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Kathy is a neighbor and friend from church. We’ve shared an assignment to help people with their family history, so we’ve spent quite a bit of time doing Family History together (and also… goofing off).

But some of our conversations have also been about Rare Faith.

She kept telling me about all the cool things that were happening in her life when she started consciously applying the principles, like the time she used the principles to get the perfect job.

But after about the fifth cool story, I got on her case.

“Kathy – you’ve GOT to write these up so I can share them!!!”

So she finally did.

On lined paper.

In cursive.

Five pages.

Oh, Kathy. 🤦‍♀️

Anyway, the good news is I finally transcribed them, and they are gold.

Take a look. Here’s what she reported in her own words:

1. Glad to be SAD

I was asked to sing in a women’s quartet and there was only two weeks to prepare. We had to write our own parts and find time between all our schedules to practice. Normally it would not be a big deal, but we needed the material to be fully memorized.

It’s easy to perform when you have the safety net of sheet music and I decided that instead of freaking out I would keep calm and watch what happens.

I envisioned the four us us next to the pulpit. Each of us having our own mic. The lights are low and we are spotlighted. We are without music and I feel completely comfortable performing this song. This is amazing because even when using music my heart beats out of my chest.

The day comes and it plays out exactly as I envisioned, and I enjoyed the experience so much that I was SAD when it ended, instead of feeling my normal stress-relief that it’s finally over!

2. Hairspray Saves the Day

I perform in a professional choir and we have several concerts during December. During our rehearsals early in September our director will voice each section. Basically he listens to our individual voices while we sing as a section. I have been apart of this choir for almost a decade and I have always been placed on the front row. This time I was moved to the 2nd row. Being 5’0″ doesn’t really jive with the 2nd row!

So with each new rehearsal I expect to be moved back. After about a month I decide to test the laws again. I envision being in the concert (which isn’t hard since I have been in dozens of concerts). I am standing next to my friend in the front row. I feel the relief and happiness of being front and center! I see our conductor and hear the orchestra – the drum is so loud! Then I let go and figured if I stayed on the 2nd row it would be fine.

Nearly 3 months later, the run thru came and went and I still wasn’t moved.

But as we were getting ready to load for the first CONCERT, my section leader approached me and asked if I would be willing to move to the first row. It turned out that a woman on the 2nd row was having a bad reaction to the someone’s hairspray in front of her.

I was so excited and once again I was reminded that the laws work!

3. My 5’0″ Free Throw

I was selling tickets at my son’s varsity basketball game. The girls played prior and during their half time there was a cash give away for free throw. When it was over I teased the guy giving the money and asked why didn’t you pick me? He says, “I’ll catch you at the boys’ half-time.”

Immediately my heart starts beating hard and really thinking about how I would feel to be in front of so many people trying to shoot a free throw (remember, I’m 5’0″). I recognized this as my normal negative thinking and excused myself to go to the rest room. Luckily I was the only one there. I closed my eyes and felt what it would feel like to make the shot! I saw the crowd cheering me on and the basket from the free throw line, how the ball felt in my hand and how it goes in the basket. The crowd goes wild and I jump up and down feeling so amazing!

When I got back to my table I overheard some girls about dancing during half time so I kind of figured there wouldn’t be time to do the shot contest, so I put it out of my mind and relaxed.

Half time comes and the dancers perform and I’m hanging out and all of a sudden I hear the guy’s voice saying, “We have a few minutes to give away some money!” Agh! My heart is now beating very hard. He calls a few people out of the crowd and then pauses and says – “Wait!” I have someone special to shoot.” He walks all the way over to me in the corner and motions to me to come with him. Agh! It’s happening! I follow him out to the court and I remember my vision. He leads me to the red line right in front of the basket and I think, “That’s not where I was in my vision!” So I point to the foul line and he announces I’m shooting from the foul line for $200! The crowd was so loud but when he gave me the ball and I looked at the hoop everything was quiet – I was in my vision!

I had already lived this and I knew I would make it. I shot the ball, it goes in, I jump up and down and the crowd goes crazy. It was the most fun I’ve had in a really long time!

I later saw the video my husband took from the stands and I hear my son’s voice yelling, “Go mom!”

For an hour I felt like a celebrity with everyone complimenting my and giving me high fives. The crazy thing is that once we got home I open our mail and there’s a bill from our doctor for $198.37. And I didn’t feel the pit in my stomach I usually get when I open an unexpected bill.

Miracle, and tender mercy!

4. It Didn’t Look Possible

I wanted to attend [a certain event] in February, but it was $650. I knew my husband would not share the vision with me as soon as he heard how much it would cost.

But I didn’t let myself worry; I simply saw myself attending and allowed myself to believe it would be possible, somehow. Then out of the blue, our ward clerk did an audit on the church financials. We had been supporting our missionary, paying $400 each month for some time. But during his audit he discovered we had made an overpayment of $800 before our missionary had even started. $800?! What?!

Well, there it was. That unexpected reimbursement covered both my ticket to the event, and the pay I would have missed for not working during the days of the event. Another miracle!!

Seriously, people. The laws work.

See what I mean? Gold. Thanks for sharing, Kathy!!!

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