When Impressions Kick In

Okay… wow, where do I begin.

I’m about to do a spotlight on someone who has had a huge impact on my world since 2000. This woman showed up when I was seeking answers on how to forgive someone. She is the reason I wrote Hidden Treasures as a series of articles at her request for her newsletter in 2002. She taught me how to get my first book published. She built my first website for me at no charge. She taught me how to edit the backend code, years before today’s website editing tools were a thing. She taught me how to conduct my first “teleclass”. She is the reason that Jackrabbit Factor was born, and also the reason it’s available as a free download. I’ve mentioned her many, many times already in my blog and especially this podcast episode, but today I get to do this:

Meet Marnie Kuhns, Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate. 

It’s not like the principles were new to her when she signed up for the Mindset Mastery program last fall. She and I have been discussing the principles for literally 20 years, actually since we first met. She was my first remote/interstate student after our own life changed so dramatically. By going through a sort of first version of what eventually became the Mindset Mastery program through phone calls and materials sent via snail mail, Marnie doubled her income three months in a row, taking her internet business income from $2000/mo to $8000/mo. These are the results that got her on fire about helping me get my word out. I can’t say it enough: Thanks, Marnie!

Not Exempt from Challenges

But in the twenty years we’ve known each other, she has also gone through some really tough challenges.

As a prolific writer herself, she has documented that journey, and she’s definitely worth a follow. She understands that the study of the principles deserves (or sometimes even requires) a life-long pursuit. There’s always more to learn, and more fine-tuning to be achieved.

So when she got back into the material and completed our newest version of the Mindset Mastery program, I had some questions for her:

Q: Did you break through a Terror Barrier during the Mindset Mastery program?

Dealing With an Addiction to Making Money

A. If I had any terror barrier, it was related to making money again. I had had my business on extremely low vibe for 18 months. I was intentionally trying to let go of my drive to always be monetizing and making money. I finally got to the point where I’d released my need to make money.

So stepping back into the this material and setting goals that eventually would lead to making money, created a lot of inner conflict. I felt like an alcoholic who was being told that to fulfill her life purpose meant she’d have to work in a bar (figuratively speaking).

So I had to work through some of my false beliefs related to setting goals that indirectly would end up generating money. I had to work through why I still would like to make money. I need to make sure my “why” was a pure reason and not about me associating my value with money-making.

Q: Did you achieve the Phase 1 “practice” assignment, using the principles to experience success with an inconsequential goal, in which the outcome was beyond your natural control? Please describe.

When Impressions Kick In

A: I didn’t exactly set an “insignificant” goal. I originally set an intention of seeing and photographing a male cardinal. What I finally decided on would have been more the scale for the mid-term, but nothing felt right but the intention I ended up setting.

Since I’ve been exposed to and using this material since about 2000, I figured I could go for something a little meatier. It was “insignificant” in that I didn’t have any “need” that it be fulfilled by the date I set, or that it be fulfilled at all.

I am working through the course with the objective of using the laws to live my life purpose, to be and do what God wants me to do. Generating money for things is not a top concern.

So, I set the following intention:

I am so happy and grateful that God is entrusting one of His children to me to be there for them. I am able to calm their fears, give them a safe place to be heard, give them an eternal perspective, help them believe in themselves, and trust God and the Savior so they can be at peace, feel God’s love, and know their next best step. I love seeing and hearing the transformation in their voice and demeanor as they come to this place of hope and clarity. To assist this person, I am able to employ my SimplyHealed™ and music skills, and the things I have learned from my own transformational story and life experiences. I am thrilled that God is bringing this person to me by Saturday, January 18, 2020.

I had a very clear visual in mind of what this looks like and how it would feel after I concluded speaking with this person. I visualized this each day. I also prayed for God to send me this person. I told Him He was welcome to send more than one person. I told Him that I knew that, surely, He had someone in need that I could help and that I was at His disposal.

Immediately after setting the goal last weekend, I felt like I should create a video. I did that and sent it to my list and posted it to social media. It touched on typical concerns of people who really want to make a difference in the world but who are dealing with difficult challenges. They feel like they’re just trying to survive day-to-day and can’t live their mission because of it. I thought perhaps someone would reply asking a question or wanting more information, etc. Nothing came from that. I kept praying and visualizing throughout the week but got busy with other projects and didn’t worry about this intention.

Friday, I was playing the piano and had the strong impression to go on Facebook and send a casual, “Hi, was thinking of you, how have you been?” type of message to whoever stood out to me. I sent 9 messages like this. I immediately heard back from 5 people. Three had serious trials going on that I knew nothing about. I chatted with them a bit, and they all asked for prayers, but nothing more at that time. Just as I was going to bed Friday night, I noticed another message came in from one of the 9 people. I didn’t read it at that time. Saturday morning (1/18/2020), I read her message. She said she was going through a very difficult time and was asking friends to pray and fast with her that weekend. She concluded with, “I’d also love to talk to you sometime whenever it works out.”

I told her I’d fast with her and set a time to talk with her Sunday evening (1/19/2020). Our conversation and the results were EXACTLY what I envisioned. I was able to use what I’ve learned from my own story of overcoming adversity, what I know from what Leslie’s taught me all these years, and SimplyHealed™. I created a piece of music for her after our call that solidified the work we did together and emailed her the MP3 last night. Since mindset is a big part of what she needs, I pointed her to Leslie’s two books online to download. She has an unusual health issue. I have a good friend with the exact same symptoms. So, I was able to connect those two. My friend I told her about agreed to help this woman with her health challenge. (Ironically the two women knew each other already but didn’t know the other was dealing with the same bizarre health issue). So not only did my experience/skills come in handy, but also my relationships with others.

She kept saying, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” at the end. This experience helped me solidify the work that I do with people. I’m starting to see a pattern and a process that I can use to help more people. I can also see how becoming certified with Leslie and Trevan Householder fits perfectly with my life’s work.

I’m so excited about how it worked out!

Here are my take-aways:

  • There are people all around us who need our help… who are dealing with hard things … but we don’t know because we haven’t taken the time to reach out and ask.
  • Following the nudges of what the Spirit tells us to do is very important.
  • I couldn’t sit back and do nothing and say, “bring me someone.” I had to do something to reach out. It wasn’t hard. Wasn’t a big deal, but I had to do something … specifically what the Spirit directed me to do.
  • My connections with others are a big part of helping people. I was able to connect one of the other 9 people to a friend who could help her as well.

But the story doesn’t end there.

The Absence of Doubt

Remember her original intention about the cardinal? Sometimes the seeds we plant bear fruit most effectively when we aren’t hyper-focused on how well they’re growing. Worrying too much about a seed can be akin to pulling it out of the ground each time you want to see how it’s developing. Some things need to just be left alone. Marnie’s next experience highlights the principle that a seed will grow if there is no doubt. It’s not so much about the size or intensity of your faith and belief as much as it’s about the mere absence of doubt. Marnie didn’t have any reason to doubt because after she set the intention, not only did she not worry about its realization, she didn’t cancel it either.

In her words:

Ironically, I ended up getting the photo of the cardinal I wanted as well. I had asked to see a red cardinal with black markings on his head. And that I’d be able to get a clear picture of him. I mentioned this to no one.

I later noticed my husband had mounted his new bird feeder on the back deck and set out some old rotting squash. I went to my office to work and then had an impulse to get up and go in the living room and look out the window to the back deck. Just as I approached the window I saw a beautiful big red cardinal with black markings on his head.

My phone camera was on (I turned it on as I went out of the office cause I had a feeling I needed to be ready). But before I could take a picture, he saw me move and flew off. Still! I was thrilled that he showed up so quickly.

Later I went out to work on the side of the back yard. I was cutting down brush and had the feeling to turn around and look behind me toward the deck. The cardinal was back but he flew off before I could get a picture. I took a chair and sat in the back yard some distance from the back deck but he didn’t show up. So I went back to clearing brush, this time a bit closer to the deck in the back yard.

While cutting, I turned around and there he was.

The photo isn’t as close or clear as I’d like but he’s there.

Q: Evaluate and describe the outcome of your experience of facing a fear from assignment/lesson 18. How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

Thinking Truth in Spite of Appearances

A. My primary fear that was getting in the way of different things was the death of my spouse. So I used the method of answering the question about what would I do if that happened. I was able to get down to realizing that no matter what, he would always be with me… just like my mother is still with me and that I would still do what I am doing. It helped me see that I will be okay eventually … God’s looked out for me before. He will in the future, come what may.

Q: Did you achieve the Phase 2 assignment, using the principles to experience success with a meaningful or significant goal, in which the outcome was beyond your natural control? Please describe.

Connecting With a Life’s Purpose

A. When I started this course in November, I was coming out of an 18-month sabbatical after working hard in my own business for 28 years. I had accomplished some huge life goals… my biggest dreams were a reality and I took some time to enjoy them and step away from the need to be so driven and consumed with making money / providing. Fortunately, thanks to my awesome husband I could do that. I had his full support and encouragement. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity. I could relate to Leslie’s bonus chapter where she talks about stepping away from her business.

While she needed to break the “drive to achieve,” I needed to break the “drive to monetize everything.” I’ve actually gotten to the point where I don’t worry about making money anymore. It’s such a liberating place to be!

When I started this course, I was feeling the “call” to step out and do what God wants me to do with my life.The challenge for me was that my life had no challenge. There was no “thing” I wanted that I could use the laws to obtain. It wasn’t about finances like it was when I learned this from Leslie 20 years ago. It wasn’t about creating the ideal marital relationship, because I have that now. I have all my big dreams. So why did I need to review this material? Yet, God was telling me to do it.

The question I had in my mind was, “What drives you when you have everything you ever wanted?” I went into this course with the objective of connecting with my life purpose in the way that God wanted me to. I was open to however He wanted it to look. My Phase 1 goal was to attract to me someone whom God wanted me to help. I asked for God to send me someone who needed my skills as a SimplyHealed(TM) Practitioner, my life experiences, and the lessons I’ve learned from losing all my dreams and then God giving them to me in an over-the-top miraculous way.

God sent me that person. That person helped me see how I could serve and what I had to offer that brought me an extreme level of joy. I ended up creating two courses to go with my new book. The Spirit-Led Life Masterclass I’m offering for free has the most amazing people enrolled in it. I learn so much from meeting with them each week. I’ve developed a comprehensive course that shares so much of what I’ve learned over the last 30 years in business. Some of those people are going on to hire me for consulting and mentoring. I love the work I’m doing and the people I’m working with. I feel like my whole life and everything I’ve done is coming together in a really beautiful way to serve others and lead people to a deeper relationship with Christ — which is what it’s all about for me.

For my Phase 2 goal, I selected a physical health goal. It was the only thing I could think of that would be a 9. I’d been struggling with low energy and sciatic pain for over a year. If I was going to have my “end of life” vision statement happen, I needed to reign in my health. I created this statement which I have said out loud on average 5 times/day for a couple months now: “I love my healthy, fit, flexible, strong, energetic body that feels fantastic all over all the time. I’m so grateful for how easily and affordable it has been for me to achieve and is for me to maintain.”

I did not share this goal with my husband David, per the instructions of this course. Yet, he brought me the first part of a solution by making an appointment with a local chiropractor who had a special 3-session offer going. I had been too scared to go to a chiropractor because of things I’d heard. But he researched, found this guy and got me started. I really like the chiropractor and all the people in his office made me feel very safe and in good care. After 3-4 adjustments, my pain subsided greatly. He also helped me see the root cause of the sciatic problem and neck pain I had. Then COVID hit and I stopped those weekly sessions, but kept saying my goal statement.

I began to be drawn to different healthy supplements. I just “knew” which things to take and where to purchase them from. I’ve gotten into studying how plants on our property have medicinal values and have a new hobby with that. I’ve expanded my essential oil inventory and created blends that have brought healing to me and my family. I’m gradually learning more and more at a pace that feels fun and relaxed. I recently found a vegetable/fruit drink that is helping me have more energy through the day. I haven’t needed a nap in a week. The sciatic pain is greatly reduced. Whenever I feel a twinge, I just repeat my statement and I feel so much more upbeat about my health and don’t notice the pain.

Thank you for encouraging me to dive back into the material, Leslie! It’s been a God-send! I feel like I know who I am and what God has me on earth to do. And that is HUGE!

Congratulations on your success, Marnie, and thank you for taking the time to share all of these cool details!


Marnie Pehrson Kuhns is a best-selling author of 28 fiction and non-fiction titles. She’s also a Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner(TM) who helps Spirit-led business owners discover, create and deliver their soul’s song and move past all the limiting thoughts and feelings that keep them from achieving their full potential and joyful life. Her “Trust Your Heart: Spirit-Led Business” book and two free courses to go with it are available at www.TrustYourHeartSeries.com


To your success!

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