I thought, “Why even try?”

Here is a student who really battled with her internal dialogue during the Mindset Mastery Course. What I love about this story is the way she dealt with it. Her results reveal what can happen when a person consciously chooses to think in alignment with the principles, no matter what conflicting thoughts may show up along the way.

Today I am pleased to introduce you to Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate, Sheryl Younger.

While some people take more than a year to make their way through the assignments and challenges in the course, Sheryl joined the self-guided version of the Mindset Mastery program and submitted her graduation application just 6 months and one week later.

Here are some of the questions I had for her:

Q: Did you break through any terror barriers during the course?

Yes, many. The first and most recurring barrier I faced was overcoming the false beliefs of “I’ll never get done,” and “I’m not doing it right.” As a mom who is home schooling 4 children 12 and younger, building a house, serving in church, and generally trying to find time to exercise, care for our home and be present with those around her, the echoing thought in my head was to just give up, there would be no way I could ever complete this course so why even try.

I would schedule time to study and then watch weeks pass by that I couldn’t get to it. As I chose to relax and keep repeating in my mind that I would finish, I would see time open up and I would work on a step or two at a time. But then as I would work on a step and do the exercises I would have a voice in my head saying I’m not doing it the right way, or I didn’t answer completely enough, or the goal I had written wasn’t phrased right, etc.

I was constantly aware of my shortcomings, but decided that giving my best effort was all I could do however imperfect that best effort may have been. The quote early on helped me continue on: “Success the the progressive realization of you and your family’s worthwhile dreams.”

Progressive stood out to me – as long as I was progressing I decided I was “doing it right.”

Q: Tell me about your Phase 1 “Inconsequential goal”:

My inconsequential goal was an interesting exercise in faith for me and I felt almost as if creating the inconsequential goal WAS the inconsequential goal.

Just prior to creating an inconsequential goal I had two experiences where I used natural law and clearly saw its effects in my life. One was a series of promptings I received to take off my wedding ring and place it in my jewelry box (I saw this prompting more that heard or felt it), which seemed strange and didn’t do it. I never take my ring off.

The next day I broke the band of my ring. I realized at that point it was a prompting to protect the ring. At that point I wanted to get it repaired and set it on my bathroom counter. One of my kiddos found it and it was misplaced for several days. It of course is very precious to me, and instead of interrogating each kiddo and trying to force the process of recovering it, I decided to write down the goal of finding it as if it had already happened. I wrote the goal as if already had it back.

I got up from the computer, and immediately had the thought to gather the kids together and say a prayer. My daughter said the prayer and then I took a deep breath knowing it was coming. Not twenty minutes later, my daughter found it. I was so grateful. As the kids started guessing at who took it or what happened, I looked at each of them and felt as though it didn’t matter and I was just so grateful it was found. I knew it had come back so quickly because I aligned my thoughts with natural laws and allowed it to come back as I acted on the promptings that came.

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It was a great learning experience because it reminded me of the prodigal son. It was back and I was so grateful, but it was still broken. I wish I had acted on the first prompting I had received to take it off and put it in my jewelry box, but the lesson was so powerful, I wouldn’t change how it happened.

As similar thing happened at Costco where I saw a huge line for toilet paper (during COVID). I felt prompted not to get in line and just continue my shopping. I pictured myself walking out with toilet paper but didn’t place any expectation on it or understand how that would happen if I didn’t get in line. If it happened I would be grateful, and if it didn’t I would be grateful, too.

I finished with getting the items on my list and noticed someone had toilet paper in their basket. I clearly heard “now you can go.” I walked back over and walked right up to the gentleman handing out one package per family. I was able to complete my shopping and get toilet paper and it felt so peaceful. As I felt that peace, I felt like I was able to project that out to the other people around me. I realized that because of studying the natural laws and maintaining right thinking, I stayed peaceful and allowed things to unfold. It felt amazing.

Q: I get that you weren’t sure whether these experiences would count for the Phase 1 experiment. Share what your internal dialogue was, and the conclusion you came to.

To answer this question, Sheryl provided her actual journal entry in which she worked through these concerns in real-time. She said:

As I’ve pondered on whether to use the ring and toilet paper experience as my midterm experiences, or if I should deliberately come up with another one, I still feel conflicted. I feel like part of me says, “Yes, you are using the principles and seeing results,” and the other is like, “These experiences came to me and I used the principles, but it wasn’t some situation that I created in itself.” I can see the experience and I can choose to use the principles on something that is already happening, but I just realized that I have a lack of faith in creating an experience and then seeing it happen. It is in the creation of the experience that I doubt. That is the bit that I need to learn.

I choose to create an experience and see the results by exercising these principles. I also struggle with coming up with something inconsequential. I looked up that word and choose to replace it was “of little moment.” Whatever I do with life I would like it to be important enough to do, therefore I choose this lesson to be of little moment. Not something that has a long gestation period or major results, but something that makes me smile and know that God Is.

Brainstorming experiences: A phone call from Katherine, a rainbow, seeing a bird with a worm in its beak, I would like to create something that I can see today (but know it could take a few days and that’s ok), eating ice cream tonight without me creating the situation in which I’m eating it (I didn’t suggest the idea, and I didn’t go buy it). I feel like I have a good list and as I just tried to choose one I had a novel idea pop into my head that made me smile. (It was actually my original goal I think that I was just barely aware of and now came fully aware of, that I want this goal to be something that makes me smile and this idea just made me smile.)

The thought I had was these are all good ideas, what if they are all my goal and creation, what if I create them all together! I choose to see not just one, but all of them happen, because isn’t that life? We are creating multiple things at one time, all the time – our personal lives, our relationships, our children and family life, meals and house jobs, work and earning an income, etc, etc!

Ok here goes: I am so grateful that I have seen and felt the following events come to fruition today March 16. I’m so grateful I have received a phone call from Katherine today and been able to share light, love, and peace with her and that I have received the same from her. I’m so grateful the phone call came at a time I that I had a few minutes and could talk in peace and quiet. I’m grateful for seeing a beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky out toward the ocean from the lanai of our home before lunch. I’m so amazed that I saw a bird with a worm it its mouth today. I’m awed at how the events came together to show me God hears me and that the situation came to be that I saw this beautiful read headed bird up close within 5 feet clearly with a worm in its beak. It’s a short “of little moment” experience but I feel the significance of such an event. And as we sit together as a family eating ice cream tonight I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love to be living this amazing experience called life. I am overjoyed that everything was just as I asked and sought to create. We are eating ice cream and snow cones at the Low Store based on someone else’s suggestion and I marvel at the events that brought us to that place. I’m so grateful for this day, I am excited to journal about it, and smile and think on the Lord and his goodness. I can feel the light and love coming and my heart is just as full now as it will be after each of these events.

But things didn’t go the way she expected.

Some time after setting the new goals, she wrote this:

I still don’t feel like I have accomplished fully the experiment from Module 12. I do without a doubt know that using these principles helped my wedding ring reappear and I also believe these principles kept me calm and unworried and allowed me to get toilet paper at Costco without standing in line or being overly concerned whether I got some or not. As such I don’t feel like either of these goals I set out to accomplish – they were more like events that came to me and allowed me to start testing the principles.

…I have struggled with moving on in the course because I haven’t seen [the new goals] happen. I have a lot of doubt if it is even a worthy set of events to create. Isn’t that somehow asking for a sign from God when he doesn’t need to give me a sign?

I feel His words confirm to “Leave the Goal in Place.”

I have also felt confirming words to move on in the course.

The principles are, I feel, vitally important to learn and I choose to move forward in faith. He’s helping me redefine success and completion and all the school type skills I learned (finish the project, get the good grade) that may not have necessarily helped me fully absorb the material, ideas or principles. The intent and the effort are the most important aspects. I’m not trying to make an A on a test or impress any teacher or professor or even Heavenly Father. I’m trying to get information and principles and laws written on my heart, that my very way of being transforms into someone who operates with Rare Faith. I feel like that takes a step of faith into the dark to keep moving on in the course without having fully completed the goals.

So, with all that said – the inconsequential goal that I wrote hasn’t happened. I have seen elements come on different days, a call from Katherine, a beautiful rainbow, but seeing each element all in one day hasn’t happened, but I’m still holding hope that it will. The lesson learned though has been how to move on in the course even though I wanted to stay put until I saw the goal complete. I know I did the right thing to move on and I’m grateful.

Well done, Sheryl!!! This conclusion demonstrates that you have grown in your ownership, personal leadership, and self-sufficiency. Rather than being told what to do to get you through a block, you’ve partnered with God to listen and follow His wise counsel, which is personalized and available to each of us as we get our lives right and strive to align with true principles.

Was the Intention Met? Yes!

The point of the Phase 1 goal is to move into Phase 2 with confidence and assurance that your thoughts and intentions have a real impact on the material results in your life. In Kathryn’s case, she already experienced that, but wanted to understand it even more deeply. So she went above and beyond to have additional “inconsequential goal” successes, but then wisely took notice at the promptings that helped her keep from getting stuck there for too long.

When you get stuck in the course, just don’t park. Document what you’re thinking and feeling and why, apply the Transformational Journal Tips (while avoiding the Traps) in your writing, and keep moving.

“Leave the Goal in Place”

I love that Sheryl decided, after accomplishing a goal in Phase 1 and setting others for good measure, to keep those extra goals in place and move forward. When something doesn’t happen when you want it to, make the conscious choice to keep it in place, and keep going! When the gestation for your dream seeds are complete, you’ll get the fruit.

Don’t yank the seed out of the ground if it didn’t become a seedling fast enough, and don’t sit yourself down just waiting for it to break through the ground, either. You’ve got an orchard full of of dreams to plant, so keep moving down the row!

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Q: Did you deal with any fears during the course?

What are my fears? Mishandling the blessings, money, time, resources the Lord blesses us with. This would look like running out of money – spending it on frivolous things, wasting precious time on distractions or missing time with our family/children that I won’t get back. There is the fear of running out of resources – electricity, fuel, food, supplies, tools. Losing our home or our possessions, not so much the possessions themselves, but the ability to take care of our family and keep them safe and healthy, protected from the elements. To a degree the fear of torture; me getting hurt or ravished, and to a greater extent having to witness that happening to our children or those close to us. And there is the fear of a long lasting illness for me or a family member. The fear of what others think of me – too self righteous, not righteous enough – the judgment from others. The fear of being too powerful, too direct, and then being wrong, having to eat my words.

Self-Coaching at its Best

And yet, look at how she consoled herself. She continued with her own self-coaching:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

Fears to work on – applying for financing to owner build our house – the fear that we may not have the money to pay it back
Making a choice to build too much or too little – I want to build all of the structures, main house, detached garage and guest house, but also fear running out of money to finish them all, or getting them all built and then not having funds for taxes, insurance, travel, basic necessities.

Answer the Question

Indeed, she dealt with a lot of fears, as we all do at one point or another. But look where she instinctively went next in coaching herself. She “answered the question” so that her subconscious mind (designed to keep her safe) would be appeased and stop nagging her with fearful “what if?s”:

The worst case scenario is that 1) we start building and run out of money, we run out of resources, John loses his job and we don’t have money to pay back our debts, I don’t have a source of income, 2) we start building and something happens that we change our minds about living in Hawaii and we want to move, and we can’t sell and lose money.

Even if all this happened, I would still be ok, I would still be me, and we would still have our family and we know with far too much evidence that the Lord truly does take care of us. If any of those things happened, we would be ok – we would survive by going back to Washington with my parents or John’s family in Utah, or friends here. We could lose everything and we’d just start over. We’d teach our children that we keep going, that we still have faith in the Lord and that whatever we were experiencing we would know that “all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.” Knowing this, I am so grateful to understand how we are guided by choices, agency, and the Spirit, and know of the gift of the Atonement and how it heals and corrects all things that I repent of. This life is meant for our learning – I’ve made choices that are my ultimate protection. I am free to choose and know that as I live faithful to the covenants and commandments and utilize repentance; all things are for our growth and learning.

With that said, I know that we have clearly been prompted to purchase the land we did, the floor plan we designed was inspired, we have been repeatedly prompted that building is our path and I continue to think truth in spite of appearance. I know building this house is all about the relationships we make along the way and especially the ones we fortify within out own family. I know that building this home is a grand analogy to building a temple (when I want to build a quaint cottage) and building our family. I feel peace come when I focus on these thoughts.

It is so easy to get doubtful and fear when I think that the excavation and rock that was meant to be a few thousand dollars became, $50,000. I know I have had so many powerful moments of confirmation we are on the right path so Heavenly Father can help me truly see his hand and the miracles at that will come.

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Q: Have you managed to work through anxiety or other troubling emotions during the course?

I did have many and still have many things come up as I work through goal creation and feeling worthy to create goals, worthy to receive, but I feel like I have made great progress in how I feel about myself, and how much I’m loved and that I am worthy of great things that Father wants to give me as I am willing to receive. I have also recognized that as I start to live to my highest potential I allow others around me to do the same and I have seen evidence of this in my husband and children, and those closest to me.

Q: Tell me about your Phase 2 Goal:

My short term goal stated: I am so grateful we have the land fenced for animals, a chicken coop, a place for goats and sheep, a garden plot picked out and prepared for planting with fencing, a greenhouse and that we have building permits in hand, financing in place, and contractors prepared to work on grading, foundation, electrical and plumbing. I am so grateful we know which structure(s) to build and when and know they’re placement is exactly where they are meant to be. I’m so grateful that with each decision, the principles of thought governed by natural law become more real and predictable. My confidence and faith grows with each hope and decision. Goal Difficulty: 10

The bite sized goal was: I’m so incredibly grateful and amazed that on April 30th we have all our building permits and we have permission to proceed with building on our land.

When I wrote this goal I was still fearful of moving forward. We were still working with the draftsman to finalize the plans. I saw that if I finalized plans and paid for them and moved forward with submitting the plans to county for permitting that I was committing to obtaining financing and moving forward with this huge goal of building this house we’ve been shown, when it feels so far out of my comfort zone. In my mind I’m happy with a small 1200 sq. ft plantation style home, and I keep being prompted that the 2700 sq foot house and 1700 sq. ft lanai with a 1200 sq. foot detached garage is what we are to build. It stretches every bit of me mentally, financially, what I think I need versus what Heavenly Father wants for our family. So the bite sized goal of having permits meant that I had overcome those fears and moved forward with paying for the plans and pursuing financing.

The permits didn’t come on Apr 30, but this was a wonderful experience. I knew they were coming and every day the expectation became more sure. During this time, knowing that we had submitted for permits, spurred our activity on the land to include clearing fence lines, my husband finding and falling in love with the sheep he wants, I figured out where we want the garden space, I filled out the loan application and supplied all documents to the credit union, we started grading the land and bringing in foundation rock, and we have quotes from electricians and plumbers and framers and are making decisions there. I felt like all that was possible because of learning the laws, and checking in with Heavenly Father and myself to make sure the goal was what we’re to work on at this time in life. I feel like working through fears about money or lack thereof, and through fears of not doing it right have been overcome to a degree, but like the course states – the next goal will still continue to challenge you.

Thus COVID 19 came along, financial distress for the world, the perception of scarce resources and materials, but I feel as though I’ve been equipped with an unshakable knowledge that allows me to press forward.

Q: You said it didn’t happen on April 30. When did it actually happen?

We received our permits on June 4th…! I love how it worked out. Setting the goal for Apr 30th got us moving on grading (we didn’t need a permit to start that), as we finished up grading and were getting closer to needing a permit to continue, it was approved that week. We really were proceeding on faith that approval of the permit would come when we needed it. Father truly has perfect timing.

Sheryl wrapped up her Mindset Mastery Course experience with these words:

If you have read all of Leslie’s books, you won’t get more new information, but what you will get is a step by step process of actually applying all the information you read about in the Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures. It has been truly transforming!

I at times resented all the assignments, but now that I have worked through the whole course, I am grateful for each step and how it builds on the next and that the course required something of me, more than just reading and thinking those are good ideas. …Thank you.

Congratulations on your success, Sheryl, and thank you for sharing!


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