Acquiring Business Skills For Our Small Business

By Jan Lambert

One of our greatest challenges to success is acquiring the BUSINESS SKILLS to become successful. We can have a great dream, a great product, a great site, but if we do not have the way to bring all that to the public in a way that appeals to our target audience, we will not prosper.

I have struggled with this myself, and have come to one conclusion: we must get professional help with this. Sure, we can stumble around, trying out things, and failing, and learning the nine-hundred-ninety-nine ways it doesn’t work, as did Thomas Edison, but can we afford that? I can’t. So I say to you, from the bottom of my heart: Invest In Yourself! Find a business mentor. One with a money-back guarantee is good. Ask someone you trust who their business mentor is; or if they have two or three they can recommend. You don’t have to just stumble around, you know. These people will probably all have free sample videos and audio’s for you, so you can get a feel for whether or not you and s/he are a good fit.

Check them all out before you make your decision. Don’t be fooled if you see one of those “this is your only chance” statements. Copy and paste the URL into a document you can keep, or bookmark it, so you can go back to it. Don’t let someone stampede you into buying their program before you are sure that THIS is the one you want. I kept a list of sites in a document, so I could just copy/paste the url’s back in and go back to their sites and re-examine them again and again. I made notes in my document. I even kept track of how many discounts I could get if I ‘clicked off.’ Some will discount it once, twice, or even three times. Keep track of those, too, and how much they are willing to discount their program. It’s YOUR money.

But never short-change yourself. It will cost you major dollars in the long run. Make sure the program you purchase has everything in it you need to learn. How to make a “landing page.” How to set it up so it “takes names and emails” for you. if your product is digital, why not make it flexible enough so that your customer can simply pay and download the product? Kind-of a “set it and forget it” deal. You’ll still have the mailing list, they’ll have your information and can start reading it right away while their interest is high.

You may also want to link your mailing list to an autoresponder, so you can exercise your “give away” material, such as a short course that will lead your customers to another product(s) you have for sale, so make sure that the information on how to do that is in the package.

Having all this on “auto-pilot” will also free your time to research and create more material to teach to your target audience. If you think about all the time you would have to spend writing out and sending out a newsletter every few days or every week, and having to keep track of who is new and who is on Chapter Five, you’ll never get anything else done! Not to mention the need you will have to give tele-conferences, webinars, and live seminars in exotic places that will be fun to travel to.

Make your business fun, but remember that it is your BUSINESS. Invest in it, and it will carry you as far as your dreams.


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