We’re Moving!!

By Heather Backman

“To every thing there is a season!” Ecclesiastes 3:1

On a cold evening, sitting in a sacred place, my husband and I got a strong prompting that we needed to move to Hawaii and that we needed to start pursuing jobs right away. We began right then to search for jobs! For a while we couldn’t find any jobs that seemed to fit my husbands expertise. But, we felt so strongly that we were supposed to go so we continued in our pursuit! 

I had so much fun dreaming about it, getting excited and giddy about it, I couldn’t stop thinking and talking about it! In fact, we were so sure that we were going, that we even vlogged about it on our YouTube channel. People who were watching our channel would excitedly ask how things were coming and if we had found a job yet. We matched their excitement and said, “Not yet, but soon!” I could see and feel myself there. I could see my children thriving there, I could see us serving the people and caring for the young students in that area. My heart, on a daily basis, was filled with so much excitement! I knew it was going to happen and I couldn’t wait to watch it unfold.

A few months later, there started to be job openings and my husband applied to many of them. We decided to spontaneously fly out and meet with as many people as we could to create connections and hopefully find our perfect job! We got to the exact city where we knew we were supposed to live and it immediately felt like home! 

While we were there, we met with the different schools our kids would be attending. We let them know we would be coming that fall and got all the applications we needed to get them registered. We also met with some new found friends that had heard our story. They took us around the little town and fed us. It was all so perfect and falling into place beautifully! We couldn’t wait to see what opened up for us and how we would get there. 

Once my husband and I got home from Hawaii, it was already a part of us. I knew the smells, the locations of the kids’ schools, the grocery store, the gas station, the restaurants, and hopefully my husband’s place of employment. It was such a part of me and I was so excited!

Well, months went by and door, after door, after door, kept closing, until we were at the point where we had no more options. Either we just take the plunge and move anyway without a home and a job (which we were willing to do – we like adventure!), or we could stay put and wait. 

After talking to a trusted authority, he recommended we stay and see if perhaps Gods timing was at play here. So, we did just that. 

Two years went by, nothing! Then one December day, we got a message saying there was a job opening in the exact department my husband was searching for. My husband applied and got an interview! It went great! Then a second interview! That went great! It went so well that he was chosen as one of two finalists to be flown out to Hawaii for 4 days of intense interviews and presentations. 

Before we knew it, we were back in Hawaii again, being treated incredibly, having everything paid for, and meeting incredible people! It was a dream come true! The interviews went really well and they were even spiritual in nature. It felt as if we were really supposed to be there. So thus, we knew we would be chosen for the position! 

When we got home we made arrangements to move, we started preparing our house to rent, we ordered our transportation pod for all of our belongings to ship, we started looking at selling our car. We were ready to go. All we needed was the word that we had been hired. 

Finally the call came! The answer was, NO! What?? Really?? We were shocked! We thought there must be a mistake! Especially to realize that if ever we had applied Rare Fatih, it was this experience!! I call this experience my “Rare Faith on Steroids.”

Well, guess what? We are still not there! We KNOW we are supposed to get there some day, but we have no idea when. I know that the Law of Gestation is at play here because if it were right, we would already be there. The timing for us to manifest living in Hawaii is just not yet. I KNOW it will come, and when it does, it will all make sense!


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