It Didn’t Happen on Time

Time for another look at the Rare Faith process as it unfolded in real-time:

I received the following from Katelyn Duncan, who described her goal and how she reacted to a missed target date:


Hi Leslie,

About 6 weeks ago, my husband was re-listening to interviews from the Men of Purpose Summit (which I believe was originally put together 2 years ago) and he started telling me about the interview Scott Wilhite did with you. I think my hubs was really struck by a lot of principles … and was beginning to hope that there might be something to it.

Anyway, I started looking into your materials and it just began to ring true to me. I knew that my thoughts were composed of matter, but I really didn’t understand how that affected my life and it’s path/outcomes.

In the past 4-5 weeks, I have been working through your Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse and I LOVE IT. I loved Jackrabbit Factor and I have just barely finished Hidden Treasures and I am so looking forward to reading it again. I have learned so much that it is impossible for me to even try and relate it all back to you. My life is already so different and I feel so excited about how much power I have to change things.

I think most importantly, I am grateful for the deeper understanding I have gained regarding what faith is and how I can really exercise it.

You know, weeks ago at the beginning of the course, I set the goal to get a new printer. My “due date” was June 24th. I worked and reworked the goal multiple times with the lesson suggestions. I have envisioned that beautiful printer so so so many times and the pages and pictures I get to print with it. I have literally dreamt about it.

My due date came and went with no printer (yet) but I was grateful that I already knew how to feel!

I knew that the printer was that much closer to me. Well, it has been almost a month since my due date and that printer is STILL working its way to me.

As I read about the Vacuum Law of Prosperity, I was so excited and gave away my old printer a few days ago (even with the prayer that it works better for the recipient than it did for me). On a daily basis my new printer pops into my head and I just feel a sense of peace and belief. I know it is on its way. Having more recently learned about the Law of Gestation, I think I want to bring more intensity to my goal and pay close attention to promptings I receive about it, but at the same time I feel so calm, knowing that it is still on its way…

Thanks for sharing what you know. I am so grateful for the perspective and am signing up for the Mindset Mastery Class soon! I can’t tell you how much these principles have changed my life. I look forward to mastering them, truly mastering them to the point where I can teach them powerfully, and sharing this new-found awareness.

Katelyn Duncan


Hi Katelyn,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share all this! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the material. Are you in the Rare Faith Discussion Group? That’s a great community for helping you stay encouraged and supported.

About your printer, I would just encourage you to increase your intention for making it happen yourself, and then keep your radar up for ways to do it. Sometimes things are legitimately and completely beyond our ability, so amazing things need to happen to bring it about, but even more often it seems that exercising our Rare Faith opens the doors of opportunity we need that make it possible for us to accomplish it ourselves. God likes to stretch us and increase our confidence in our abilities.

So… you’ve got a clear picture of what it looks like and how it will feel to have it, now figure out what you think it will cost, and open your mind to inspired ways to generate it. That’s the default way… and as you do the best you can with what ideas you come up with, you’ll probably be surprised at where it leads you, and how it actually comes about in potentially a completely different and unexpected way. It’s like we have to be moving our feet and doing all we can, trusting that by our movement, unseen help is moving, too. We work over here, and it happens sometimes over there, but I think it happens over there because we were working over here 🙂

I hope that makes sense. I look forward to hearing your update once you’ve accomplished it 🙂

Keep up the great work!! Leslie


Dear Leslie,

I just had to share that I got my printer today! I was so grateful for your counsel last week that you gave me to increase my intention for making the printer come into my life on my own. It was so helpful and I just wanted to share how it all came together.

A few weeks ago while I was reading in Hidden Treasures about paying attention to the little promptings I would receive after clearly defining my goal, feeling it, and writing it down, I felt inspired to go through my pile of DI donations to see if I could sell anything locally. Very quickly I generated around $55 which I planned to put toward my printer (which brand new would be $175). But after that, I really kind of stopped praying to know what I could do that day to bring the printer that much closer to my physical world.

However, after your email, I decided to bring more energy to this project. The spot where our old printer had been was now empty (I gave it away after reading about the Vacuum Law of Prosperity). I took the cash I had raised so far and set it in the printer’s place next to a little card I made that said “printer” on it. My husband asked me why I was doing this and I said that I wanted to physically remind myself (and the Universe) that the printer actually was formulating physically.

I felt prompted again to think about selling something, but at this point I didn’t have anything we wanted to sell. We did have an old crib, but I really wanted to give the crib away. So I offered it to my ward (which is composed of married young students) but I had no takers.

The next day as I prayed to know what I should do for the printer, I felt that I should sell the crib but for a low cost. I sanded and painted over the bite marks from my teething toddler and listed it in our local classified ads. It told in just a few hours for $30, giving me a total of $85 for my printer fund. I looked again on Amazon for my printer (which I figured I was still about $100 away from) but I noticed a listing that I hadn’t before! I saw that Amazon sold a professionally refurbished version of the one I wanted for only $75, guaranteed to look and work like new, including ink and a warranty!

Um, yes! I had the money for it and even a little extra!!! So I ordered it, and it arrived today!

Printing that first sheet was such a delight. I was so tickled!!! I asked my husband to take my picture to celebrate my first “intentionally created by the Laws of Success” goal!

I also have to share a funny moment though: this printer is much larger than I expected and doesn’t fit in the same space as our old one! I just laughed and thought of the picture you shared of your first “dreamed-up home” that didn’t have any grass because you didn’t know you were supposed to imagine grass. I hadn’t even considered the size of the printer I wanted, haha! At least we have other places it can go!

Anyway, thank you so much for your help! I am so excited to join the Mastery Program soon! My husband and I have much bigger and better goals dreamed up that we hadn’t even considered before learning about these principles. They are too good for us not to want and put these principles into action for!


Katelyn, that’s so awesome! Thank you for sharing!

To your success!

Leslie Householder
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