Daring to Dance Again

Meet Shelly Webb, Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate!

Shelly is a force to be reckoned with. Soft-spoken, kind hearted, tender-spirited Shelly. But don’t let her gentle persona fool you – the truth about Shelly is that we rarely see the kind of grit, faith, and tenacity she brought to her application of the principles in the Mindset Mastery program.

In Phase 1, Mindset Mastery students select an “inconsequential goal” to which they apply the principles they’ve learned to that point. It’s an opportunity to experiment and see what happens when they control the variables and see what kind of impact their thoughts have on the world around them.

Phase 1 in particular is about holding an image of an intended outcome without the added pressure of fighting off old programs that have a well-established history of sabotaging their success. In other words, they pick a goal for which they’ve never had any experience of failure.

In Shelly’s case, she selected an experience that involved another person. She was wise to not identify a specific person who needed to participate; instead she left the “who” element wide open.

In her words:

I made a goal for someone to call me by any one of my childhood nicknames. I figured this would have to be someone who knew me as a child, but I consciously thought about the fact that I could not limit it, and I tried to imagine the gratitude I would feel when my goal came to pass. I also wrote out a gratitude statement as if it had already happened.

It had been a few days, and I was concerned about moving on, so I did ask …if I could have more than one goal. Trevan said I had probably had this type of success already, and I didn’t need to stress about having had it written down before hand.

When I thought about that, I realized I had found some lost items and essentially used Rare Faith to manifest things, if not within that day, certainly within the week. This kind of took the pressure off that I wouldn’t be able to move on, but I still felt the gratitude and hoped that my [intentionally] set goal would come to pass.

I believe it was that very day that my 11 year old daughter came into the room I was in and said, “Hey Smebla.”

Smebla is one of the names my oldest brother made up when I was little. I was so shocked, I said, “What did you say?” She repeated it, and at first I was ecstatic, but then I thought she must have read my goal statement. But it was written as if it had already happened, so there really wasn’t any reason for her to do it, even if she had read it.

It turned out she did read my statement, so my brain tried to tell me this didn’t count, but I realized it did count [because] I didn’t tell anyone about my goal, and I tried to keep my notes private, so it indeed came about in a completely miraculous way.

This is the beauty of the process. When you begin to live by the Rare Faith principles, it’s really easy to overthink it. But with the support and guidance that comes from the Mindset Mastery program, you can more easily identify the difference between excuses, and the thin threads that connect the right people, resources, and experiences together.

After Shelly moved on to Phase 2, I wanted to know how she felt about facing her fear in assignment 18. I asked her: How effective were you at being able to think truth in spite of appearances? She replied:

I chose to face my fear in writing. For me my worst case scenario that I don’t think about was that all my efforts to regain my health and release excess pounds would be in vain, and that I would stay overweight and unhappy forever. I would be a bad example to my children, 6 of whom are girls, and I would never be able to be a transformational coach because I wouldn’t believe true transformation was really possible.

I know some people don’t need to be at their ideal weight to help others transform, but there is so much I love about physical movement, running and dancing. Besides being a mother, it’s what I enjoy most in life, and I feel like Heavenly Father would not instill a love and desire in me that I will not be able to fulfill.

In this type of journey progress is often slow, so thinking truth inspire of appearances is essential. I realized in doing this activity that I will never give up. I don’t care how long it takes me to get to my goal; I will never stop trying to improve my habits and in turn my health.

I also learned that appearances depend upon what you are focusing on. I know there is always something positive visible that I can focus on and then I am able to think truth because of appearances. An example of this was what I described in my first terror barrier experience. When I watched the movie of my dancing, I had several options of what I could focus on, and I focused on the positive energy and smile that radiated from within. I definitely feel like I have made significant progress in being able to think truth in spite of appearances.

It’s certainly a process, but it’s so much easier when you know that you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and thinking exactly what you’re supposed to be thinking for the greatest possible outcome. Too often we think we already know what we’re supposed to do, but the fact is:

“The significant problems we face in life cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

In other words, if we really want to level-up, we need to think at a different level, but the only way I know how to do that is to get outside input to help reveal the blindspots. This outside input may come from a coach, a trusted advisor, a wise friend, a book, a training, or from God himself through personal revelation. Regardless, you’ll be guided and inspired to the right “teacher” after you’ve gotten clear about what you’re trying to achieve, and after you allow yourself to feel the success in your mind right now.

Shelly was a natural at that process. She turned to resources that she was inspired to turn to as she faced some of her emotional challenges. I asked her, “If you had difficulty with anxiety or other troubling emotions, how did you handle it?” She replied:

I had some emotional personal issues come up during this course, as well as the worldwide pandemic issues that started in the middle of the course. I was able to get through these troubling emotions by focusing on my faith.

I focused on the vision I was given [of what was possible for me] and my belief that it came from God and would come to pass. I focused on several goal statements, and when emotions were very strong, I wrote the bad ones down and worked through them on paper. Of course I used prayer every day, and I fasted.

I spoke with a therapist on one occasion when some family things were very difficult. I really felt like I had the help I needed whenever I needed it. That feels especially true looking back on it.

This [Mindset Mastery] course took place during some very trying months for me, and I made an amazing amount of progress.

Overcoming the Terror Barrier

Besides dealing with those troubling emotions, she also faced some terror barriers.

A Terror Barrier is the physiological response we experience when our subconscious mind has finally accepted a new (positive) truth about ourselves and our abilities. Once it has been accepted there, achievement becomes more natural, IF we take action on the new truth, despite the dissonant thought frequencies battling each other for domination. More on that here [VIDEO].

But Shelly faced hers with courage:

Yes, I had a couple terror barriers or things that were stopping my progress that I broke through. My main focus for this course at this time was my health. I used to be very active with dance, kick boxing, and running, but I pretty much stopped working out in 2017, and gained around 65 pounds in one year, all while still needing to lose 65 pounds of baby weight.

The weight gain had several other factors such as food choices, lack of sleep, and stress, but losing the physical activity in my life really depressed me. I especially loved to dance, and I had been telling myself I couldn’t dance again until I lost at least half of what I needed to lose.

When I started the Mindset Mastery course, one of the first things I did …was make a commitment to start dancing again. I could feel the truth internally that if I wanted to be in shape and dance with confidence, I had to start dancing just as I was.

I think I knew this for a long time, and that’s why it was a terror barrier. I couldn’t move past the discomfort and even shame for allowing myself to fall apart and gain tons of weight. I had to understand the source of those feelings, refute them, and create new feelings to replace them.

It was hard the first few weeks, but as I mastered each dance, my confidence grew, and I knew I could try more difficult dances, and I would be successful if I gave myself the time and didn’t give up. I can’t even describe the mental and physical boost this gave me; to not only be dancing, but to be mastering dances I had previously told myself were too hard for me.

Near the beginning of March I recorded myself doing one of the dances, and this was a break through for me as well. I was surprised to see how overweight I really was because I hadn’t looked at myself full body like that very often. The amazing thing, though, was that I had no harsh judgments to pile on myself. I saw the joy in my face and my movements, and I felt happy.

That was not where I wanted to stay physically, so I didn’t dwell on the fact that I still needed to release over 100 pounds. The beautiful thing was that I could already see and feel the internal change taking place.

The second terror barrier was with making another commitment to eating healthy. I had tried and failed so many times, I just knew I couldn’t do it on my own, and I didn’t want to add more failures to my list. It was difficult to even try, but I followed the process and wrote my goals as directed. I took advantage of the Goal Review Service, which helped immensely, and I took the leap. I made it through that terror barrier and experienced great success as a result.

Taking it Up a Notch

Phase 2 of the Mindset Mastery program brings a new kind of challenge. In this phase, the students apply what they’ve learned (and bring to it the muscle memory they established in Phase 1) to a goal of greater consequence. This time, it’s something that does wrestle with subconscious programs.

Here is Shelly’s Phase 2 experience:

I am especially thankful I took the class starting in the beginning of January because it helped me to successfully navigate through the craziness of the Coronavirus. I made my phase 2 goal at the end of February. My goal was to eat healthy throughout the entire month of March, shift my mindset about food to view it as nourishment, and begin to crave all the right foods.

My health has really suffered over the past three years of intense stress, so regaining my health was my top priority during this class. I also have (and am getting over) issues with playing small and wanting to hide. Unfortunately for my desire to not be seen, I know I have a mission to help people, especially women, overcome the type of obstacles I have overcome in the past few years.

Well, at the end of March, I was doing great with my food mindset, which I felt was a complete miracle because after so many years of struggle, I did not feel like it was in my control. My internal changes were by far the most miraculous to me, but I was also extremely pleased to have released 21 pounds during the month of March, and I have continued to release weight in April. I am still quite far away from my end goal, but I feel like a completely new person already.

As mentioned before, Shelly used to be a very active person, but due to the life stresses, she slipped into a world of discouragement and weight gain.

Now she’s taking her life back, one goal at a time.

Learning to love herself now, and allowing herself to be active even before she achieves her goals was an important Mindset shift which will continue to serve and support her until she has achieved everything she sets her mind to.

The Shift

Shelly describes the shift she experienced here:

One of the physical exercises I started at the beginning of the course was dancing. I LOVE dancing, and one of the most depressing things about having gained so much weight was that I wasn’t dancing. I told myself I couldn’t dance until I lost weight. Well, guess what? I had to start dancing right where I was in order to get to where I am.

It was awkward and discouraging at first, but now it is pure joy. In fact, I did a new routine today, and it was the best I have ever done on a first try. It’s not only about getting better at it, though; I was pretty discouraged this morning, and after dancing, I was ready to tackle life again…

“I still have a ways to go physically, but I am doing my best to put myself out there despite that.”

I even had the chance to participate as an expert on a Zoom panel for a podcast. When I was first given the opportunity, I wanted to say no and ask if they could give me a few more months, but instead, I just accepted the challenge.

I don’t think this is something I would have done before getting serious about these [Rare Faith] principles and obtaining the life I desire to live. I chose to completely change a mindset that I have been struggling with for most of my life. I need to keep this new mindset life long, but I also want to celebrate special occasions with my family and have that be okay.

For example, I had my birthday in April, and after eating celebratory foods, I struggled to go back to what I was doing before. I struggled just as much as I always have. I knew it was possible to eat healthy, avoid harmful foods, and not feel deprived because I experienced it during the course and at other times in my life. I know I can replicate it or continue it by doing the same things I did before, but for me to get to that place was just as difficult as it ever was.

I feel changes inside …but keeping my mindset about food where I want it is still a level 10 goal for me. That’s how dependent I am on God’s help there.

Dependence on God

Did you catch her last statement there? I cannot emphasize enough how realizing our dependence on God is one of the first and most important steps for true transformation.

The fact is, some of our subconscious programs take longer to overwrite than others, and since health is a multi-faceted endeavor, Shelly was wise to look for evidence of progress. I truly believe this is how God would want us to think about ourselves, as we are His creation.

Noticing the Wins

I was just so proud of Shelly for recognizing each one of her wins along the way, and here was one of her biggest:

When I started Mindset Mastery, exercising daily (especially dancing) was a level 10 goal for me, but now it is more like a 2. I [actually] want to do it; I look forward to it; and the day seems incomplete if I don’t get it in.

This is probably because I have loved exercise in my past, but just got to a point physically where I couldn’t imagine doing it again. I had changed my habits, and I hated myself for allowing things to get so bad. It seemed impossible to get back into the habit, physically and mentally.

Best of all, she experienced the change that matters most. She says:

I don’t hate myself now. I have changed many untrue stories and replaced them with the truth about my worth and value, so I know I can do hard things, especially with Heavenly Father’s help.

Congratulations Shelly! You are inspiring. Graduating from Mindset Mastery is no small task, and taking on a fitness goal and healthy mindset is among the most challenging things a person can do. Keep up the great work!

More about Shelly:

Shelly is a wise and compassionate Beachbody Coach, who not only understands the weight-loss struggle first-hand, but who genuinely and passionately enjoys helping other people find workouts that they enjoy, too. Every step in a positive direction gives the fuel and motivation to achieve the next.

She helps people get where they want to be one step at a time. She herself is on track toward becoming a transformational coach with 3 additional coaching certifications. She especially wants to help women who have experienced emotional trauma.

Shelly truly exemplifies the character, teachability, and tenacity of Mindset Mastery, and we look forward to receiving additional updates about her achievements in the future.


I want to see YOU graduate from Mindset Mastery too! If you’re ready to make a change and want help working WITH the laws of success to accomplish it more easily, click here to learn more about the Mindset Mastery program, or click here to check the upcoming schedule for the GUIDED version.

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