For moms – I wish I’d had this when…

Hey Reader…

If you are a mom trying to build a business, I get it.

I get that you have a yearning on your heart but sometimes limiting beliefs can hold you back from really thriving in your God given calling.

When I first started trying to build my business, I wish I’d had a community of successful moms in business I could learn from, but more often than not, I felt very alone.

I remember wondering where I’d find my clients. I wondered who would listen to what I had to share. And I didn’t even have social media to easily connect with strangers.

But even with so many tools available to us today, it can still be challenging to know what your next step should be, and how to reach those you are meant to help.

That’s why I was thrilled when my friend Jessica Brite Peterson told me she was hosting an interview series to help moms navigate their confidence journey in business:

It’s called:

Confident Millionaire Mommas – helping Christian moms build confidence in their purpose to create a profitable business – (April 25-29)

And, I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend!

This is for mommas who finally want to start their next chapter in self development, take their business to the next level, all while showing up as the best possible version of themselves.

I will also be a part of this important event, sharing some insights that will help you increase your confidence so you can be more successful.

So, ARE YOU READY to be a better mother, business owner, and step into your greatness? We’re eager to share tips and ideas that we know will help you do what you were put here to do.

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All the best!


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