We Didn’t Even Request It

Did you know you can use Rare Faith for pest control? 

Indeed, you can. N. Jones explains how she did:

Hi Leslie,

Thank you so much for helping me. I am super excited to do this Mindset Mastery course.

Doing the first Mindset Fundamentals E-course completely changed how I see things. Before I started all of this my house was completely infested with roaches. No matter what we did or how much we cleaned and prayed for the pest problem to go away, nothing worked. Finally we said that we will just have to live with it until we move out of this apartment to something better.

But with Covid 19 happening and my husband and I both not working, moving out was a very dim chance and something that was not going to happen in the near future or even far. It was so hard to stay positive and we felt like no matter what we did it was not going to be enough to be rid of our problem…until one night my mother in law suggested I join the Rare Faith group on facebook for uplifting messages during the Covid.

I started browsing and the more I read the more I wanted to know. And finally one day while doing the Fundamentals E-course I thought, why not I try my goal setting with my roach problem.

My husband and I both started thinking everyday how great it will be to have our home roach free. I started putting the image of us being so happy. Because we have only one AC in the front living room and every summer my husband and I with our 2 boys would camp out in the front living room, I started picturing how fun it would be to sleep in the front with my kids without worrying about roaches crawling on us while we slept.

I was expecting things to start changing and taking its time, but the moment I put that picture of us being so happy sleeping in the front for the summer, things started changing. We kept doing the same cleaning routine and putting traps around our home. We started noticing exactly where the roaches were coming from and found a couple nests and we were able to get rid of them.

Next thing we know the pest control for our apartment comes knocking at our door saying that he wants to put a few traps around our home to help us get rid of our roaches, when we didn’t even request it. A week later all of these things and I noticed all the roaches were gone and we never saw them again.

I knew that this positive thing was going to work but I didn’t expect it so soon and so amazing the feeling to have that experience, like it was waiting for us and ready to go as soon as we opened our minds and made the change in our thinking. Even Alma in Book of Mormon said that things are waiting for us if only we change the way we think and look. That everything in the world happens to the way we think. I never noticed those things in the scriptures until I took the Fundamentals E-course and now the way I think is forever changed.

Thank you Leslie.

N. Jones

Love it. Thank you for sharing, N. Jones!


To your success!

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