Creating Money in the Moment

During the recession, I became engrossed in learning some NEW principles that showed me how to “create money in the moment.”

I’m not talking about a money-making scheme, but PRINCIPLES that can be applied to any endeavor, principles I didn’t fully explain in my first two books: Hidden Treasures or The Jackrabbit Factor.

When you discover and operate consistently by the right principles, you can be at peace even in the face of catastrophe, knowing that you WILL ultimately succeed.

Do you feel like something is still missing, even after all you’ve learned so far?

It begins with discovering your soul purpose, which is the fully expressed application of YOUR unique combination of talents, interests, experiences, and abilities.

Nobody else can quite do what YOU are here on this planet to do. The more you operate in your soul purpose, the more intelligent, the more productive, the more efficient, and the more profitable your labor will be.

As Garrett Gunderson (New York Times best selling author, and co-author of my Jackrabbit Factor sequel) explains,

“Soul purpose is your ultimate tool of production — your ultimate tool for creating money in the moment.”

Imagine how it would feel to have no fear of worldwide or local economic disasters, because you know the value that YOU are perfectly equipped to add in any circumstance, and for which you can always receive compensation.

That’s the power of finding and developing your Soul Purpose.

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