How to Become Free of All Financial Obligations

By Denice Wallace

I have struggled for years with the cycle of credit card debt and I am finally free of this cycle! 

You know the one, where you work so hard to stick to your budget. You finally get all the cards paid off then, BAM!!! Your car needs new brakes, you cracked a tooth and need to get it fixed then you found a new solution to a problem you were facing and so you invest in the program so you can be educated and make a difference in your family. Now you are right back where you started, paying everything off again.

This was my story for 17 years, but not anymore. I have finally learned how to break this cycle, and guess what? It was so simple to do, let me share with you what I did and what you can do as well:

  1. Write it out – the very first thing I did was write down exactly what my goal was I had to have a why, why did I want to be out of debt? But more importantly What did I want to do with the money I would now be accumulating. Why was it so important to me to be financially free? I had to shift my mind to Instead of always thinking about the money I needed to pay off the debt, I needed to focus on what I would do with our new financial freedom and why it meant so much to me. I wrote a great story that brought me so much joy and emotion. I even recorded my self-reading the story I had written and listened to it every morning upon awakening and every evening upon going to bed.
  2. Visualize and feel – Next – I started to visualize and feel the relief and excitement my husband and I had when we accomplished this goal. This was a little difficult for me to do because I was just not sure what that would look like or feel like. So, in order to help me out I made a vision board with a lot of words on it that have to do with financial freedom. I printed out my credit card statements, whited out the balance and put Paid in Full. I put up pictures of things that gave me a feeling of freedom and security in knowing we were financially free. I looked at this vision board every day and allowed myself to feel so much joy and gratefulness in being financially free.
  3. Come up with a Reward – I came up with a reward for myself and my husband for when this goal was accomplished, I even started a savings fund that I added a little bit of money into every pay day so that when the time came our reward would be paid in full. I even put up pictures of this reward onto the vision board as a constant reminder of what happens when we reach the goal. By doing this it gave me an added incentive to work toward and something to get really excited about. It was crazy how all the money showed up to become financially free and how quickly it all came about. So not only did we reach our financial freedom goal way before we ever expected to but we were able to have our reward as well.
  4. Listen to the Inner Voice. Lastly – I listened to the inner voice. If I had a thought to move money around I did it. If I had a thought to hold off on buying something I did. If I had a thought to add extra to the savings fund I did it. Or make a phone call to someone I did it. I acted on any little thought or idea that came up to help us earn a little extra money or save a little here or there.

Our financial freedom came about by small acts that may have gone unnoticed but made a huge impact on our finances for the good and in the end really had us financially free of debt by the end of the year and enough saved to rely on ourselves and not the credit cards to take care of any situation that may arise.


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