Thoughts on Global Crises

“Even the Sparrow Knows”


When Coronavirus concerns made the headlines, how did you feel?

If you experienced twinges of fear for what the pandemic was going to mean to you or life as you know it, you were not alone. Whenever human being take data in through their five senses and the info they gather appears to potentially threaten their very existence, the sub-conscious mind kicks in.

Our vessel gets hijacked quickly and automatically by the part of our mind designed to keep us alive.

And thank heavens for that, if there truly is a threat to our life. This built-in autopilot feature we were born with triggers the adrenaline we need to escape the predator. It releases the chemicals that provide our muscles with the needed spurt of uncommon strength to survive whatever the threat may be.

But unless you’re conscious that it’s happening, your sub-conscious can trigger these life-saving mechanisms at times when it really isn’t necessary. Like, when it gives you the jolt of energy at the theater because the blind creature in the distance is racing toward the character who accidentally just made a sound. Your subconscious mind literally thinks you’re about to die, too.

Yes, the Coronavirus CoVID-19 was a real threat, and people’s lives really were in danger. I am not disputing that. But what wasn’t a real threat on your life is the possibility that you’ll run out of toilet paper.

What wasn’t a real threat on your life was that you might run out of food by Thursday. And yet, people all over the country were shopping like they would die if they didn’t get that case of Charmin.

Answer the question

One wise mentor (Dr. Paul Jenkins) told me that we can do more damage than good if we try too hard to avoid thinking of worst-case scenarios. Yes, we should do our best to maintain a positive, faithful mindset so that we can qualify for miracles, but we will exhaust ourselves battling the constant question thrown up by the sub-conscious mind that wants to know: “What are you going to do if [worst case scenario] happens???”

His advice: For crying out loud, answer the question. It won’t stop bugging you until it has an answer.

“What are you going to do if you get sick?”

“I’m not going to get sick! I refuse to think about getting sick.”

“But what if you DO??”

“I will only think healthy thoughts!”

“But what if you get sick anyway?”

“La la la la la… I’m not listening! Did you hear me?? I will ONLY think POSITIVE!!!”

And on and on the fight goes.

When your subconscious mind doesn’t get an answer, it triggers all the physiological responses needed to activate life-saving measures, even if those measures are downright primitive.

Like the people who broke out into a fist fight over a package of toilet paper. Primitive. Sub-conscious programs that were asking the question, but which were not given a rational answer.

If you give it a rational answer, it will calm down and leave you alone for a while, and you can more effectively get back to exercising Rare Faith for making needful things happen in your life. Answer the question unemotionally, though. Save your emotion for when you’re imagining the best possible scenarios, instead (because that’s one of the first steps for co-creating the thing you imagine).

So let’s do this. Let’s answer all the questions that your sub-conscious was probably asking:

Q: “What would you do if you run out of toilet paper?”

A: I’d rig up a bidet system using my shower.

Q: “What if you legitimately ran out of food?”

A: I’ll see myself finding the food we need, and I’ll enlist Rare Faith to find it. Maybe I’ll make a trade for food using something my neighbors need. Maybe I’ll provide a service. Maybe I’ll discover something worth trading laying around the house, and I’ll trust that God has prepared a way for me to obtain everything we need. I will remember the cruse of oil that never failed. I will watch the movie 17 Miracles and pay special attention to the soufflé that showed up out of nowhere on the trail. I will read about the hot water bottle miracle. I will fill my mind with stories like these that help me increase my faith so I can do my part to receive His miracles.

Q: “What if the market crashes?”

A: I’m going to thank God for all I have. I’ll draw my family together, renew my faith in His providence, and rely on the guidance He has promised to those who seek him. I’ll repent of the things for which I need to repent. I’ll renew my commitment to obey his commandments. I’ll thank Him for resetting my priorities, and I’ll find new joy in the blessings I previously took for granted. I’ll face the facts and make plans to rebuild, no matter how long it takes to recover. I’ll let the experience humble me, and I’ll find great strength as I discover a relationship with God unlike any I have experienced thus far. Even if there’s a financial collapse, the opportunity to come to know God personally through my extremities will be worth it all, and I’ll make a point to share what I learn with others to help build their faith, too.

Q: “What if I lose everything?”

A: I’ll discover that my greatest asset is peace of mind, despite my circumstances. Peace of mind in tribulation carries a much higher value than peace of mind in comfortable circumstances, and only those who experience deep tribulation will ever discover how rich they are to obtain it. Nobody who experiences this kind of peace of mind would ever give up what they went through to discover it. I will experience this for myself, knowing that choosing true peace of mind is how I continue to qualify for God’s providence.


You get the idea. The truth still is, that “In every adversity is the seed of equal or greater benefit” – Napoleon Hill. And the greater the problem, the greater the blessing it has the potential to be (Law of Polarity).

So, expect to find the blessings in uncertain times, because there will be an abundance of them. Keep your eyes out for tender mercies and gifts of compensation through whatever difficulty you may face. Rely on God. Look to Jesus Christ for comfort and strength, because He overcame all things and is qualified to help you do the same. Be an example of the believers.

From Camber Packard Simson, shared with permission: “It has been impressed upon my mind tonight the significance of a world pushing ‘pause’ for these weeks, or months, surrounding the bicentennial anniversary of the Restoration. Whether of our faith or not, the world as it usually is has become less busy, more ‘quiet’. If you think about it, what do people usually spend their time doing? School-cancelled, work-asked to work from home, sporting events (large and small) cancelled, church- cancelled, travel-cancelled, all other events-cancelled. Though the threat of the virus itself isn’t absolutely devastating, we have a world that is ‘pausing’ all around us. People can perhaps now hear the spirit when the ‘noise’ could have otherwise drowned it out. We have the opportunity now, especially before conference, to either fill our time with more noise, or we can really pray, study as families and individuals, and prepare ourselves for the promised life-changing bicentennial conference. We’ve been promised our experience will be a direct reflection of our preparation. I’m just in awe of the mysteries of the Lord. All things are done with wisdom. Love you all. ♥️

Things might be bumpy for a while, but no matter how bad things get, the principles of Rare Faith are still available and applicable to helping you solve, face, or manage if circumstances continue to be uncertain.

But now you’ve got information (click here) that can help you through such times. The principles can help you thrive in a down economy. You can have joy and confidence, even if you’re in lockdown during another pandemic.

To learn how this is possible, I encourage you to read (or re-read) Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters, which provides insight into accessing miracles not just with money, but with health, relationships, faith, and every other important aspect of your life. Read it again with whatever today’s concerns are in mind, and then encourage your loved ones to get a copy (here free) in case they could use a dose of hope right now, too.

The principles are timeless. A giant miracle is no more difficult for God to perform than a little miracle. The only common denominator that seems to be required is “no fear,” which is why I’ve adopted the mantras, “Keep Calm and Watch what Happens” and “Fear not.” Faith the size of a tiny mustard seed is really all that is needed to move mountains.

So while half the world is figuratively screaming “We’re all gonna die!” and the other half is screaming “Everyone calm down!” the still small voice inside your heart is reminding you, “Peace be still.”

Because God already knows what you need. He knows we all battle fear sometimes, but his reminder to “Be still and know that I am God” can help us do the very thing that qualifies us for His intervention on our behalf as needed.

Think of it this way:

If you have faith, any situation swirling around right now (pandemic, financial crises, or otherwise) really has no greater power over you than the unpaid bill had on you last month. It’s the same fear switch in your head that got flipped, and it’s the same faith switch that will get you through this, too. In other words, the same faith that has already held you together to this point is the same faith that will get you through whatever comes next.

If He can hold the world, He can hold this moment:

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I know it can be frustrating and difficult to turn off the fear and turn on the faith. It’s really just a matter of finding and holding the right mindset long enough to see the effect of your faith. Sometimes it takes tremendous mental gymnastics to land on it, but when you get there, you know you’ve done it, and life really begins to flow in wonderful ways no matter what awful thing has been troubling you.

It took me seven years of conscious attempts before I figured it out. It’s actually very simple, but we tend to make it harder than it needs to be. I think about the simplistic solutions in the Bible that we disregard because they are too simple, such as “Fear not”. Did you know that’s really the key to having all your needs met? The Bible has already boiled it down.

The Savior gave it to them straight. “Ask and ye shall receive.” That’s it, right there. But the problem is, we don’t believe it. We don’t trust it. And that’s the reason we don’t experience its truth.

What if I could help you understand how and why you CAN trust it, so that you can actually see the effects of your faith? There’s never been a better time to learn this. Let’s get past the hysteria and learn how to lean on God’s promises once and for all.

You can learn it all for FREE by listening to my podcasts and downloading all three of my books at no charge, but if you still want step-by-step help making the Rare Faith principles a real and regular part of your life, our next Guided class begins soon, and you’re invited to join us. It’s like a full-blown college course on this one topic. I want to help. Click here to learn more.

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4 Responses

  1. I like this reminder to USE this time for good, not to fritter it away. I was already thinking this could be a blessing for family time, but it is also a time to dig into the restoration and help my children know for themselves. I know I need to hear the Spirit better in these turbulent times, and I know the mindset you speak of helps me to be able to do that. Thank you, Leslie.

  2. Wow. I am scheduled to teach an online class this week to women in crisis; and months ago, I titled my class “Facing Fear.” I’ll change my approach a bit since the Covid-19 scare, but I’m glad for Leslie’s quotes and reminders here. I have the sneaky suspicion we’ll have many more ladies in this class than normal, one reason being that everything else is cancelled! As I’ve checked in internally and reached upward spiritually, I feel nothing but calm. Thanks Leslie and all those with Rare Faith.

  3. Leslie,
    Your message is timely. Your insightful truths comfort and fortify. These “alive” thoughts are timeless principles, and provide caring answers to some of my concerns to which I’ve taken to personal prayer for answers.
    Thank you, for acting on the inspiration or promptings of that still Small Voice, and for sharing your ideas in such a gentle loving way. It’s as if I received loving wisdom from my mother.
    I feel so blessed for being your friend.

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