How The Law Of Cause And Effect Has Worked For Me Recently

By Jan Lambert

It works with money, it works with other things, too. Depend on it.

You may already know that I have some disabilities and have been on Disability since 1991. For all these years, I have had to ask for and receive a lot of help. Those who have helped me, Medicare, Medicaid, Community Action, churches, food banks, and others, have been kind and generous about it. I have never been left wanting for the necessities of my life.

This has left me with a great need to give to others, of whatever I am able to give: a meal, a ride to town, babysitting, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, sometimes a sofa to sleep on for the night.

My most negative experience with this Law came when I was running low on financial resources and a friend who was worse off than I was asked me for a few dollars. I looked in my wallet and saw that I had only six dollars, and felt fear; so I told her I could not, that it was all I had between me and my next payday.

I paid for that for the next three months. Money stopped coming in! All the large resources I’d had up to that point, I no longer expected, but the smaller resources just froze! My checks started to bounce, my payments were not honored, I racked up hundreds of dollars in “bounced” check charges at my bank.

It wasn’t until I decided that whatever amount of money I had, no matter how minuscule, I would share it, no matter what, and I did at the first opportunity, that the process began to reverse itself again. Believe me, it reversed much more slowly than it came to a screeching halt! I believe that we have to demonstrate our good faith again before the Law will go back into effect in our favor. It took another month for me to get my checking account straightened out and assurance for myself that my payments could be made again.

It’s extremely interesting to me that it’s with money that we learn our quickest lessons. It’s more difficult for the Laws to demonstrate the Effect of Return on kindness, compassion, service, friendship, and love because if we have not been giving these things out, it will take a bit more time before we will see some coming back. And then, it will most certainly come from an unexpected source: a total stranger, someone who would not recognize us as the former not-kind, not-compassionate, not-serving, not-friendly, and not-loving person. It will come from someone who will see the change in our heart that doesn’t “show.” From someone who is “open” to “feeling” the person we have become.

Be willing to change. Be not afraid to change our behavior, change our minds, our hearts, our associates, our surroundings. This whole program is about changing. We take it on in order to change our lives. Embrace the changes, even if they don’t look like they are going where we want to go. When you look at a road map, sometimes you’ll see that the road turns away from our destination, but it always turns back. This journey has no map, only God to guide us, and who has our best interest at heart more than our God? For the God-challenged, just remember that there is a Higher Power in this Universe that works for our good. All we have to do is align ourselves with that Power and the good will come. Learning these Laws is how we learn to align ourselves with that Power. It’s that simple.


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