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Rare Faith is like an umbrella that covers, protects, and helps you accomplish every needful thing.

The following was shared by Monica Zollinger, a Mindset Mastery student who did both the self-paced and guided versions, and who is also a Genius Bootcamp alumni. In her own words:

May I just share some experiences I’ve had with Mindset Mastery goals this time around? Now that I have been awakened to the possibilities of my life, I have had a hard time focusing on one goal. I’ve struggled with the idea of having a passion/purpose for my life that drives everything and I am still working to discover what that is for me.

When I started Mindset Mastery [Guided] this time, my goal was to lose weight–10 lbs before the class was over. I kept hearing in my mind “that really isn’t a goal that exercises Rare Faith” but I had no idea how I could do it on my own. I asked for help. Through this asking, I gained a mentor, a support group, and got on a weight-loss program to make sure I was getting some good nutrition. I’ve lost 15 pounds.

So, since I was working on this goal, I felt I needed to come up with something else. I’ve come up with several goals I want to accomplish and have even written them out. Each time, I have felt that they don’t require Rare Faith on a scale of 9 or 10. I’ve realized that I depend on myself to accomplish things. And yet, I know that all that I have and do is given to me from the Lord…

I have begun focusing on daily inspirations for the small step I need to take each day, whatever that might be. I have come to know that humbling myself to ask for help, is exercising Rare Faith. I am so excited for the possibilities that the Lord and I can create together! I have no idea what that looks for me long term, but knowing that He will inspire me to do something each day to help in His work is humbling, scary, and exciting. Scary in the fact that I have to trust myself to follow through with these inspirations. I just hope I’m ready for this responsibility.

I have also relied on faith to …pull off a virtual primary singing time every week. That’s a full-time job! It’s been such a big job that it’s been difficult to keep up with everything else the last few months. But I have accomplished that goal every week.

I also wanted to break the addiction I have had of playing games on my phone. This was non-productive, even though I thought it was helpful to relax and take my mind off the stresses every once in a while. But if I played one, I would find myself not getting back to the tasks at hand and end up playing for hours because I didn’t have to think. It took Rare Faith and trust in these daily inspirations from my Heavenly Father to help me overcome. One of those inspirations was to “uninstall” the game totally.

I’m not even sure why I am telling you all of this. I thought maybe it was so you could understand why I considered my goal a level 9 on Rare Faith, but that doesn’t really matter because I have begun to experience that Rare Faith every day because I have to listen and act on my daily inspirations. To me, that is Rare Faith. Through this, the Lord will guide me to each next step…

Another thing I wanted to accomplish was cleaning out my office which is a storage unit packed from floor to ceiling with mostly memorabilia and photos of my family growing up. I didn’t keep up with scrapbooks or journals or anything and that task seems totally overwhelming. It reminds me of the house cleaning goal I set when I did my self-study mindset mastery course. However, I have set some goals to accomplish getting my office a place where I can work on my business idea and feel joy in my space. I can only take a step at a time or work on my life goals a piece at a time, so I am going to rely more heavily on those daily inspirations and believe that I can follow through and that I will accomplish my life purpose by trusting that God will guide me.

I have also accomplished many of the steps… [with Rare Faith to] become a Rare Faith Program Facilitator

Leslie, I am grateful for the Jackrabbit Factor book that a friend lent me almost five years ago that has led me to you and your Rare Faith programs. I appreciate that you live your purpose and are helping others to find success and abundance in their lives. I have grown so much in the last year since attending your Genius Bootcamp… and am excited to continue along this journey to help facilitate this growth and change in others.

Thanks so much for all you do…

Much appreciated,

Thank you, Monica for taking the time to share this with me. You’re doing great!!! It is going to be an honor working with you in the Facilitator Program.


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