Holding the Thought!

By Heather Backman

There have been so many times in my life where I have generated new ideas, and gotten so excited about them, but then when I go to take a step towards it, I stop because it seems too big, too hard, too scary, or it will just take too long! And in that perfect moment of creating the new idea, I poofed the idea into nothing causing it to pass by like a little white cloud never to be seen again because not only did I doubt and fear, but I did not hold onto the idea long enough for it to actually materialize. 

How many times has this happened for you? For me, it used to happen all the time! Until I learned about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. It taught me that once an idea is formed, it has to be held in the mind long enough for it to actually materialize. I then realized that my ideas weren’t dumb, too far out of reach, or impossible, I realized, there was a formula to be followed, and that if followed, it would produce the result I desired.

I decided to put it to the test. I decided to create what I called, “The 3 Day Mindset Transformation.” It was going to be a facebook event. I was going to post a video, an action item, and then gather together in the evening for a 1 hour class. I loved the idea and got excited about it! But, what do you think happened next? Yep doubt and fear! Thoughts flooded into my mind like, “Who do you think you are to teach something like this, you don’t know enough to actually make a difference. Plus, no one will come, you just don’t know enough people to actually make this successful. And when will you find the time to actually put the content together? You have 5 kids, you couldn’t possibly pull this off. Do you really think you will be able to actually make a difference in the lives of others?” WOW! Right!? Talk about barrage of negativity!

But guess what I chose to do instead? I chose to stick with it, I chose to combat those voices in my head. I chose to believe that people will listen to me, and if only one life is touched because of what I create, well then that will be a success because that will be more than before!

As I continued to hold onto the idea and take steps to bring it into form, I still had to combat those voices, and I will tell you, at one point I almost gave in. But, I chose to see it through. I continued to press on and believe that what I had to say mattered and could really help someone. 

I worked on what I felt I should say and what things have brought me the greatest value so far. It took a lot of work and brain power to bring it into existence but I didn’t give up, I kept working until it was finished and the class was ready to be taught! I was excited! As I invited people to attend, to my surprise more than just a handful accepted my invitation, I had more people than expected! I was able to teach and coach and watch transformation happen right in front of me. It was an incredible and beautiful experience. I will be forever grateful that I held onto that idea and that I chose to stick with it, no matter how loud the other voices were. 

When you hold onto an idea long enough, and foster it long enough, it will come into form. Never give up on your inspired ideas, they will bring about much good in your life and the lives of others!


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