From butterflies to paid-off cars

Meet Emmy Lyn Amick.

Emmy started her Rare Faith study by requesting the Jackrabbit Factor ebook back in 2018. In 2020 she decided to invest in her first program, the Mindset Fundamentals ecourse, and in 2021 she requested Portal to Genius and said:

I wish I had found this Portal to Genius book years ago! I feel like I would have been that much father along the process and in a much better place then I am today! I really enjoyed this book … it was a nice way to show the long term effect of utilizing the laws and how it’s a process each day to keep up with it!

It was a wonderful adaptation of how the laws introduced in “The Jackrabbit Factor” affect long term life goals, and how you will eventually see the fruits of your labors of thought!

It was an easy read (or listen – I got the Audible version). It was good to see how the characters moved past their inhibitions and hesitancies, and also a great show of the circumstances around spark moments when they come, and how amazingly they pay off!

Eventually, she found her way into the Mindset Mastery program because she wanted to learn the principles more deeply and put them to the test in the two experiments that everyone in the program keeps talking about.

Very quickly she started recognizing the principles in places she hadn’t noticed them before:

Hello all! As I was reading this morning I noticed this wording, and I found it profound! I know Leslie talks and uses scripture to support the teaching of the laws and I find it amazing and fascinating that the hints at the laws have been around all along …

As she got deeper into the lessons, one of the first things she wanted to understand better was how to apply the principles when others around you don’t share the same vision.

In short, she said:

I feel like I’m being held back when others around me don’t want progress, even if they’ve read all of Leslie’s books. They understand what I’m trying to do … but they don’t want to do any of it themselves. I feel like their resistance is holding me back from making things happen in my life.

I know that there are some blog posts or something that could help me, I just wasn’t sure where to start looking, or what topic to search, since I know there are so many different ways to say what I’ve got going on. Does anyone have a thought for me or something to share that might help me find clarity on my situation?

One fellow Mindset Mastery student responded based on her own experiences, to encourage Emmy in her struggle:

You certainly aren’t alone! None of my family (spouse or kids) are aware. I share bits and pieces as I can, but that’s about it. I have these amazing goals that I manifest. But sometimes I don’t share them with people who express a lot of doubt, or who think that it’s just luck, or temporary.

I’ve decided that it’s okay if they don’t believe with me. I will do what is in my own power, and eventually they may or may not choose to follow along.

The hardest part is when I see areas of their lives that would be so much better if they would just learn and utilize the laws, but I can’t share it with them. I wish I could. But they’re not ready and I wouldn’t have been ready awhile back myself, either.

Another fellow student offered this insight:

These laws are not about anyone else’s growth … They are about yours. Your job is to dream and grow in your best and inspired way … and allow others to do the same, with no judgement on what that is.

I am a studier, planner, a consistent turtle who moves steadily forward with purpose. I had to stop expecting my outgoing and vibrant spouse to do things my way! I turned his growth over to God, simply trusting that He knew how to help my husband. And I held the vision of the wonderful relationship we had together.

I started seeing how God taught him when I wasn’t the one shoving the principles down his throat.

I would read all of Leslie’s books, took her classes, and then he would watch a 5 minute video from Arnold Schwarzenegger about the same principle… And it would click for him.

I watched God move him from job to job, elevating his mindset, bringing him new mentors, etc.

Really, we have both progressed forward at the same rate, but in completely different ways.

And I’ll add this:

If anyone wants to learn more about how to live the principles with a spouse or loved one who isn’t totally on board, check out the Articles about Rare Faith and Marriage in the top menu at Here’s a direct link: 

But let’s now get back to Emmy!

It’s now my pleasure to introduce Emmy Lyn Amick as a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate! We are SO excited about her growth and success. As always, whenever someone applies for graduation from the course, I have some questions:

Q. What was your Phase 1 experiment (the inconsequential goal)?

Emmy struggled with the Phase 1 experiment, but stuck with it, asked for help in the group, and kept at it until she felt assured that she indeed realized a direct connection between her thoughts and her results. Once the process was complete (taking more months than she would have preferred), she shared the following:

My eyes have been opened to the greatness of my experience.

So my goal at first was this, “To see the sparkly purple and black pickup that I’ve seen before and talk to the owner about its story.”

I thought that may be a bit too big for this experience, so I also wrote down, “and to find a $20 bill to celebrate my successful understanding of the laws.”

I did the visualization and emotion, and I fully expected to have these things happen for me, knowing I would see them happen at any moment.

A week went by, and I had the thought, “The goal you picked is making a specific person do something, which is advised against in ‘The Jackrabbit factor,’” so I realized that my goal might not be in line with the laws.

So I changed it, thinking I could still go with finding the $20 dollar bill, and I added in there just for good measure to see a butterfly, thinking that it’s spring so there should be plenty of butterflies around, and it would be a no-brainer.

But nothing happened.

I felt discouraged and confused, thinking maybe I didn’t really know how to work these laws …. Maybe I really wasn’t as savvy as I thought I had been.

So I reached out to the Facebook group thinking maybe someone else who had mastered the laws would be able to see what I was doing wrong.

I got some good tips and was able to think through my goals in a more pointed way. I still expected to see a butterfly, and went about my days planning on it.

Some more days passed, and then two days ago it happened in such a way that I knew it was from God and that I had accomplished my goal:

My 2 year old son was playing a coloring game and HE picked a picture of a butterfly. And my mind went, “Ding! Ding! Ding!”

I practically did a facepalm, and realized that I had been seeing butterflies on games from my kids the whole time … It felt so obvious to me at that point, so I was so excited to get back to work on the lessons for Phase 2!

… And then my other goal saw light! I was looking in my wallet for my library card, and what did I unexpectedly find? A $50 dollar bill! When I saw that, I had the best feeling, and the best realization came to me:

I could answer my own goals (like finding a $20), but God knew that I would make this goal long before I even signed up for the class, and long before I set the goal. He showed me that I could be blessed far greater than my human mind could comprehend. I had only planned on a $20, and honestly I was willing to settle for $1, but then God blessed me with so much more than even I dared to imagine.

So here I am, sharing my experience with tears in my eyes for the Goodness I see around me all the time. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father kept trying long after I thought I had given up.

This lesson is still as poignant today as it was the day I realized it! Because, I thought that it had to be hard to be worthwhile. I thought it had to be hard to see God’s hand.

And yet, this experience showed me that it wasn’t that way at all. God shows up for us in small ways all the time, and this goal taught me that and I had some poor programming to overcome before I would see it.

A month later, she had another experience to share:

I would love to share a mini goal accomplishment that happened for me today!

When we got home from vacation two weeks ago, there was an unexpected bill in the mail that was due before we would get paid again.

Knowing about the laws, I decided to manifest money coming in in order to pay that bill before my husband will get paid.

I put it out of my mind, and every time I saw the bill I just knew and thought that money would come and take care of it. I thought also that if the bill was late a few days it would be OK. It would be best if I could pay it on time, but knew it would be OK if it was late a little bit.

As I knew this and as the weeks went by, I wasn’t really concerned about it. The bill is due today, and what did I get when I woke up this morning? My husband was paid two days early, making it so that I could pay that bill on time.

I see the laws in motion all around me now, and I cannot deny that they are real nor would I even try to. I’m excited about where this can take me, and the vast multitude of possibilities before me now!

Can you see her confidence growing? By the time she got to Phase 2, she was ready to test the principles on something even bigger. So in her graduation application I asked…

Q. What was your bite-sized Phase 2 “difficult, meaningful, or important” goal?

I set a goal to pay off our vehicles. We had two that we wanted to own outright, on which we owed over $15,000.

Q. What happened?

The whole time I was repeating my bit sized piece of my short term goal, honestly I felt like a fraud and fake. My goal was to pay off two of my vehicles, which had a grand total of over $15,000, and I made the choice to accomplish it in less than 6 weeks.

It was a grand feat, and yet since I knew I could accomplish it with my husband’s retirement account, I felt it may not really fit the objective of the Phase 2 assignment.

(My husband and I had previously spoken about pulling the money out of his retirement long before I made this goal. But then he decided to pull the money out without talking to me again, and without knowing it was my Phase 2 goal to pay off the cars.)

… Part of me felt the goal was beneath the skill level we were at in the course. It also felt beneath me to worry about money when I had so many bigger problems in my family life; yet when I set the goal, it also felt like there was no way I could get the $15,000 that quickly, so that’s why I chose that goal.

I wasn’t positive that it fit the requirements for graduation, but even still, I moved forward with faith knowing that it really only mattered how I felt about it.

I also had felt that God directed me to choose it as I prayed about what my goal should be. So, I recognized the conflicting feelings about it: my negative programing … and the prompting I felt from God. They were not saying the same thing.

That’s why I felt this would make a good test, and I’ve learned since then that there were so many more lessons in this for me, which I’ll do my best to outline here:

I made the goal around the first week of July, and by the middle of August we had paid off two of our vehicles with money we already had from my husband’s retirement account. Yay! My goal was completed! I shouted for joy as I made the last payment.

But here is where doubt came into play:

I said in my goal that I wanted to have the titles in hand, which wasn’t a problem with our pickup, because that one came right away.

However, with our van we had to wait three more months! The reason was simple: when I sent the payoff amount, I missed the correct total by .14 cents!

At first, I waited and waited for the title to come in the mail for over a month! Then in October I called the lien holder and found out about the .14 missing cents. They wouldn’t take this amount over the phone and insisted that since it was a payoff amount it had to be in person in the branch or a certified check.

I got frustrated because the check itself would cost more than the amount it would be for, plus to send it would also cost more for the stamp! We didn’t live close to a branch, so it would have been a day’s drive to get to one.

Knowing all this I left it alone for a few days, and then ended up forgetting about it for a few weeks. I decided around the first of November to call them up again because I’d lost the address of where to mail the payoff, resigned to the fact that I would just have to finish it out with the steps needed and lose out on that extra necessary to get it to them.

As I was on hold waiting to speak to someone, I had the thought to visualize getting a nice person on the phone who would be kind, nothing else. When I got to talk to someone, the man was so kind!

He asked me if I would wait on hold a bit longer while he checked with his supervisor about something. When he came back on the line, he told me that since the amount due was so small that he and his supervisor decided that it was okay to write off that amount, and that my title would be in the mail shortly!

I was shocked! Such a simple thing and yet it played out like I had wished for it all those weeks previously! I felt elated with this news! even more so than when I made the big payments.

The things I’ve learned from this maybe don’t mean much to others like they’ve meant to me, probably because I know my own personal shortcomings and see how My Heavenly Father is acutely aware of me and my need to hear and see the information in just the right way to connect in my understanding!

I see now how my own personal limitations stop God more than anything else!

I’ll use a phrase from a friend to articulate this. He says that we sometime unknowingly stamp our blessings with “return to sender,” and then we curse God for not sending them to us at all. When in reality, He is blessing us all the more and more that we are only just beginning to see!

$15,000 isn’t much to God, and he prepared that for us long before we knew we needed it, long before we prayed for it, and it’s amazing to me to ponder the spectrum of this for my own future!

It makes me wonder… what is He preparing for me now that I know nothing about?

That’s a really great question for all of us? Take a moment to ponder the possibilities… what resources, opportunities, and connections is God already orchestrating for the goals you haven’t even dared set yet? If you could imagine things already in the works, would you have more courage to make the attempt? So often, the only piece missing is that quality decision WE have to make, to set an intention to realize a goal that presently seems out of reach. This is how we exercise faith, and it is only through faith that miracles can happen.

Q. What was your experience facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18? How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

My fear/Terror barrier was more deep that I thought. It took months, but I did break through! I felt for a long time that my husband would die, and I would be left without him to raise our children alone. It plagued me for months and months.

I had a prayer session and realized that the fear was being driven by Satan and that nothing good had come of it. That’s when I was able to make the choice to see with faith my husband being in my future! Now when I picture my life years from now, I see him there beside me. [Come what may, I’m doing my part.]

My ability to have faith over fear was hard for a while, but then came that moment when I made the decision to choose faith, and that was the end of it. I do struggle a bit with it some still, but I remind myself of the choice I made and of the peace I felt, and it helps.

Q. What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?

If you are feeling fear of any kind right now … take a moment and ponder the results of said fear. If the results are negative, bad or unhappy, then I believe they come from a bad source. Once you know if the information is negative, then it is easier to throw it away and choose faith, even, Rare Faith.

One of the last things Emmy said as she wrapped up her Mindset Mastery experience was this:

… I’ve been thinking… we should have shirts that say “Faith HAS moved mountains” … instead of the kind that say, “faith can move mountains”.

I think that speaks for itself. Emmy has put the principles to the test, and she has seen results. This has grown her confidence, and how she has a better idea of what is truly possible.

Later that year, Emmy joined me for my last live Genius Bootcamp, and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person. She had applied for a spot and was given a seat in our studio audience. She said:

This boot camp was amazing! I felt very guided towards the answers God and for me and I also found some great friends and amazing facilitators who helped me with getting out of my box!

It’s been wonderful working with Emmy. A hearty congratulations again to her, for achieving Honors Graduation status from the Mindset Mastery Program.

Lastly, she would like us all to remember:

“Long before the enemy targeted you, God chose you.” – Lisa Bevere


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