Goals and Goldendoodles

Here is a beautiful example of how using these laws can be applied to all aspects of our lives:

When Adrian took time to visualize what she wanted and felt the feelings of those visions as though it was her current situation, she started the process of bringing to herself the answers and mindset shifts she needed.

Meet Adrian Booher, Mindset Mastery Graduate:

Adrian uncovered a very important insight into how she experiences the terror barrier. I’m sharing it here because I believe that many experience the same thing without fully understanding what it is.

She writes:

I found out more about my terror barrier and how it manifests. I realized that I quickly pass from fear to exhaustion, maybe so that I could give myself permission to stop. In one of my goals that I tried out for Phase 2 I clearly saw how it stopped me. My fatigue was an excuse to stop serving and withdraw. I realized what was happening and used the tools I have been learning to raise the vibration, dispel the fatigue and continue toward the goal. It was not the goal I ended up using for the final goal, but a very necessary one.

It actually resolved much easier than I was preparing myself for, so then I felt it was too easy, lol. My goal focused on my relationship with my daughter, who I felt was resistant and unresponsive in my efforts to guide her. The new idea was that she is worth having a relationship with just as she is and she can teach me if I let her.

The experience showed me that my job was not to change her into something, and the idea that I was not failing as a parent was what didn’t want to admit. After seeing the terror barrier and realizing that the new idea needed to come through and I needed to let go of the parental control I wanted to have, I was able to find my energy again.

The realization that my fatigue could be evidence of a terror barrier has been helping me soooo much over the past few months. It has changed how I approach so many things. When I find myself tired and withdrawing, I start looking for the ideas causing the barrier. Rather than trying to push through the tired, making me more tired, I will take a quick nap and then consider what I need to address rather than ignore it in busy-ness. I am at the same place with book writing right now, lol. I am dealing with it very differently than I had before. That’s why I can do it this time!

Many times, when we are in the growth process, we experience perceived blocks that get in the way of our growth. There is a process involved as our sub-conscious mind accepts new thoughts and let go of old programs that it is been operating under. It’s important to know what the terror barrier feels like in order to push past it and move into the life we desire. Each one of us experiences the terror barrier in a unique way.

How many of us can relate to the experience of exhaustion? I know I can. I love the way Adrian is now using her exhaustion, by honoring it, resting and asking what she can to do move forward, to ignite her ability to create. Impressive.

In Phase 1 of the Mindset Mastery program, students learn and practice the laws on something inconsequential, to build muscle memory around faith, belief, and witnessing its effects directly and intentionally. Here is Adrian’s story of her inconsequential goal in her own words:

I had an interesting experience at the store last week. I needed to find a thread color to match a dress I was altering for a friend. I forgot to bring the dress, and usually I will look at all the similar colors and pick something in the middle. Instead, I just closed my eyes and pictured myself holding the thread up to the dress and feeling joyful and grateful that it was the perfect color.

I went to the thread shelf and immediately went to one color, but when I picked up the thread it was the wrong color. I just knew it was the wrong color, but it was in the right place, and even had the right color name on the label, because I knew that 210 was the right color. So, I put it back and picked it up again. Same.

The color I need is in THIS spot. I picked it up again and realized that it was a spool of upholstery thread, and I don’t need upholstery thread. So, I found the place where the upholstery thread belongs and set it there. The next one was upholstery and the one after. After putting all three of them where they belong there was one solitary all-purpose spool, and it was exactly the right color. Even though I didn’t have the dress with me I knew it.

Did you notice how she continued to vision what she wanted and believe despite of appearances? Do you see that what she wanted was always there? At first glance it appeared that what she wanted was not available. But the truth was it just needed a little help to be uncovered.

Adrian continued practicing this skill as she moved forward with a goal she had for several years.

The fear I addressed on paper was the fear of ridicule and criticism as I am writing a book. It has paralyzed me for many years, mostly from imagined reactions from family members. I have listened to reactions from them toward other things that are less than supportive, and I feared that reaction to my own work.

What I chose to “see” instead was that the few times in our business that I have received negative comments on our Facebook page I have seen a host of other fans come on to defend me and praise our family and how we raise our dogs.

I don’t know why I had never put these two things together to realize that I have tons more support than detractors, and I saw how a negative criticism can actually stimulate more support and praise than without it. My tribe has my back!

Adrian, I love the way you are seeing things with a new perspective. The Law of Relativity is important in what you just described. There will always be negative and there will always be positive. Your choice to use the positive feedback you receive gives you the lift you need to keep writing.

In Phase 2, Mindset Mastery students put to practice what they have learned into a larger goal that requires rare-faith to accomplish. Adrian describes her experience below:

My big goal was to get to the Writer’s Retreat… My bite-sized goal was to be able to leave the family business for the week of travel. This was a 10 for me because for 15 years I have led the family business of raising puppies. I did the marketing, emails, phones, accounting, pretty much everything except actually feeding them all, which the kids did mostly, but still needed reminding. On any family trips or “me” vacations I would still answer phone calls and emails and manage from a distance…for 15 years.

Over time, my kids have grown and are perfectly capable of doing many of these things, but I have not let go of the reins, so to speak, or required them to learn these skills, even though they get paid and the money goes to their college and mission funds. Since Mom always does these things, I met resistance whenever I suggested they learn. I just kept on rather than upset the apple cart, so to speak.

I repeated my goal often. “The family has a clear picture of their expected contributions, and our family business is in good hands. Our processes have been outlined and are understood. I feel peace that the family business has truly taken off as a family participation experience.”

Each of these statements brought up resistance from within, and through a series of blessings that I had not expected, I am now feeling more freedom than I have in 15 years, and I am in a good place to begin the mentoring program at home to get my book into print.

Here are the events as they unfolded:

One of my action steps that I was prompted to take in module 20 was to call Wendy Bowers, who has been a friend in church for years, but until we discovered that we are both in Mindset Mastery, I had no idea that she was a business coach. I thought she could help me scale down the business so I could concentrate in a new direction. She helped me see how the family members could step in, and as part of a package, she offered to help train them in each of the roles that I have been doing. She helped me see that it was possible. It was a different direction than I had been thinking and as soon as she voiced this idea, I knew it was right.

Another piece came from a friend and 2nd cousin who is a professor at the local university. She had a voucher for a vacation site in Mexico, but being single and unattached, didn’t want to go alone. She invited me to come along. I never suspected that this was a part of my goal, I just thought it would be a nice break and I was flattered that she asked me, even though I felt a little guilty for it.

As I was getting ready for this trip, I realized that I didn’t want to be answering phone calls and emails for puppy inquiries, so Wendy’s program kicked in and the kids each chose something to take over so I could leave my phone at home and take the spare. I was able to leave and have a wonderful week at a resort near Playa del Carmen.

The bonus about the whole thing is that my cousin Ronda has published several books in her career, and she was a great cheerleader. She helped me focus and answered some questions I had. She loved the ideas we talked about and I was able to get some major writing done in the huge blocks of free time.

Three things came together to accomplish this goal in ways I hadn’t anticipated. First, Wendy’s involvement in the family business created not only peace of mind for me, but a business model that the kids can move forward in while I take a different tack. Second, a trip I almost declined, and I thought would be “practice” for the later Retreat ended up being the week that made all the difference, with the bonus of having another author to collaborate with.

Most important, though, is the change in my own head. I had not wanted to confront the kids on not taking responsibility for the business and was prepared to let go of everything I had built over the last 15 years and let it dwindle. I found (with Wendy’s help) I could approach them as being equal to the tasks and ask if they were willing to take them on. The new mindset is wonderful!

It has been an amazing and surprising experience to watch the pieces come together in ways I never thought would! Everything has turned out so much better than what I planned!

Did you notice that by letting go she gained what she truly desired? It was more than the Writer’s Retreat. She even gained the support of her family to help with the business so that she could continue to grow and step into her genius. I’m excited to continue to watch her journey as her book becomes a physical reality.

Well done, Adrian!

If you are interested in learning more about Adrian and her family business, click HERE to find out more. You can also follow her and updates on her book about learning to love yourself on Facebook HERE.


What is YOUR story going to be?

In the Mindset Mastery program, students are instructed on the laws and principles that activate unseen help. That unseen help orchestrates resources, connections, and/or impressions that nudge the students toward all they need to realize their goal. If you join us, then in Phase 1, you will practice what you’ve learned on an inconsequential goal – something NOT connected to anything you’re intensely concerned about. This helps you experience success without undue stress, to build the mental muscle memory you’ll need to apply what you learn to succeed with a goal of greater significance in Phase 2.

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