You can do it!

Check this out – we have this inside of each of us – it’s just sometimes buried under all our baggage!

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  1. This is SERIOUSLY FANTASTIC! Hurray for this girl and Hurray for the parents to instill such self-esteem in her! What a breath of fresh air – she’s a Cheerleader for Life! Thank You for sharing this moment with us.

  2. Hi Leslie,
    This is so divine and so relevant. Pure unadulterated joyful expression. Thank you for sharing this beautiful awakened little goddess’s expression of perfection! I look forward to meeting soon…
    May we recognize God in each other and the activity of the Divine in all we say and do,
    Steve D’Annunzio

  3. Are you kidding me? Who is that? Your daughter? I’m not kidding when I say that facebook is the best thing that’s happened to me on this dark day. It’s like everyone who I trust are posting things that is exactly what I need to hear. It’s crazy! Loved it!

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