Team Steam vs. Team Dream

By Denice Wallace

I have 2 stories I would like to share to illustrate how the Law of cause and effect work. The first is about a time where my husband and I were trying to build an MLM business. We were following all the guidance and direction from our mentors. We were following all the steps we were told to do and we were having great success. We even won a free trip and helped others achieve that trip.

But during this process every week we met with our mentors to review and make adjustments to our plan and set new goals, during these meetings we also let off a lot of steam and would discuss all the things our team members were doing wrong and what we were doing wrong and what we should have done instead. I always left feeling terrible about myself or guilty for not doing something the right way. And in turn we would go back to our team members and discuss what they were doing wrong and what they needed to do to be successful and try to help them fix their problems.

After we hit some major goals in our business, we noticed that within weeks all of our top team members quit working and our volume dropped in half along with our commissions.

We could not understand what happened. We had worked so hard to help these people earn a free trip, we had invested so much time and effort into training them. What was going on? Well you see our hearts were not invested in them it was invested in what we would gain. If we had been invested in them, we would have been cheering them on and taught them how to work the business with a positive demeanor instead of focusing on all of everyone’s negative aspects.

We should have thought more about what our team members were successful at. We got exactly what we were putting out in there. We put out the vibes that we do all the work, no one is helping us and per the law of cause and effect that is exactly what we got in return. The Law of Cause and Effect states that there is an equal reaction for every action so according to this law If we focus more on what we can give then we WILL receive in return.  

This next story will illustrate the opposite of the first story with a much happier outcome:

I was in a Sailing class which has been around to teach sailing for 58 years. They took 16 students at a time, we were all assigned boat partners and an instructor that we go out on the water with after each class presentation. I made so many mistakes out on the water from almost capsizing the boat to putting us in an out of control 360 spin, to almost slamming into the dock.

My instructor was so patient and yes, she had to grab the tiller from me several times to prevent damage of the boat, but during the whole process she was encouraging and happy, she was excited about my mistakes and allowed me to verbalize what I had done.  There was never a scolding or never a “you should have done this” moment. You could feel her love for the sport of sailing and you could feel the love she has of teaching this to others. I also felt that she truly did care about me.

She always got back to me with questions that I had and did her best to help me through it. All of the sailing instructors operate this way. We have a few ladies in my class that are absolutely terrified of the ocean but their instructors were patient and encouraging to them as well.  We are at the end of the class now and every single one of us passed our SOLO exam with flying colors. This program has been successful for 58 years because of the way they operate. They give their time, energy and love into making it a fun program to pass on the sport of sailing. 

Both of these stories show how cause and effect works in regards to relationships and how we interact with people. One push people away, creates negative feelings for others and really hurts your business in the long run. While the other builds strong relationships, friendships and a mutual respect for each other, which in turn built a long-lasting program that has been passed along for many generations.


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