#61: How and Why to Fear Not

In this episode (also known as “Faith and Finances” or “Go and Do”), Leslie explains the importance and power of choosing faith over fear in facing life’s storms. The cure for fear is not courage, but knowledge. Join her for a scriptural look at God’s pattern for overcoming every challenge life throws your way. The principles are true, dependable, and sure. Discover exactly what to do when you just can’t shake the fear.

Originally recorded August 3, 2019 at the LDS Mid-singles Conference held at the University of Utah Institute.


#60: Rising Above Financial Stress

You are here on this planet for a reason. But all too often, financial stress can get in the way of your ability to live a joyful, fulfilling life. Have you ever thought, “I will be happy when…” or, “If only I didn’t have to worry so much about money…”? The fact is, the money problem is nothing more than a distraction of the worst kind because our longing for it deceives us into believing that the only way to get past it, is to focus on it.

The good news is, the real solution is probably easier than you think, and more within reach than you realize.

Originally recorded at the You Got This! Interfaith’s Women’s Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 23, 2019


#59: Adversity and the Seeds of Equal or Greater Benefit

Sometimes adversity persists until you finally make peace with it. Finding a seed of equal or greater benefit it contains can help that happen. As you find the seed and nurture it, your energy shifts, and sometimes that’s when you’ll see the adversity itself finally begin to shift as well. Discover how life is like a series of cogs and gears, and what you can do to experience traction instead of friction.

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#58: Children-Meeting them Where they Are

Each child is different, so why do we think we’re supposed to show up the same for each one? “Consistency” can be a trap. Discover how to connect with your children in ways that are just as unique they are, and your effectiveness (and influence for good) can truly skyrocket.

Leslie Householder is an award-winning, international best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius, and Hidden Treasures. Having homeschooled her family for nine years, she understands first-hand the challenges and worries parents face in an attempt to bring out the best in children and to prepare them for successful adulthood.

Originally recorded at the Mesa, AZ Winter Homeschool Conference on February 23, 2019

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Here is a map of the goal-oriented Zelda player’s path, only doing what is minimally necessary to get the tools and skills needed to solve the main puzzle in the center:

Here’s a map of the Zelda player who avoids the final test (center) until they’ve discovered and solved EVERYTHING there is to discover and solve before ending the game:


#57: Disappointments, Marriage, and Miracles (part 2)

This is part TWO of two on the topic of disappointments, marriage, and miracles. Learn about what to do when your spouse is not on the same page with you about goals. Discover how rare faith principles can also be applied to concerns not related to money. If you have ever been hurt or disappointed and feel hesitant to dream again, listen to this episode.

Click here for part 1

Originally recorded in Mendon, Utah on Oct 11, 2018

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