really how I met Leslie…

[LaMonica] I have tried that too…but I never see her…I try to believe she has good in her but she continues to keep doing evil. Especially when she calls other people and tell them to tell me what to do. She for some reason thinks I am out to get her but I not. My father is asleep with the Lord let him

[Jnn] Is there a way to practice this new skill or train our selves? I’m finding it hard to do!

[Jnn] ourselves

[Marnie] I had some financial challenges and I went to the Lord and said, “Father, I know you have the answer. You know everything. You can teach me the principles I need to know to solve this situation.” Within a few weeks… I met Leslie and she started teaching me these principles and now

[Marnie] everything is so much better!

[Jnn] I have been pretty pessimistic in the past and am trying to change that

[Marnie] It’s like night and day.

[Jnn] so the secret is to find a good coach?

[Leslie] On the backside, I was struggling to forgive an individual and saw her article on forgiveness and replied to that. God uses bad situations to make good things happen.

[Marnie] Maybe so.

[Marnie] Right… if I had never had my financial situation, I never would have written the article on forgiveness… which made her reply to me, share her story and me tell her mine and her offer to teach me this.

[LaMonica] I have a song that says what the devil meant for your bad God has turned it around for your good.

[Marnie] Ask and ye shall receive… and in the Economy of the Lord He brings people together who have what each other needs. EXPECT him to do that for you.

[Leslie] first you must fix in your mind what you are after, get a coach if that’s what you are prompted to do. Read the Parable of the Jackrabbit, Marnie where would they find that?

[Sonya] I try to be a coach to a woman at work, but the is a little more than I can handle. I think she would rather get feedback from squirrels. She worships the universe.

[Sonya] no kidding


[Marnie] Go to https://www.thoughtsalive.com/articles/ and click on the title. (The Parable of the Jackrabbit grew up and became an award-winning international best seller, now available as a free download here.)

[Jnn] sounds New Age

[Leslie] That story helps you understand why you can’t do what everyone else is doing to get what they got

[Jnn] the universe thing, I mean

[Sonya] I think it’s so important to have that rich soil Marnie spoke of earlier. I think you have to be prayerful, but also read and study the word. They go hand in hand.

[Marnie] definitely, Sonya

[Leslie] Reading and studying the Word is taking control of what goes through the little antennae.

[LaMonica] That is the point I am at now. I have bought me a NIV translation bible and It has opened my eyes a GREAT deal.

[Leslie] feeling the Spirit is the most powerful emotion there is for turning an idea over to the subconscious, and the Lord

[Sonya] this may be off track but how do you organize your study? I mean, how do you decide what you are going to read?

[Leslie] I fix in my mind what I want and act on promptings.

[Sonya] are you answering my question Leslie?

[LaMonica] I am reading in the book of James It talks about faith and wisdom and taming the tongue…when I read this I begin to pray for forgiveness

[Jnn] praise and worship seems like a good way to pair positive emotion with prayer for what you want.

[Leslie] two nights ago it was a simple, “open your scriptures” so I did and got an answer I needed, in a random place. Sometimes it is turn on BYUTV on cable, sometimes it is call a friend,

[Marnie] I think the most important talent we can develop is to learn to recognize and follow the promptings of the Spirit.

[Marnie] Also… to understand what the Spirit is saying to you.

[Jnn] amen to that

[Leslie] Always put yourself in a place to hear the Word. Go to church even when you are tired. Even when you are travelling.

[Leslie] Even if you don’t know anybody there

[Sonya] Was it Jehosaphat that kept asking the Lord for signs? If this is really you Lord…

[LaMonica] Ok you just gave confirmation to what my husband has been telling me

[Marnie] I think it was Gideon, Sonya

[LaMonica] We have a church service tonight and I told him we were not going and he said yes we were.

[Leslie] Funny, even Gideon did that. Right before the battle with the Midianites, he felt the Lord would help them win, but he doubted and asked that he put dew on only some lambs wool in the morning…

[LaMonica] Jehosaphat was the one that showed up for the battle and did not have to fight.

[Sonya] I’m glad this isn’t who wants to be a millionaire! Aye!

[Leslie] and then the next day or maybe it was the first time, anyway, he said, please don’t be upset with me, but could you please just now put dew on the ground around the wool and leave the wool dry?

[Leslie] I don’t feel good personally about asking for signs to prove He is there for me, but it is nice to know that he is merciful to our unbelief so long as we keep trying.

[LaMonica] I just want you all to know how much my spirit has been lifted. I feel the HOLY SPIRIT I want to shout and dance.

[Marnie] 🙂

[Jnn] this has been VERY helpful!!

[Leslie] And, Jnn, it is also nice to know that Christ has overcome the world for us, that is why believers can see miracles in spite of our weaknesses. Unbelievers have to rely solely on their ability to live by Natural law.

[LaMonica] nobody is home but me so I know that I won’t be bothering anyone

[Sonya] Don’t let us stop you! SHOUT!!!

[Leslie] lol

[Leslie] THIS is emotion!

[Leslie] What you desire is on its way!

[Jnn] I really wanted confirmation from Christians about this abundance stuff, and I’m glad to get it here

[Jnn] go for it, LaMonica !

[Marnie] I’m glad you found your answers today, ladies

[Jnn] oh, that IS cool !


[Jnn] Amen !

[Marnie] Ask and ye shall receive…

[Sonya] I can’t shout, I’m at work, but I’m gonna do a little jig as soon as I log off.

[Leslie] used to be so trite, now you see why it is so TRUE

[Leslie] hoho LOL

[Leslie] still lol

[Marnie] I’d like to see your coworkers’ face when you do that!

[Leslie] Well, I need to go, It has been wonderful chatting with you all. Stop by anytime and say “hey” at https://www.thoughtsalive.com 😉

[Marnie] Thanks for staying late, Leslie. This has been great, just like I knew it would be.

[Jnn] Leslie, thank you !!!

[Sonya] they think I’m crazy anyway, it won’t phase them. it’s my peace they don’t understand.

[Marnie] Thanks for coming everyone. God bless you all as you seek after your righteous desires!

[Sonya] I love you all in the Lord. take care Bye!

[LaMonica] I feel so much better

[Jnn] thank you, and bless you, too !

[Jnn] bye everybody

[Marnie] That’s great LM

[LaMonica] Sonya do mind what is your email

[Marnie] bye!

Now you can watch a full length video about this here: The Visual Aid that Changed Everything.

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