Why Try?

By Alyson Porter

When you feel down be assured that an upswing is coming.  Plan on an endless progression upward.   I am mom with 4 kids…and I love all of my kids dearly!  They are the best! And every pregnancy was worth it…believe me!  However it really did a number on my body.  Everything that once was firm is now saggy, and everything that was once strong is now weak, and everything that once was in perfect shape is now stretched out. 

Well, you get the picture…anyway…I have struggled with my body since I had my second daughter.  Things just have never been the same. I have gained weight and lost weight so many times, I have lost count.  It really has been crazy.   There was one particular time when I was feeling at an all time low because I had eaten that doughnut even though  I knew I should have had the eggs.  I wasn’t even trying to be good.  It had been a cycle for a long time.   And I kept beating myself up for it over and over again.  I would eat well and I would loose the weight, but then I would sabotage it over and over again.  And it wasn’t like I didn’t want to get healthy.  I just was tired of the yo-yoing.  I was tired of continuing trying and always failing and not making any progress. I just felt like I was a broken record and I could never actually get where I wanted to go.  So why try?  It would be easier to just quit now.

On one of my lowest days I just felt like giving up and never trying again…but I had a good friend of mine come to me and say… “you can feel bad today but tomorrow is fresh…with no mistakes in it.  Try again.  And again and again until you get where you want to go.”  

That has stuck with me in everything I am doing in my life now.  Even with my relationship with God, my parenting, my relationship with my husband, my work, my health, everything.  There is always an upswing, and there is always progression forward even if your momentum wanes or you make mistakes…just keep going.  There is always good coming your way if you never quit.  When you fail is when you give up.  We are continuing to progress even when we don’t feel like it.  


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