The Young and the Thoughtless – Episode 1 – Humble Beginnings

I thought it might be of interest and value to share some of the challenges and solutions I faced on my original journey from financial stress and depression, to peace and strengthened faith. It was about an eight-year path, and I believe that anyone hungry enough might learn from my mistakes and lessons, and save themselves a lot of time and money in the process.

Going back and remembering the beginning is also useful for ME, as I re-remind myself of the principles, to keep living them now for continued growth and even greater success.

So here we go, as I share more details around our story than I typically reveal in my live presentations:

My husband and I married young in 1991, in faith that God would prepare a way for us to make ends meet, after all, we were trying to live the kind of life worthy of all the blessings He had to offer. We drove a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle, took off on our honeymoon from Arizona in June (yes, JUNE) with a broken heater stuck ON. But we were in love and the details and discomforts were nothing but an adventure to us.

We were both still in school, I was nearly done with a teaching degree, and Trevan was in his second year, still deciding for sure what he wanted to go into. We had planned to have me stay home when children came, and before long, one was on the way.

We both were working at a home for the mentally handicapped, making less than $5/hour. I worked up until about 4 days before the baby came, and then quit my job. “God would provide;” we expected it.

In the meantime, Trevan got another job in a factory that made gun safes. I think he was up to $7/hour or so, and toying with the idea of starting our own business, a business that we could grow together from home.

We started to have disagreements over money spending. In fact, I fought tooth and nail to keep us from using our wedding money ($1000) to attend our first weekend seminar in personal and business development 12 hours away. I felt that Trevan was being too hasty and wasn’t spending wisely. I stayed home for a year, and we got ourselves into some credit card debt. No extravagant purchases, just life, and business seminars to teach us how to make money.

But I finally consented, and while we were there, a speaker said something that saved our marriage. Didn’t make us rich, but rescued our relationship. Who would have expected such a thing from a seminar about money?? To find out what happened, stay tuned for the next episode of “The Young and the Thoughtless”!

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  1. Kevin Chandler

    Leslie, thank you for sharing as always straight from the heart!! We love it!
    -hope you are well- kevin

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