A Home in Hawaii

By Denice Wallace

The Law of Gender/Gestation states that for an idea to grow it must be planted and then nourished and the right amount of time given for it to come about. In the following story you will see how important the Law of Gender/Gestation worked in our life and how easily it could have been to uproot the seed. But because we held fast and did not doubt, we were able to be where we are today. 

We knew we were headed on a new adventure to live in Hawaii so we decided to write up our stories and be very specific on what type of life we wanted when we got there along with the type of home we would be looking for. The time finally arrived for us to head to Hawaii we were given 30 days in a hotel to look for our permanent housing. Our plan was to live in the military housing but when we went down to register with housing, we were told it would be 3- 6 months before any homes would become available, and we were added to the waiting list. 

We had already been homeless for 2 months and my children had been out of school for 1 month due to this move. So, we got busy looking for homes that would be suitable for our needs. 3 weeks into our search we still had not found anything. Either we just had bad feelings about the houses we had seen, or they did not allow pets or they would be under contract with someone else before we could apply.

I was starting to get very discouraged and depressed. I started wondering if the Laws really worked, but I fought off the doubt and did my best to keep a positive, knowing attitude that all would be well. At this point we really did not know what to do. We had looked at every home that was available. In one last effort I had decided to jump on Zillow in hopes that another home had become available, and to my shock, a home indeed had popped up. As I read more about it, I could not believe it, it had everything that my husband and I had described in our stories. I was amazed and hopeful.

We immediately went down to look at it. It did in fact have everything that we had described including a 3 car garage and 6 bedrooms. Just as we had described in our stories. It did not however have much of an outside area like we had asked for. It just had a small patio in the front yard. The home was also a split home with another family living in the lower level, which is very common here in Hawaii. I was not too excited about the neighborhood. But we did not have any horrible feelings about the home and a few of the neighbors came out to meet us. They were very friendly and all seemed to love the neighborhood.

We even found a park with a pool and basketball courts right around the corner, we thought that this would make up for not having much of a yard. Having learned our lessons from the past and losing out on other homes that we liked, we discussed it, said a prayer, felt ok about it and immediately told the landlord that we wanted the house we asked if we could move in right away. He rushed our background checks and we had our furniture delivered and we were in our home 3 days before Christmas. We were so grateful to be back in a home after being homeless for 3 months. 

After about a month I seriously starting to wonder if we had made the right choice in taking on this home. The home was infested with roaches and ants, and it felt like I was living in a cave because of the layout. We had to tiptoe around upstairs because the family below us had a new little baby and I have 3 very rambunctious boys, so I found myself constantly yelling at them to be quiet. The commute for my husband to go to work ended up taking over and hour each way, he was leaving for work before sun up and getting home after sundown.

My oldest boy started begging me to not make him ride the bus to school anymore. He did not feel comfortable being around the group of kids on his bus. Apparently, they smoked at the bus stop, listened to harsh music and their language was less then desirable. I could not drive him to school because the timing did not work out with my elementary kids so I started letting him take a cell phone with a headset so he could block out what was going on around him and listen to his own music.

He started to come home crying and upset every day because he just did not fit in at this school and he was so uncomfortable. After 1.5 months in this home our situation became so intolerable that I wondered how on earth we could live here for the rest of the year and how I could have been so wrong in feeling this was a good move. I remember the last week we lived there, things were so bad, my husband and I were fighting, everyone was on edge from trying not to disturb the neighbors, then my fifth grader came home and told me some kids were asking him if he did weed (he did not even know what that was). I was just at a loss for what to do.

We lived in Hawaii and it was supposed to be PARADISE! I had not had any bad feelings about moving into the home, in fact had felt like it was an answer to prayers. I just did not understand. I kept trying to stay positive and look for the good in our situation. Then one morning while I was getting ready for the day the roof started to leak really bad during a huge rain storm, I took pictures, sent it to the landlord, then I put a bowl under it to catch the water, then I jumped in the shower.

As I grabbed my shampoo a huge cockroach scurried from behind the bottle. That was the last straw for me. I could not take it anymore, I completely lost it. I cried and cried I called my husband to tell him about the roof and the roach. I half-jokingly said “call military housing and see if they have any homes available.”

Well my husband did call and called me back about 30 min. later and said that “they did in fact have a 5 bedroom home that just opened up and it was only 5 minutes from his work”. I could not believe it we went down immediately to look at the home. I figured if anything it would be a great dream building session for when we were out of our lease and able to move, and I really needed a dream building session right then.

The minute I drove into the neighborhood I felt like I was home. As we toured the house, I felt like I was in a dream too good to be true. It had everything we had asked for in our story including the yard for entertaining, and there were kids everywhere outside. At least 30 of them. They were laughing and playing with each other, riding bikes and just having a great time. I felt the love and confirmation that we had felt when we first wrote our stories all flood back to me.

We had to take the house then or lose it completely because housing is so hard to get here in Hawaii and there was a waiting list. So, we accepted it right then. Then we got bombarded with questions like. What about the house we had just signed a year lease on? Would we be able to get out of that contract? How would we move? We had so many what if’s that it felt impossible to me. I had so many emotions from joy, to anger, to fear going through me at the time. But in the end, we decided to have faith that all would work out.

So, we got to work, created our new story and dreamed about the peace and excitement we would feel living in this neighborhood. It was not an easy task doing what needed to be done to get us moved over but in the end it did all work out and we are home where we are supposed to be. 

As I look back on this whole experience it is easy to see God’s hand in orchestrating the whole process. We planted the seeds of what our home needed to be like 4 months before coming to the island. But our home was not quite ready for us when we got here. We were led to a less desirable home that God knew we would not tolerate for very long, the situation in the home got so intolerable very quickly which lead us to asking if a home had opened up.

So many miracles took place and dynamics were orchestrated that was far beyond anything I or my husband could make happen. In getting out of our lease to having the money and help we needed to get moved as well. I know without a doubt that we are where we are supposed to be and it was all orchestrated through the Law of Gender/Gestation. We planted the seed then had to wait until our home was prepared for us.


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