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Meet Beckie Dragon, Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate!

Beckie is a lot of fun. She is an active matriarch of a large family which includes 15 grandchildren. I could tell from the start that her goals would center on accomplishing things that strengthen the family unit.

But no matter what kind of goals she, or anyone else sets, every one of the goals will provide an opportunity for stretching, growing, and increasing faith. This was no different for Beckie and her goals, and that fact became clear when she replied to one of my questions about her experience with Lesson 18. She said:

Just writing what my fears were helped. It seemed to expose them and get them out. Then I started to feel better. I had to continually remind myself of truths like “…I have all I need, and I am all I need to be successful. I can trust in the Lord.”

And trust in the Lord she did.

Her primary goal during the Guided Mindset Mastery course was to creatively find a way to create and afford an epic family Christmas party complete with a bounce/slide house. So she set the date as December 6th, when the bounce/slide house would be paid for and scheduled for the party. She created the experience first in her mind and determined that once she accomplished it, she would feel “relieved, happy, excited and grateful!”

So the goal was set, and the pressure was on.

She had promised the kids a bounce house/slide, plus gifts for the grandkids (15), plus food and set up. She couldn’t see how she was going to do it.

I’ll share the rest in her own words:

Creating the perfect Family Christmas Party

I wanted to get a bounce/slide house for the grandchildren as well as get each of them a gift. I needed money for the food and for set up. I originally had a set money amount I wanted having an idea of what it would cost. I also had in my mind that I would have to sell a certain amount of product to get that amount.

That was completely overwhelming to me.

Plus I only had a month to come up with the money. That is what made it a goal ranked “10” in terms of difficulty for me.

But, the inspiration that came was to make “taco braids” to sell. I have done this in the past so I knew I could do it again but, I was disappointed that it wouldn’t be promoting my other business.

I had a thought that I could help promote another lady in my networking group that makes healthy refried beans by using her beans. So, I went to the networking group with a sign up sheet fully expecting to get my orders. I didn’t get a single order!

I was pretty discouraged and began to doubt. I had asked at that meeting if anyone knew someone that rented out bounce houses. One guy that used to rent them out, talked to me after and said he just had small ones but he mentioned that he had 4 “bubble balls” for adults. I felt like that would be perfect for my older grandchildren! Plus he said he would let me use for FREE! What a blessing! I was excited about that!

After I got home and was feeling discouraged and wondering what to do next. I decided to put it out on facebook. I had one person reach out to me and say they wanted to order 2. Then another one saying they wanted one. So now I was committed. I mentioned what I was doing to a mentor that lives in Idaho and she called her sister in Clearfield about 20 minutes away from me and ordered 2 for her.

I kept thinking in the back of my mind I should do 12 but I was still feeling gun shy and was going for 8. I got with Anita to order the beans. I went to the store to buy the ingredients and I only had enough money to make 1 batch of 4. In fact we had to put stuff back. I was completely embarrassed.

I came home in tears and cried and cried. My son came in to give me a pep talk. “Mom, let me help. You have helped me when I needed it. Now, let me help you”. He actually suggested I do 12 instead of 8 and I knew thats what I needed to do. It felt right.

With a few phone calls and orders trickling in I came up with 12. My son offered to pay for the meat and the extra I needed for the beans. That was a huge blessing and made me so grateful for my sons help and the love and support that he showed me!

The first person that brought me their pans to make them on paid me up front so now I had money to buy the cheese and the rest of the ingredients. Another huge blessing!!!

I spent one whole Saturday making “taco braids” and delivering them. I was exhausted by the time I cleaned up but also felt relieved and grateful. I prayed the whole day for the Lords blessings that all would go well and told Him I was making them for Him.

That gave me the money I needed for the bounce/slide house. Yay!

Now about the gifts. I had figured I need $10 for each of the 15 grand children for their present. I didn’t have that much left. Then I thought, well, I have enough for $5. each. I even had a thought to go to a craft store that I haven’t been to for years. I didn’t know why I needed to go there but I found gifts for all but the babies for $4. each. Then we found gifts for the babies at Walmart for $4. as well. Yay!

Then at my sibling party my brother gave me a $25 gift card to Walmart. I was able to get all the table cloths, utensils, and paper products. It came to $24 something. So, so blessed!

I gave out food assignments to everyone and everyone came through. The day of the party my friend actually delivered the “bubble balls” to me for free and wouldn’t even let me tip him. That was a bonus. The party was a great success! The best part was having all my family together and seeing everyone having a good time! I felt blessed! It wasn’t perfect – we had a few glitches. I guess I didn’t visualize enough, but overall it was great!

In closing… I asked Beckie: “What would you tell someone who is facing their fear right now?”

She replied:

“Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen? and write about it in your journal. Then ask, what is the truth? and write that as well. Know that what you want, wants you. Stories are from the past, so write and create a new story. Pray to God for the thing you desire, see it, and feel it being yours, with gratitude.”

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Anyway, Congratulations on your success, Beckie! We’re super proud of you!

Beckie is an Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant who provides healthy water, air, sleep, nutrition and energy needs for the whole family. To learn more about Beckie and her work, visit her Facebook Group: Healthy by Choice Crusade

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