I was good at being afraid

Andrea Shelton and I go way back. She and I were in the same congregation at church in 1997 when I called the cops on the kid who broke my broom. Fast forward twenty-plus years, and we’ve been reunited!

She started the Mindset Mastery program last year, joined me for Genius Bootcamp this year, and now I am pleased to introduce her to you as a Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate. Yay, Andrea!!

It’s been fun catching up. And when she completed the Mindset Mastery program, I had some questions for her:

Q: Did you accomplish an Inconsequential Goal in Phase 1?

A. Yes… It’s interesting how quickly I accomplished it. At the time, I lay down on my bed to think of an inconsequential goal on which I could test the principles. Nothing was lost that I could remember, because using these principles I find everything in a short amount of time, without getting flustered!

Then an idea came to me. I have been keeping a list of names of Jesus Christ for a while now. At first, I added lots of names pretty quickly – the common ones, like Savior, Redeemer, Jehovah, etc. Over time, the number of names I added decreased, while the amount of time between each one increased.

A couple weeks ago, after a long break without finding a new name to put on the list, while reading 1 Timothy 6, I found another one I’d never heard of: Potentate – ruler or monarch. So I thought, for my goal, I’d like to find another name for Jesus Christ to add to my list. I imagined circling it with my purple colored pencil. Purple is for royalty, so that’s the color I chose to highlight names of Christ in the scriptures. Then I remembered I had misplaced my purple pencil, and I’d substituted blue for a few days. So I made mine a 2-part goal, and added “find my purple colored pencil, THEN use it to circle the new name for Jesus Christ that I find.”

It was time for me to read scriptures anyway, so I started looking. I was getting a little antsy, and feeling rushed, but I reminded myself to Keep Calm, because I had already pictured finding it in my mind. I got excited! I even set a timer for 5 minutes, and continued looking. 5 minutes passed, and I hadn’t found it. But I kept looking. Very shortly thereafter, I DID find my purple pencil. I walked around chanting, “I found it! I found it!” I wondered how I would find a new name so recently after finding the last one. But again, IT HAPPENED, just as I’d imagined – in the FIRST chapter that I started reading, AND the first verse! Hebrews 8:1 – Majesty – “a representation of Christ as ruler of the universe.” I circled Majesty with my purple pencil, and wrote it on my list of names of Jesus Christ.

Q. Evaluate and describe the outcome of your experience from Lesson 18. How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances?

A. I find repetition of my goal and desired outcome to help me, and saying, “I choose to believe.” Throughout my life I have gotten very good at being afraid. How effective was I at thinking truth in spite of appearances? Definitely better than I would have been without these principles.

Q. If you had difficulty with anxiety or other troubling emotions, did you find a method for overcoming them?

A. Again, repetition of my desired result has been my helpful friend. Constant reminders of the REAL truths – that we have unseen help, everything will work out, and I am making progress – are necessary for me. I cry, pray, regroup, take deep breaths, and review course materials to help me overcome anxiety.

Q: Did you achieve the Phase 2 assignment, using the principles to experience success with a meaningful or significant goal, in which the outcome was beyond your natural control? Please describe.

A. I want to be healthy! I want to play with my future grand babies, and live a long life. (I do not want to be the limiting factor if God is willing to grant me that gift.)

I really felt the need for “something” to give me the motivation and desire to make healthier food choices. A couple years ago, I got one, and ate healthier for a time. But I got off track, so I wanted another. I had set 2 previous completion dates that came and went. My 3rd goal date was July 4th, exactly one year from the day I heard Leslie and Trevan’s first Facebook Live post and started my journey with increased faith and implementing true principles. I found my motivation – which had been available to me for quite some time, but I was led back to it. I stopped eating sugar immediately, and replaced it with healthy, delicious whole foods. By July 7th, just 3 days “late,” after having implemented my newfound motivator, I reached my goal weight!

I am so thankful I was led to Leslie, Trevan, and their team! The information in Leslie’s books “The Jackrabbit Factor,” “Hidden Treasures,” and “Portal to Genius“; and courses, including Guided Mindset Mastery and Genius Bootcamp, is truly life-changing. What a blessing it is that she shares her knowledge with us to help us be more successful. I feel that I don’t have the words to adequately express my gratitude, but hopefully my appreciation will be manifest through living these true principles.

Great update, Andrea!! And grateful to be reunited. 1997 was a hard year for me, so I’m happy we’re friends again in 2020. Wait a minute… 2020. Based on how the world at large is experiencing 2020, seems like there’s some kind of irony in that.


Congratulations on your success, Andrea, and thank you for sharing!


Leslie Householder

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