I Knew It

By Alyson Porter

Circumstances and things are perpetually coming or going according to our thoughts.  

When I was in college I had come home to my parents house for the summer because we were getting the house ready for my upcoming wedding.  The whole basement was not still unfinished….but because the reception was going to be at my parents house (in the backyard) we needed a functioning bathroom (one that had four walls and a door).  Lol!  So even though everything else in the basement was just wide open and totally unfinished we put the drywall up for the bathroom and began making it beautiful.  

We spent a good solid week on that bathroom.  We put the sink in, as well as the toilet and everything…and then it was time to paint.  We had to do multiple coats of paint.  And we would usually be doing this late at night because we all had to work during the day.   

So one night we were all painting and we were almost finished…well I was so worried about dropping the can of paint as we passed it back and forth…and kept seeing myself dropping it and the paint splashing everywhere.  Well, about 5 minutes later…of course…what happened?  I dropped the paint can and the paint splattered all over our perfectly painted (almost dry walls), all over me, the cabinet and the sink, and my mom.  

Horrified, almost before the paint hit the ground I let out a gasp…and then I screamed…”I just knew that was going to happen!”  I had let my thoughts dictate my future…I pictured in my head what was going to happen over and over again…and so the situation of the paint splattering appeared in my life!   Luckily we were able to wipe everything down before the paint dried…and we were able to fix the wall–although it took another hour of time.  I have often wondered about that night–if I hadn’t thought I was going to drop the paint can…I probably wouldn’t have.  Whatever you think about you bring about.  

So now if I am driving in a car or helping my kids with homework, or working on a work project…I always try and see things in my mind with a positive outcome.  It really helps me to have less worry, because I know that I am in control of my thoughts.


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