#47: Listening to Your Inner Compass

If you’ve ever thought, “This is not who I am. This is not who I am meant to be. I am more than this,” then listen now to my interview from the Men of Purpose Summit hosted by Scott Willhite.

(Recorded for a men’s event, but the principles are timeless and applicable to women, too.)

Be part of something greater. Discover how to be your full, true best self. Learn how to start each day intentionally. Live each day to the fullest. Create meaningful relationships. Listen to your inner voice. Rediscover your true identity. Make an impact. And ultimately be the man you’ve always known yourself to be.

To access the entire summit, visit tinyurl.com/menofpurpose

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4 thoughts on “#47: Listening to Your Inner Compass

  1. This was an excellent podcast. I found myself writing notes the whole time I was listening. It really summed up everything so nicely with so much applicable insights and material. I would love to see a future podcast address the issue of what to do when a spouse has very little desire to learn, understand or practice the Rare faith principles. It seems like the principles could be applied much more powerfully when both the husband and wife are practicing it together towards common goals. It makes it difficult when one partner is ready and willing to make changes in their life, but the other isn’t. Gaining the motivation to apply the principles seems to be more of a challenge when the spouse isn’t there to listen and support.

    1. That is true, Crissie. My husband and I learned about the principles about 18 years ago, and we’ve only JUST begun to really operate in them with unity. Most often, husbands and wives are not on track with them at the same time – and sometimes years or even decades can go by before it shifts from one person to the other leading out. The good news is that you can still apply the principles and experience positive change, even if you’re the only one. The spouse’s thinking is only a deterrent if you decide that it is. You can choose to believe that the way he thinks doesn’t matter to your success. It’s just data input when you see him lagging behind. It has no inherent meaning until you assign meaning to the behavior. Focus on your desired outcome, and keep taking steps in that direction. Give him the space and permission to grow when he’s ready. There have been times when – even though I know the principles inside and out – when I haven’t wanted to follow them. I needed time to muster the desire and heal from disappointments. And I’m even talking about in recent years! Create an environment of unconditional support, and he will likely come along sooner.

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