What if I Forget?


“The solution to every problem is only an idea away.” — Portal to Genius

But what if you get the idea, and then forget what it was?

I was driving home one day and was pondering a really powerful “aha” moment. I thought, “Ooooh, I need to write that one down…” But by the time I could stop and commit the idea to paper, it was gone. It was one of those slippery fish that escaped before being speared by the pencil.

That really worried me, because every now and then I have a spark of inspiration that provides me with a thought, a word, a phrase, or something else that helps me see things differently and gives me a solution to a current challenge, usually a personal flaw for which I am seeking help to overcome.

So now I had a new personal flaw to worry about: the ability to remember the epiphanies that have the power to change my life, if I could only remember them when I need them the most!

Long story short, at that very moment when I sat there thinking, “There was something I was going to write down, because it was so profound… but what was it???” In only a few more moments a new thought came to my mind that helped restore my peace of mind.

If it’s important for the moment, God will bring it to mind. It’s already in my brain, everything I’ve ever thought, heard, said, saw, etc. is stored perfectly in my brain. Bob Proctor says in essence, “You have a perfect memory; you just may struggle with recall.”

My grand ideas that can lead to prosperity show up for a purpose, and if God wants me to utilize them, then I’ll trust that the thoughts will return to me when I need them the most. Of course, I try to write them down as they happen, but when that’s just not possible, I must relax, and trust.

The fact is, I don’t have to remember everything I learn, 100% of the time.

I have all I need right now, to do and be what I need to be — right now.

I do the best I can with what I have at the moment. I make the best choices I know how with the information and understanding I have at the time. What more could be expected of a person anyway? All we have is now.

We don’t have yesterday and we don’t have tomorrow. We can only take action in the moment, and only with the understanding that accompanies that moment. Let’s eliminate the drama of fretting over trying to do any better than that. Let’s be at peace and trust God to handle the rest; at least that’s what I’m committing to do. Originally published March 18, 2007

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  1. I am not always great at putting this in practice but here are my thoughts on this, the ones right now. 🙂

    We, as a society, would be wise to stop trying to “remember” everything. I have found that when I ask to recall the thoughts that I do much better. Like you said, we have a great memory. I do remember, I just don’t always recall in the moment I think it’s important.

    My aunt recently taught me that I don’t need to write things down. In essence, it’s the gist of your post. She suggested that we leave things to the angels to bring to mind when we need. I personally don’t address the “angels” because I prefer to refer to the Holy Ghost. He’ll prompt my recall when I need it.

    I also have found that once I write down the things I want to write about, I don’t end up writing about them. It’s a good thing to know about myself. It’s like my mind says, “You already wrote that.” I trust that it will come to me in the moment I sit to write.

    I think that’s a key. Believing, truly believing that things come back when you need them. When it is about us changing for the better, each time it is brought to mind it adds to the synapses in our brain and eventually becomes a part of us we turn to first. Like acting on promptings. The sooner we act, the more we train ourselves to act immediately on promptings.

  2. This article is so dead on. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Leslie! That quote – “I have all I need right now…” is very relieving.

    One thing that I love about my iPhone is my ability to speak to Siri and dictate a Note, even if I’m not physically able to type it out. Siri can take the dictation and even if it’s not perfect I have a pretty good chance of deciphering what was said. It’s not a perfect way to remember things. I’m grateful to have that technology.

  3. Leslie,
    I have the same experience almost every day when I take my dog on a long walk.I have voice recorders, that I certainly could use, but never do.Because I don’t regard my thoughts as new information, but rather something that has always been within me that I have just recently become aware of. I have no fear or anxieties about the possibilities of losing anything that has always been a part of me, I haven’t yet, why should I now? If you have ever had the experience of wrestling with a problem that you’re unable to solve, or have simply tryed to remember something that you just can’t seem to remember. Do you notice that When you stop concentrating and let it go, you can always trust your subconscious mind to bring it back to your attention when you least expect it. Have faith and let go every thing returns because it never left,in the first place. When things come back to me, and they always do because I don’t think that they won’t, they always return with more clarity then ever before.

  4. As a coach I always suggest clients carry around a voice recorder in their car. Alrternately, I call my office answering machine and leave a message there.

  5. Leslie, I wrote a verse that applies to your message:

    That each may say
    At close of day,
    “Dear Lord, I did my best.
    Though measure small, I gave my all–“
    Then leave to Him the rest.

    Enjoy a blessed week!

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