Celebrating Agency and Diversity

If you’re subscribed to my Rare Faith newsletter, you’re probably someone who tries to live by faith – believing in something good that you can’t see.  To prosper using the law of attraction and other primary laws of success depends on it.

No matter what your background or religious tradition may be, I celebrate the diversity of all of our readers, and am grateful for the blessing that we all have free agency to believe how we choose.

Thank you – to all who have sent emails that express gratitude for our work, even when our religious beliefs differ. I LOVE that!  I love surrounding myself with people who build friendships based on the many things we all have in common.

In celebration of diversity, I want to share a wonderful collection of short videos – from an event at Harvard University. 

It’s titled: Day of Faith – Personal Quests for a Purpose. It’s a panel of Harvard students representing different backgrounds including Buddhism, Judaism, Mormonism, Christianity, and Islam. The obvious respect that they each have for each other is exemplary. The common pursuit they share for personal, internal spirituality is inspiring.



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  1. I just thought I’d share a funny thing that happened. After reading the Jackrabbit Factor we suddenly ended up with an actual rabbit today! I don’t think that was the way it was supposed to work! My husband says he feels shortchanged. LOL. We are enjoying our new baby rabbit and looking forward to further successes!

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