Fireside: How and Why to Fear Not

Join us for a look at the importance and power of choosing faith over fear in facing life’s storms. The cure for fear is not courage, but knowledge. A scriptural look at God’s pattern for overcoming every challenge life throws your way. The principles are true, dependable, and sure.

Discover what to do when you just can’t shake the fear. Presented by Trevan and Leslie Householder.

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  1. Alicia

    One thing I am confused about is knowing when I am supposed to take action or to just have faith God will take care of everything. For example government making mandates during virus outbreak wrongly labeled as a pandemic. Do I need to go fight the mask mandates for schools or is God gonna fix it?

    1. Leslie Householder

      We’re expected to do all we can do and not expect God to just fix everything. We work like it depends on us, and pray like it depends on God. It’s a partnership. We must move our feet to do the best we can, and let God steer us. David didn’t sit home waiting for Goliath to die, but there’s no doubt that God was behind that victory.

  2. Steve Dragon

    So awesome! A wonderful boost at the perfect time. Thank you for the insights you shared here. I too often forget the blessings promised to me in my patriarchal blessing, inspiration received through scriptures and modern prophets and apostles, and even through my own personal revelation: NONE of them include failure or lack or loss; they ALL include success and prosperity and abundance. “Everything I need has already been prepared for me.” God has us covered!

  3. Tim Petru

    Great message in this time of uncertainty. Thank you Trevan and Leslie.

  4. Jan

    Thank you. This fireside helped me a lot this morning. As I listened. I felt peace about our situation and about the world at large.

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