Creator’s Webinar

Watch the video to see Rare Faith Facilitator Program Director, Ann Ferguson teaching about how to use the CREATE process:

  • A quick and easy pattern for connecting to your vision
  • How to receive inspired steps, and
  • How to accept the unseen help you need to follow through on that step.

When applied, there is nothing you cannot achieve because you are truly co-creating with God. Your confidence to step into your genius and impact this world for good will become a part of you.

“After you have followed the CREATE process, you can keep yourself in the receiving state by remembering to ‘Keep Calm and Watch what Happens’. We stay in the miracle zone when we stay out of fear, and to me, the opposite of fear is not courage, it is calmness. Sometimes it is easier to live in calmness than courage, since courage connotes a battle, while calmness connotes flow and peace of mind.” – Leslie Householder

Links and Resources mentioned on the Webinar: