It’s not about politics, it’s about principles

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No matter what your political position may be, there are fundamental principles at the root of it all.  The challenge is in identifying the principle.  But once it is identified, the correct position (which aligns you with universal law) becomes more clear.

One position believes in the unlimited human potential – that no matter what causes a person to struggle, that person has within him or herself the power to rise above it, and through the struggle, that person can and will become stronger and better.

The other position believes that humanity at large is NOT made up of people smart enough to solve their own problems, and that it’s NOT okay to let people suffer the consequences of natural law when it is within a person’s or a nation’s power to give them an escape.  It’s a position that says it is inhumane to allow anyone to feel the pain that naturally accompanies the violation of principle, and that it is not charitable or Christian to do so.

It’s an honorable concern. But the principle upon which the whole conflict rests runs deeper than many good-hearted philanthropists realize.

For the fundamental principle that guides all of my political views, read my previous post: “Voting for Broccoli

Now, about the Immigration issue in America… Mexico’s president Calderon addressed Congress and while his comments seemed to be popular among the leftists, this response from Tom McClintock embodies the principles of prosperity and personal freedom, no matter what country you’re from.  My response to his response follows. Watch the video first, and then read on:

People forget that there are fundamental principles that promote freedom and liberty. All the people of the world want freedom, but until they recognize, acknowledge, and abide by the correct principles that lay the foundation for their freedom, it will continue to elude them.

I don’t want to hear from someone who has not proven his political theories. Show me what it is about Mexico that should cause me to adopt Calderon’s philosophies? If Mexico were a thriving economic place where people wanted to live, then I’d listen to what he has to say about how to create a great nation. I think it would do HIM well to read the constitution and find out the principles upon which this nation was founded, and why his people want to run across our borders.

Don’t get me wrong; I welcome ALL who want to adopt the principles that make our country great. Adopt the principles if you physically come to America, or adopt the principles in your own country.  Either way, they hold the key to personal freedom no matter where you live.  If a person is determined to come, let them respect the principles that promote and protect freedom.

I should also add here that not all Americans live up to their claim to freedom. Whether a person lives free or not depends on how aligned that person’s life is with the universal principles of freedom.

No matter what country a person lives in, personal freedom begins with a shift toward adopting true principles. Just because a person makes it across the borders without getting caught does not mean they will live a life of freedom. I’m talking about true freedom.

For example, few people will ever know the true freedom that Victor Frankl discovered when he sat in a German concentration camp. He realized that no matter what anyone did to him, they could never control his thoughts. That was the one last freedom that could never be taken from him.

That’s where it begins. It begins in the mind. First, become the master of your thoughts and learn to respond to your conditions rather than react, and in time, life as you know it can no longer contain you, and ways open up for you to find better conditions.

Don’t cheat the process. Commit to principle and allow God to lead the way. Either the way opens up that brings you to America, or you discover that what you really want can be created right where you are.

Anything is possible – it’s THAT very belief that defines the American dream. As soon as people of other countries who want to live in America start believing it seriously enough, they’ll find that the principle is true universally, not not just within our borders.

It’s not about politics, it’s about principles.

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  1. Arthur

    I applaud Congressman McClintock’s statement. I too was incensed to hear Pres Calderon make what amounts to disparaging remarks about our immigration laws. They are none of the business of the President of Mexico. I always come back to – “What part of illegal don’t you understand?” As an illegal alien one does not have the rights of a citizen, nor should they. Teddy Roosevelt had the right approach, and answer. Do it our way, or leave. Try honesty, and integrity novel though they may be. It is everyone’s responsibility.

  2. Marwan

    Many people come to our great country for many reasons. Some come to pursue a better life for their family. Others are here because there are not safe living conditions in their native land. One thing is certain, the citizen process can become very expensive. While the methods used may not be politically correct, I will not judge someone since I don’t know what led them here. What would we do if we were placed in the same dire situations. Finally, legally profiling is for the birds. As an African American that is a working professional, I have endured multiple situations from unsavory prejudiced cops. You wouldn’t believe what happened to me. Different day, different story.

  3. Melinda Sandberg

    Thank you Leslie. The principles of freedom and liberty are laid out so well in our founding documents and as you state “All the people of the world want freedom, but until they recognize, acknowledge, and abide by the correct principles that lay the foundation for their freedom, it will continue to elude them.”

    The fundamental change being wrought in Washington D.C. is based on a different set of principles. I have written out the oaths of office that each senator and representative raised their arms to the square and swore before taking office. I faxed them a copy and asked for a signature as a reminder that they swore to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    That is the principle we rely on them for, to keep their word, know and defend the Constitution which outlines those correct principles. Luciano can disagree and try and keep above it all, but the bottom line is there are absolute truths and true freedom and liberty depend on a commitment to those principles no matter what political party you choose.

  4. Paul Veenendall

    What is happening here is what the conspiracy buffs have been saying. I see what they are trying to do. They want a North American Union. Cananda, USA, Mexico all joined together as one nation. The globalists have a world gov in mind and that is why the monetary systems in the world are in trouble. The Bankers who are in control of this shadow gov are bringing this into being. The Bible predicts it. Daniel, Revelation.
    This is why we are having this southeren border illegals problem. Their are other things I am gathering from the chatter off the internet that martial law is being planned by Obama this summer to early fall before the elections. He has 80,000 troops on standby alert. Why? Social unrest concerning the bailouts, stimulas packages, unemployment, mortgage forclosures, food shortages resulting in food riots. The Health care reform bill pushed through congress and passed unconstitutionally. People are angry they are losing everything they worked hard for. People when they lose everything and have nothing left tolose lose they lose it upstairs their minds. Trouble is brewing and Obama is not his own he is a puppet groomed and controlled by
    the shadow gov to carry out ther mandates, their agenda, their orders. James Warburg
    in 1950 in Feb that year before the members of a Senate Subcomittee hearing, we shall have world gov by conquest or by consent whether you like it or not. So you are really wondering just what in the world is happening? Now you have an idea. Want to know more? Alex reports the truth!
    As far as what I stated earlier dont qoute me on that that is what I have heard Obama has done regarding the 80,000 troops, it may or may not happen, however trouble
    is going to break out over the next few months to few yrs this cannot go on indefinately. I encourage you to pray and dont quit this great country of ours is in trouble.

  5. Georgia Schaffer

    Hi Leslie.
    Thank you for sharing the video and your words, I couldn’t have said it any better. I agree wholeheatedly. And for the comments from Ashwini.

  6. Resmyrranda

    Hi Leslie:)

    Thank you for posting your position and the video. Not only do I wholeheartedly agree with every word, its such an important reminder that being a spiritual person, an aware person, a enlightened person, cannot happen if we spend all our time on the mountaintop as it were. We simply cannot afford to collectively allow our emotions to control us and simply be reactionary.

    I applaud your courage and willingness to take a stand for common sense and deeper truths.

  7. Diane Carey

    In brief: Amen! It’s nice to see someone in the cyberworld with principles. Thanks for standing up for America. We don’t see that in mainstream media anymore, and it’s time those of us who do believe in the principles this country was founded upon stand up and say so. Diane Carey

  8. Tom Jackson

    Thank you so much for stepping out and doing this, I will forward this to everyone in my mailbox. I recently moved from Arizona back to Colorado to be closer to my children however I am in the process of moving back to Arizona for I feel it is the safetest place to live where all laws are actually enforced not just some of them.
    Thank you

  9. Lisa Walker


    Well said, girl! Wow! What an amazing video. I shudder to think other American citizens view this and see any incorrectness in it. Was Teddy Roosevelt correct back then but now it’s old fashioned? How long will we continue to cater to others as we watch our constitution unravel because we are afraid to offend anyone who isn’t an American. If I were to go live in any other country, I would learn their language and not ever expect them to cater to me. Instead, I would cater to them and respect their laws and citizens, knowing I am a visitor on their territory that they value and love.

    Thanks for a profound response to a much needed speech by Congressman McClintock!!


    Lisa Walker, a very proud American, who was once a Mexican citizen

  10. Ashwini Jindal


    Thank You for sharing this. I am an immigrant myself. Being an immigrant and knowing that no where else in the world are the opportunities available as are in United States of America. Not only is the true freedom for every citizen is documented here but is in actuality also available to the citizens of this country. In other countries the freedom may be documented on paper but no one can really live it. Now we might have our own view of the freedom how each government behaves with regards to banks Vs a citizen, I would not go there.
    I have come here legally and through the complete immigration process and it took me 11 years of dedicated work in America to become an American Citizen which I am very proud of. Having said this I value my rights in this country, I value the laws that have created this country to be the place in the whole world where people still want to come, even after what this country has gone through over the last few years.
    I know that when people are given responsibilities, they become responsible for them. When you give someone a valuable opportunity without any responsibility, how are they going to first value that opportunity and on top of that actually take on the responsibility. Not only will they not take the responsibility they do not have any consequences after they misuse the opportunity itself. This is what is happening in whole of United States where illegal immigrants are making use of the freedom and opportunities that were meant to be for the legal residents, but because of our equality for all, we provide services to them at the cost of the residents and the TAX PAYERS!
    I am not against freedom and humanity and I know that deep down coming from my country. I want people to come to this country and experience what real freedom means, but please come in proper and legal way so it is growth and opportunity for all and not take away from others. I support the Arizona changes and hope to see this immigration laws enforced in every other State as well.
    Leslie, I appreciate you posting this as I wanted to share my views long on this topic and you have allowed me and at the same time you yourself are such a great SOUL, I really appreciate for who you are, all the GREAT THINGS you are doing and changing the lives of many in a great and positive manner.
    Thank You,
    Ashwini Jindal

  11. Rich

    Great, great speech by Senator McClintock. People such as the Senator and those with Common Sense are the ones to whom we should listen. The direction that the country is upon is NOT what the founders desired. This great nation was founded upon proper Biblical principals as well as individual growth. True charity and personal respect have been stolen by political corruption simply for votes and to empower those without integrity and morals.
    Thank you for presenting this video.

  12. Dana Marks


    AMEN, AMEN, & AMEN!!!

    It is SO hard to believe that ANYONE is arguing with Arizona’s recent decision…
    And to realize that this is about ENFORCING existing our laws…and our OWN PRESIDENT doesn’t even understand what the law says. He has not tried to set the record straight with the public that this has NOTHING to do with taking away anyone’s RIGHTS, and racial discrimination…even when it has been pointed out to him over and over that he is mis-quoting what the bill enforces.

    God Bless You for Speaking out in TRUTH.
    Dana Marks

  13. Terry

    It is amazing the total disrespect shown to a great state by our elected officials. Mexico giving us a lecture, is like Charles Manson giving travel tips, insane. Until our government respects the wishes of the public we will continue to be in serious trouble.
    Thanks for a great post.

  14. Patricia Wilson

    Dear Leslie,
    Thank you for sharing this information! I am in complete agreement.
    Patricia Wilson

  15. Royle

    You have succinctly described how I feel as well. As one who (legally) immigrated to this country because of the principles upon which America was founded, and for the opportunity afforded as well as the patriotism and gratitude that exists in the hearts of Americans I can say that this issue is not about denying anyone basic human rights or prejudice. This is about preserving the American way of life and principles. Those wishing to participate lawfully are, and always have been, welcome. However, those sneaking into the country and ignoring the laws by definition are rejecting the principles that you, I and all Americans embrace. Rep. McClintock quotes Roosevelt who eloquently explained who is welcome to come here. Nowhere is is based on race, social status, or anything but a desire to be truly American. We welcome those who want to be a part of our culture and participate in our economy and government. All Americans have paid a high price for the illegal entry of people to this country. Our country has the right to determine that those who come here agree to abide by the laws of our country. Entering illegally by definition disqualifies a person.

  16. Leslie,
    I 100% agree with you and Tom McClintock – following the rules is not asking too much. If you do not possess the mental understanding of the need to follow rules designed to protect people, are you ready for freedom?

    No one has addressed the reason why the president of Mexico is doing nothing to improve the conditions of Mexico for his people. I do not understand why anyone would slam AZ for upholding laws already on the books and yet, allow Mexico to treat the residents of that country so badly that they will risk life and liberty to escape.

    I could go on with suggesting why people are so opposed to law – one being they have not read it, but will stop and thank you for having the courage to speak your mind.

    I also invite every visitor to this site to read the AZ law for themselves and see that it is not the way the media has portrayed it. This link has the complete bill:

    I also invite very visitor to write to the Mexican president and ask what he is doing to help his people live a satisfying life in Mexico.

    Again, thank you Leslie for having the courage to speak your mind in support of a much needed law.

  17. Andrew

    I have always thought people come here to have children, just because children born here are instantly American citizens. Using this, illegal parents fight to stay with their children. I believe this right should only be extended to children of parents legally in the country. Parents on Visa’s can have American children. Children of illegal parents are by definition themselves illegal and can therefore be returned to the birth country of their parents. We all want to the best for our children, but performing an illegal act is not the answer.

  18. RICO

    thank you ….. well stated

  19. Luciano

    Though I respect your thoughts, as a speaker and Law of Attraction teacher choose never to get involved in politics or religion or racial issues. I care, listen and sometimes ask questions but never ever involve myself. I believe these are simple issues that can be solved once we understand that man made laws can be changed but universal laws are beyond that.

    They are simple issues but because people or the masses even some scholars do not understand universal laws and that is what get us in trouble.

  20. Sharon

    VERY WELL SAID!!! Thank you!

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