What are You Thinking?

A Book Worth reading: What are you thinking?

The buzz around What Are You Thinking, the 36 page fully-illustrated children’s book published by ThoughtsAlive Books continues to gain momentum!

This one’s a KEEPER!

Here’s what our readers have to say:

“That is an awesome book.  Thanks for sharing.  I will definitely buy one, or two, or more.  Thanks again.”  – Stephanie Chavez

“Your sister read my mind. We bought our kids the 7 Habits Kids book a while back and they LOVED it and I was thinking that someone needed to write a kids’ version of the Jackrabbit factor. I can’t wait to get it in the mail. Tell her thanks a TON!!! (oh and the hidden rabbits is perfect too because finding the hidden worm was my kids favorite part of the 7 Habits book). Thanks.” – Tammy

“Just ordered your sister’s book, can’t wait to read it to my kids! ;o) Thanks for sharing.” – Amanda van der Gulik, TeachingChildrenAboutMoney.com

“Tell your sister: What a great book! I love the artwork too!” – Deric Glissmeyer, UtahKernels.com

“Thank you for sharing. It looks great and I want to get a book for school. The artwork looks very appealing to children for learning the concepts. Keep up the good work!” – Patti Hulet, Arizona Teacher of the Year 2007

I LOVE this book!  If you want to introduce your children to the Laws of Success in a fun and whimsical way, you need this in your library.

Written by my sister Valerie Ackley, and illustrated by one of our very own Mindset Mastery Program participants, Lori Nawyn, it’s a fun follow-up especially for parents who loved The Jackrabbit Factor.

To learn more, click here

Want to read the book that inspired What are you Thinking? Click here to request your FREE downloadable copy now.

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  1. Hi Leslie,
    This is such a great topic. Just yesterday I was thinking after I did my silent observation that how many times do we have thoughts that are counter objective. What I mean is how many time do we think I wish this person would not do this or behave this way or this should not have happened or I just wish this person would stop being such a …. I will let you all finish the line here. The point here is that all these thoughts are stopping you from achieving your desires. Watch your thoughts and soon you will learn where you are headed :). Cheers.
    Leslie thank You for sharing this with us. I have moved from Utah to Florida. Loving my life here. I will surely buy this book. You are awesome and an inspiring person. Thank you for who you are.

    Ashwini Jindal
    Internet Attraction Marketer.

  2. hi there,

    where i can buy that book for my kids especially my daughter who is now undergoing a chemotherapy for her cancer. It will help her a lot.. thank you

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