Finding Hope In Spite of Appearances


When you understand the laws of thought, it is possible to look at life’s problems and actually feel good about them. There are rewards for those who do this.

Hey there – this is going to be one of my deeper posts. I want to speak specifically to any of my readers who are dealing with something especially heavy.

Now, I’m about to throw some deep philosophical stuff at you. Heavy things merit a heavy discussion. So to begin with, read these next lines very carefully, one at a time. Consider each of them, and see if they ring true to you:

  • Courage does not eliminate fear, but knowledge does.
  • Awareness of truth is the power behind a rare kind of faith.
  • Lack of awareness is like darkness. But darkness is merely the absence of light. Since a dark room can be illuminated with just a tiny light, it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.
  • The right kind of knowledge has the same effect on a doubting or fearful heart or mind. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

So, if you feel smothered in the darkness of fear and uncertainty, it only takes a little bit of knowledge, and the fear shrinks away like darkness in an illuminated room.

As fear is replaced with faith, it very naturally changes the way you feel. And when your feelings change, the nature of your surroundings begin to shift ever so slightly as well.

With the right knowledge bringing you an increase of faith, people naturally and unconsciously begin to respond to you differently. Someone who has not had two words for you before may suddenly feel compelled to talk with you, and perhaps facilitate a connection that helps you reach your goal. Or, maybe your altered mood causes you to go somewhere you didn’t feel like going before, and that thing you need to be able to reach your next goal is found there.

How it all comes together will likely be a mystery until after it’s all said and done. But for now, you have control over how you feel about what’s going on. If you don’t think so, add some knowledge. Just remember: how you feel will cause you to make choices that either take you closer to the goal, or farther away from it.

Faith is feeling “hope” and “expectation”. Both are necessary for success.

I understand it is difficult to have faith when everything around you appears to be all wrong. That’s why I invite you to read Hidden Treasures.

Hidden Treasures gives you the knowledge I’m talking about. it answers the question: “How can I have faith and genuinely feel good about all the bad stuff I have to deal with?”

Read it FREE here.

Although my story in the book is presented through the lens of my own religious/spiritual background, it speaks to people of all faiths. It’s been gratifying over the last 10 years to receive positive feedback both from members of my faith, as well as other Christian, Jewish, Buddhist readers and more. Even my non-religious (but spiritually minded) readers tell me it has made a huge difference in helping them change their lives.

We all are trying to live according to truths and principles. Happiness depends on it, and so does prosperity.

Hidden Treasures gives you 7 powerful truths that help you live by faith more effectively. It provides the knowledge that eradicates the darkness of fear and uncertainty, and it shows you exactly why you can be grateful and excited about your hardships, right now.

Skeptical? I challenge you to read it without feeling better. See if you can read it without feeling more faith. See if you can read it without experiencing real change in your life.

Read the book, and then just go about your life as normal. You’ll discover that the same activity with higher awareness always yields better results.

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If you’ve already read it, please consider sharing this article and invitation with someone you know who could really use a dose of hope. Originally published Jul 14, 2007

Leslie Householder

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  1. Leslie, your comments on being offended by the offended cracked me up! So true. Loved it!

    Also, anybody else reading this, do not walk, RUN to get a copy of Hidden Treasures! It changed my life – literally!

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