#61: How and Why to Fear Not

In this episode (also known as “Faith and Finances” or “Go and Do”), Leslie explains the importance and power of choosing faith over fear in facing life’s storms. The cure for fear is not courage, but knowledge. Join her for a scriptural look at God’s pattern for overcoming every challenge life throws your way. The principles are true, dependable, and sure. Discover exactly what to do when you just can’t shake the fear.

Originally recorded August 3, 2019 at the LDS Mid-singles Conference held at the University of Utah Institute.

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  1. Stacey

    This podcast has brought me out a hole of despair I was falling into Allowing fear to overtake me today. I have been dealing with financial issues, pregnancy with 6 child and trying to care for 5 kids and sick husband on my own for last two months. Feeling like no answers are coming. Today I collapsed in a depressed state not feeling like I could take another step forward. Then I found your podcast from an email someone sent me. Now “I choose to believe”. I remember how he has blessed me in the past. ”I am grateful he has answered my prayers.”

  2. KimK

    So good! Been struggling with fear so much this summer. Due to unexpected death of my sibling, financial issues, family issues, health issues. Its been exhausting. Thoughts of wanting out of this life peering in at me. This teaching is full of powerful help. Thank you Leslie. What you do is so so important. Thank you and continued blessings and success to you and yours.

  3. Elaine

    Thank you so much for your broadcasts and other materials you make available to help build the lives and faith of others. I completely enjoyed this time. I began a few years ago with gratitude prayers and it has helped me so much and I have seen God do so much; I appreciate you. Thanks again.

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