It’s not about politics, it’s about principles

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No matter what your political position may be, there are fundamental principles at the root of it all.  The challenge is in identifying the principle.  But once identified, the correct position (which aligns you with universal law) becomes more clear.

One position believes in the unlimited human potential – that no matter what causes a person to struggle, that person has within him or herself the power to rise above it, and through the struggle, that person can and will become stronger and better.

The other position believes that humanity at large is NOT made up of people smart enough to solve their own problems, and that it’s NOT okay to let people suffer the consequences of natural law when it is within a person’s or a nation’s power to give them an escape.  It’s a position that says it is inhumane to allow anyone to feel the pain that naturally accompanies the violation of principle, and that it is not charitable or Christian to do so.

It’s an honorable concern.

But the principle upon which the whole conflict rests runs deeper than many good-hearted philanthropists realize.

For the fundamental principle that guides all of my political views, read my previous post: “Voting for Broccoli

Now, about the Immigration issue in America… Mexico’s president Calderon addressed Congress and while his comments seemed to be popular among the leftists, this response from Tom McClintock embodies the principles of prosperity and personal freedom, no matter what country you’re from.  My response to his response follows. Watch the video first, and then read on:

People forget that there are fundamental principles that promote freedom and liberty. All the people of the world want freedom, but until they recognize, acknowledge, and abide by the correct principles that lay the foundation for their freedom, it will continue to elude them.

I don’t want to hear from someone who has not proven his political theories. Show me what it is about Mexico that should cause me to adopt Calderon’s philosophies? If Mexico were a thriving economic place where people wanted to live, then I’d listen to what he has to say about how to create a great nation. I think it would do HIM well to read the constitution and find out the principles upon which this nation was founded, and why his people want to run across our borders.

Don’t get me wrong; I welcome ALL who want to adopt the principles that make our country great. Adopt the principles if you physically come to America, or adopt the principles in your own country.  Either way, they hold the key to personal freedom no matter where you live.  If a person is determined to come, let them respect the principles that promote and protect freedom.

I should also add here that not all Americans live up to their claim to freedom. Whether a person lives free or not depends on how aligned that person’s life is with the universal principles of freedom.

No matter what country a person lives in, personal freedom begins with a shift toward adopting true principles. Just because a person makes it across the borders without getting caught does not mean they will live a life of freedom. I’m talking about true freedom.

For example, few people will ever know the true freedom that Victor Frankl discovered when he sat in a German concentration camp. He realized that no matter what anyone did to him, they could never control his thoughts. That was the one last freedom that could never be taken from him.

That’s where it begins. It begins in the mind.

First, become the master of your thoughts and learn to respond to your conditions rather than react, and in time, life as you know it can no longer contain you, and ways open up for you to find better conditions.

Don’t cheat the process. Commit to principle and allow God to lead the way. Either the way opens up that brings you to America, or you discover that what you really want can be created right where you are.

Anything is possible – it’s THAT very belief that defines the American dream. As soon as people of other countries who want to live in America start believing it seriously enough, they’ll find that the principle is true universally, not not just within our borders.

It’s not about politics, it’s about principles.

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  1. Three weeks ago, a gang banger ended my nephews life (an apparent illegal alien) when he cut through a park to retrieve his bike and skateboard to go home. My nephew lived in Santa Cruz, CA and worked at a surf shop and spent his free time with his girlfriend and surfing. He was not involved in gangs and did not provoke this attack in anyway. In fact the police believe that it was a gang initiation killing. We have to find a way to change what is happening.

    I am saddened when I read someone write that they choose not to act to change anything in politics. Using all of the universal laws we can make a difference to anything, but those laws also indicate that action is required. We cannot just sit at home and wish for something better. No mother deserves like my sister to hear that her son was just murdered for no reason or justification. He was her only child.

    In his memory we are starting a non-profit to help get laws passed and to make the changes come about that will bring us safer neighborhoods and streets. His friends created a facebook fan page – I encourage you all to join us at R.I.P. Carl Tom Reimer and support the non profit that she is starting. We just had his service this past weekend and they have some great photos of the paddle out in the ocean to spread his ashes. The information will be posted there are soon as she can get it started. It will be Mother Grizzlies Against Gangs.

    Should you have any ideas on helping us get the non profit started; pitfalls to avoid; how to obtain donations, anything at all please contact me at We have never tried to do anything like this before and it is a little daunting, but this is our chance to put meaning to Carl’s death, please help us.

  2. Leslie –

    I want to thank you for NOT divorcing the political from the metaphysical.

    I do agree with Arizona’s law – actually with several passed there in recent years (particularly its stand against the NAIS program). Anyway, I do wonder, though, if this issue is more of a symptom than the root problem.

    When we talk about the principle of obeying the law, how can we expect anyone from another country to do what the majority of our citizens – and even our own Congress and President won’t?

    Drug laws are a perfect example, albeit another emotional one for many people:

    In the United States, it is perfectly legal for an individual to possess any narcotic on the list – PROVIDED – that they hold the official tax stamp required to do so. Congress set it up this way to avoid conflict with the repeal of Prohibition. Anyway – while they did indeed create this ephemeral “tax stamp” – they never issued one. The other catch 22 is that in order for your application to be approved, you must first show possession. Clever? Yes. Legal? Barely.

    How many of us, by the same token, never ever drive over the speed limit, etc etc.

    I think the problem goes a lot farther than the idea of breaking the law despite principle. Just as an individual must look inside, learn what is there and come to accept it before they can change what they’ve attracted for the future, so must a family, town or nation.

    Our’s is a nation which has sought to cover, hide and even re-write our history practically since the beginning.

    We still have a hard time with the idea that our country was built on, and is still to a large extent maintained on the back of the institution of slavery.

    When Ronald Reagan granted the first mass amnesty package for illegal immigrants nearly 30 years ago, there were a lot of us who warned that it would create another underground slave culture in this country. It has. Once done, always expected.

    Though illegal immigrants have more than their fair share of far worse criminals than their initial entry method – many truly do wish to be here.

    We must look carefully and thoroughly at our history to understand the full implications – certain historical facts are quite relevant, especially when understood from original documentation and not the revisionist excrement we get in public school education. (Not to knock it, because that is my background, but public school leaves a LOT to be desired in many areas.)

    Between the lies and propaganda the Mexican government has used for the past century and a half to encourage as many of its citizens as possible (and to them, preferably the lower echelon) to head north is phenomenal. It began before we went down there the first time in the 1840’s, and practically became open policy after their second loss. So, Calderon’s attitude, though rude and incredibly arrogant, is not surprising in the least.

    All do respect to the Congress, the man was on US soil, and so could say whatever he wanted, to whomever, wherever etc etc. We don’t legislate on diplomacy, propriety, respect or manners yet, and protocol went out the window several months ago in London.

    Many of today’s illegal immigrants – Mexican or otherwise – live little better than indentured servants did from the mid 18th Century through nearly to World War II.

    To say that it stands on principle is to further deny our own complicity in attracting – even setting up – the situation, and our responsibility is to own the truth before we can hope to solve the problem.

    Refraining from a detailed history lesson (that most would find horribly boring!) We can’t even own that Lincoln never freed a single slave (Emancipation Proclamation ONLY freed slaves in the 13 states of the Confederacy – which was already foreign country where he had no authority) or that our founding fathers committed treason in order to create this country in the first place (over what amounts to TODAY a 2 cent tax on tea through the Stamp Act).

    We have created a new slave class in our nation, one with a dangling carrot in the form of amnesty packages talked about by Congress every 10 or 15 years. It keeps them coming, and we ALL enjoy the benefits of the cheap labor.

    If we were to stop allowing it in the first place, first of all we’d be in an uproar over prices on everything from tires to food, and we’d have to find others to fill the gap.

    Only in a full fledged depression are most willing to do the work these people do for the price they charge to do it. Not one of us would want the 24/7 fear, not only of deportation but also the constant temptation and threat of the gang and drug culture that many turn to for a way out.

    I agree, amnesty and allowing them to stay are not the right idea. If hearts were honestly bleeding for these people then those persons concerned would be helping them fill out the papers, learn the language and get the education and citizenship papers required by law instead of crying that we should give them a free ride. Help them get the visa, the job. Don’t leave them pile 15 high in a two room apartment because with 15 jobs between them they can’t afford anything better –

    I have no problem with helping someone who honestly wants to be here, and who honestly needs the help. Some, who did indeed come here illegally, and used to work with my husband, we helped get to the right agencies, and got them work visas and help to being the process. Those who don’t really want anything from us but what they can take are free to go back home. Most cities even provide a certain amount of their petty cash for bus fair. Let those who WANT to be here come, and I will help.

    Amnesty is a slap in the face to EVERYONE that comes here – including the illegals themselves. After all – we are telling them that they are worth little more than low wages and squalor, that they are too stupid or too lazy to do things the right way, and that no one but those who have a guilt complex gives a rat’s you-know-what about them.

    I don’t believe we, as a nation, can afford to “stand on principle” on this one. We have done more than our fair share to set it up this way in the first place, and we have NEVER wanted to own our own history, let alone make peace with it. Until both of those things happen, we will continue down this path until all of our soil is owned by foreign nationals, and we are the servants to them.

    Lastly, though we tend to “pick” at Mexican illegal immigrants because people lie Calderon and certain factions of the immigrant community are loud and get in our face, they are far from the largest offenders when it comes to illegal immigration. The skilled workers overstaying their visas from India, Viet Nam and China are just as bad, and probably similar in number. They are also not prevented, even though supposedly here only temporarily, from purchasing land and businesses, which in turn allow them a few extra perks when applying for extensions.

    Having spent the last 10 years working in the circuit court for Cook County, IL, I also know for a fact that many, though they state openly they will never become citizens (they don’t like taxes, but they love government jobs) – through the wonderful invention of “motor voter” laws in many states – some of these people VOTE. (Of course…. we ARE talking about Chicago, lol)

    THAT has to stop.

  3. Well stated. A fellow patriot. People want the truth, but can’t handle it when they get it. They are distracted by their emotions. Facts are facts. Some opinions are based on facts and some based on emotions. Immigration like anything, is ok in moderation aka legally controlled.

  4. I’d agree that the law’s the law, but I think rights are something that everybody has or should have.

    And I’m surprised that an advocate of Abundance and the Law of Attraction should be so attatched to scarcity thinking (they’re stealing our resources=there’s not enough for everyone, eh?)

    I hope that you feel better soon.

    1. Hi Catherine, let’s be careful to keep track of which comments came from which person and not put words in anyone’s (my) mouth. 😉 Perhaps you skipped around a bit and didn’t notice that my thoughts are, in fact, based in abundance – that there most definitely is more than enough for everyone in the Universe, and no matter what politicians may do, or how the Americans vote, each person inside and outside of America can use the same universal principles of prosperity to obtain all they need to fulfill their life’s mission.

      I wonder if those who oppose the establishment and enforcement of immigration laws see the need for any government at all… perhaps they feel that with Universal Law in place, there’s no need for man made laws, no human leaders. If that’s the case, it would explain some of the opinions expressed, and I can respect that and any other person’s point of view.

      I would like to mention that a few of my readers have sent me personal email messages and respectfully shared their point of view in very intelligent ways, with information that has helped me see some things in a different light. While my position has not changed, I have gone back through my post and reworked parts where my meaning had been unclear, misunderstood, or outright ignorant.

      Thank you all for being a part of this community – people who love truth when they find it, and who are understanding, patient, and considerate of people with varying points of view.

      It makes me think of the story of the blind men, all trying to describe an elephant, based on which part of the elephant they were touching. They all were describing different aspects of the same animal but were in complete disagreement with each other.

      I believe there will come a day when we discover that we are all talking about the same big “truth”, just from different points of view.

  5. I have to totally agree with everything you stated Leslie. You can obey the Laws of the Universe wherever you are and gain freedom. If you are determined to break laws to be free, you are breaking laws to begin with, so how can you prosper? If you are breaking laws, you are breaking laws. Eventually you pay the piper.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Glen Fitch

  6. Hi Leslie and everybody,
    I highly respect your opinion and I like your courage to speak out even if it could mean you can become “unpopular” with some. One should always stand by one’s priciples. But let me first say that I am not American nor live in America or ever want to be an American becuase as someone said earlier I love my country very much just like you do yours and wouldn’t change it for the world.
    You are certainly entitled to adopt all the laws you see will protect you and yours, but there is a problem here, and to me it’s a BIG problem. It works both ways, Leslie. What you expect from others, others expect it from you too.

    You said and I quote “At least if a person comes the legal way, they are saying that they intend to adopt the principles that promote and protect freedom.” and I ask you do you think you came “the legal way” into Iraq? Have you promoted, protected the freedom AND principles of the Iraqi people?

    You may think this is not related to the issue you’re discussing in this blog, but it is. The “illegal immigrants” from your country have reaked havoc in Iraq. Iraq is now a million years backwards because of the actions of those “illegal immigrants” from your country.
    Freedom is a right for all! Nobody on earth has the right to impose their “principles” on anybody. What is right for you may be not right for me, and the opposite is true too.
    I wish all Americans and all the people in our beautiful planet, all the happiness, prosperity and freedom they so rightly deserve, and I stress the word “all”!
    Thank you and God Bless you Leslie,


  7. We all have an origin and when the founding fathers began this great nation this was one of their declarations which I believe agrees with universal law.

    United States Declaration of Independence

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    Some philosophers and political scientists make a distinction between natural rights and legal rights.

    Legal rights (sometimes also called civil rights or statutory rights) are rights conveyed by a particular polity, codified into legal statutes by some form of legislature (or unenumerated but implied from enumerated rights), and as such are contingent upon local laws, customs, or beliefs.

    In contrast, natural rights (also called moral rights or inalienable rights) are rights which are not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs of a particular society or polity. Natural rights are thus necessarily universal, whereas legal rights are culturally and politically relative.

    Thank you Leslie for the chance to reflect on this topic.

  8. As you said Leslie, Great discussion. I live in Australia and we are having the same issues here with many refugees attempting to come here.

    Personally I don’t believe there should be any restriction as to where anyone wishes to live. We all live in the one world and everyone should be entitled to pursue where they wish to live, as long as they abide by the laws of that country. It is only when we choose to exclude others that division is created and we then start operating from a platform of competition and fear instead of creativity and love. Exclusion is a sign of insecurity. A fear that others will take what one considers to be exclusively their own. That by someone else getting some of the pie there will be less for them when in fact all they do is enlarge the pie.

    Most illegal immigrants are pursuing opportunity and leaving where there is none; and it’s no argument to say that they can create it where they are because in most cases they can’t. If you find yourself in a dessert it’s foolish to try to change it to what it can’t be. Instead you get the hell out of there before you die. Those entering illegally do so because they have no other way of doing it.

    But for those that do wish to remain and become citizens they MUST assimilate. I partially agree with Nick from Canada. Multiculturalism does not work and it is lazy political parties and candidates that pander to cultural groups to attract their vote that tear the fabric of the nation.

    What is needed is just better simpler man made laws based on Universal Laws. Issue limited time working permits for those who want to work only. Issue residency permits for those considering becoming citizens and finally citizenship for those who want to stay. With each permit there should be requirements and benefits according to the level chosen. All non citizens MUST abide with all laws and way of life. Those that don’t and who prefer to continue with their own culture should have their right to live there revoked and deported. In Australia as in the USA our country is divided into States and each is sovereign in its own right. Some are more prosperous than others but there is no restriction on anyone moving from one to the other according to where people feel they would have a better opportunity to prosper. It hasn’t broken Australia nor the USA.

    Lets all stop working from a platform of fear and competition and move towards love and creativity. Only then will we end poverty and secure prosperity for all mankind.


  9. Leslie,

    You are free to express yourself and I respect it. But you know something, nobody can talk properly about an issue until you experience it.

    From my point of view, there are a lot of mistakes made by our nation that have created karma with its neighbors.

    Talking about ONE HUMANITY without Boundaries , it is not about Principles it about JUSTICE and Fraternity.

    Love and Light!

  10. Good Day!

    All points very well said. I have a simple solution, though a bit more militant. If an illegal immigrant (male or female) is caught in our country, they should be asked if they wish to become a US Citizen. If so, they should be willing to defend it’s principles and laws. They should be equipped and sent immediately to Afghanistan and/or Iraq for a five year period, to learn what freedom and responsibility is about. Once their five year tour is complete, they should be welcomed as citizens.

  11. Excellent Blog… I just wanted to comment about those that oppose this point of view and how vacuous their points are compared to those that support you in your point. One writer in particular points to not wanting to make a judgment on those that cross over illegal… In the same breath the writer makes a judgment on law enforcement and invites you to hear his personal stories at a later time. The writer also has to say that he is if that really matters. Oh wait it does matter to liberal American. The color of the skin is all too important to the left. Without that their coffers would be as empty as all their arguments.

  12. This man’s speech should be publicized nationwide. My grand-parents came here from Europe 100 yrs ago, and did exactly what he said, assimilate, learn English, and become American citizens; they weren’t Greek Americans, or Polish Americans; they were proud to be called Americans.

  13. And if he spent as much time concerned about the welfare of his citizens and provided jobs that pay a decent wage and health care, people would not feel forced to come here to survive. He needs to shine the light on his own negligence to his people and fix the drug problems and life style deficiencies that I am sure he does not suffer from.

  14. I do not agree with the way the issue is being handled in Arizona, but I was OUTRAGED that the Mexican president would dare to come to our nation and insult our state in Congress. I welcome everyone to our nation but I feel that illegal entry into any nation is dangerous. Not because of hard working potential citizens but because of the criminal element that will seek to elude detection.

  15. Thank you Leslie, I agree completely. However, the problem doesn’t lie with the Mexicans that come here. They are just trying to get what they can out of life. The problem lies with us as Americans. Too many of us have slipped from the true American way of life to where we look to the government to provide everything for us. If our government will provide everything for us and we can have our ‘freedom’ without responsibility, then why should we hold the illegal mexicans to a higher standard? Our government needs to wise up and give back the responsibility for our lives and prosperity and freedom to us as people and then turn and hold the illegal mexicans to that same standard. Freedom can never come from a government. It has to come from the people who then institute government based on those true principles. Our government can give us our freedom and responsibility back simply by returning to the Constitutional principles it was founded on. To me, that is why we need more people like you that are teaching true principles, so people can know that they don’t need to depend on the government. They can truly create prosperity without government intervention.

    1. THANK YOU, Ken! Very well said! By the way, folks, meet Ken. He’s one of our Official ThoughtsAlive Mentors – and I love the way he put this.

  16. I agree wholeheartedly with Leslie. Here in Canada we have adopted a ‘multicultural’ society in which the theory is that the newcomers will become Canadian citizens and adopt our customs, language and morals. This has not happened. Vancouver which has now become predominately Asian is a case in point. The Asians did not assimilate. They come here, try to get their own elected, have their own television station that broadcasts in Cantonese, (also the same with the Hindus)’clog up our universities, pressure our Politicians to be ‘politically correct’ which means that anything that the newcomers don’t like they then claim to be persecuted. Now our politicians are even afraid to send out Christmas cards that actually say ‘Merry Christmas’ for fear of offending the immigrants? What a joke! Instead of one single national language we have two so-called official languages, French and English all to pacify one province in out entire country! We even have a politcal party the ‘bloc Quebecois’ whose sole purpose is to try to get Quebec special treatment from taxpayers and secede from the rest of Canada. Sounds unbelieveable doesn’t it? We have natives who believe that they own the entire landmass of Canada and that they deserve their own laws and government but they still demand handouts from the taxpayers of this country. Don’t let the US become another Canada. Multiculturalism doesn’t work – it just destroys nations. All you bleeding heart liberals out there will spell the destruction of your own culture – but you don’t see that as you are too stupid.

  17. Wow! Great discussion.

    Well, friends, no matter how much this debate drifts into less relevant topics, it always comes down to the fundamental truth that no matter what happens to a person, he or she is free to choose how to respond.

    That’s really the only freedom that life will ever guarantee, no matter what laws are passed, or what laws are passed and enforced. Where will YOU be in ten years? It depends on how you see yourself today and how you relate to the world around you.

  18. Amy, if an immigrant’s only experience with American people is that they’ve been treated as a criminal, maybe they should ask themselves why they are attracting that. Looks like both groups support each other in their own perceptions about life.

  19. Leslie, the idea that it should be difficult and expensive to become a citizen because someone died for this country is wrong. The suffering of one should not necessitate the suffering of many. By that logic it should be expensive and difficult for women to vote. It should be expensive and difficult to get a copy of the Bible. It should be expensive and difficult to practice my religion. It doesn’t make sense.

    Lara, to say that all illegal immigrants are “breaking in” simply isn’t accurate. Many of them have been invited into “your house” by the way you want to live your life. Did you know that food processors advertise jobs in Mexican newspapers? Did you know that US food subsidies (paying US farmers to overproduce corn so that it can be sold to food processors here and abroad for less than what it costs to produce it) have put millions of Mexican farmers out of business? When the US can dump excess corn into the world market for less than a foreign farmer can produce we kill not only their livelihood but potentially their family. If food policy in the US changed I have no doubt that immigration would change as well. Look at the cause – not just the effect. Every time you choose industrial raised meat, processed or fast food you are calling over the border for those “aliens” to come in.

    If your experience with immigrants is that they are criminals and have no intention of contributing to life here you should ask yourself, why am I attracting this? This certainly hasn’t been my experience. In fact many of your “requirements” highlight problems with our social systems within our government and have nothing to do with immigration.

    We live with a mythology that our ancestors came over for very highly moral reasons and committed to God and constitution. History doesn’t bear this out. First generation immigrants were rarely integrated, kept allegiance to their home country and spoke little, if any, English. It is the second and third generation where integration of American values occurs, historically.

    1. Amy, that’s interesting. Did you actually say that not ALL illegal immigrants are “breaking in”? Since when does a Mexican newspaper advertisement constitute legislation? Perhaps carrying the newspaper with them can help them prove proof of citizenship.

      No question the federal government has a LOT of problems that need fixing. That point calls for no argument whatsoever. Thank heavens there are those few who take a stand to shake things up (ie. Gov. Brewer). The problems you cited won’t ever change unless the feds have to make sense out of their own contradictory policies.

      Read “Economic Alchemy” by Paul Zane Pilzer and then tell me that Mexican farmers who are run out of business by flawed American policies are stuck for good. They may not immediately know what their options really are (and by the way they choose to think about it, they may never discover an alternative solution), but the unlimited supply of ideas is accessible to all people who align with the fundamental principles of success.

      People are pushed out of business all over the world and use the setback to launch themselves into doing something even better for themselves and humanity at large. That’s a UNIVERSAL principle at play – something available to all people of all nations, no matter how much CORN America pumps into the marketplace.

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