It’s not about politics, it’s about principles

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No matter what your political position may be, there are fundamental principles at the root of it all.  The challenge is in identifying the principle.  But once identified, the correct position (which aligns you with universal law) becomes more clear.

One position believes in the unlimited human potential – that no matter what causes a person to struggle, that person has within him or herself the power to rise above it, and through the struggle, that person can and will become stronger and better.

The other position believes that humanity at large is NOT made up of people smart enough to solve their own problems, and that it’s NOT okay to let people suffer the consequences of natural law when it is within a person’s or a nation’s power to give them an escape.  It’s a position that says it is inhumane to allow anyone to feel the pain that naturally accompanies the violation of principle, and that it is not charitable or Christian to do so.

It’s an honorable concern.

But the principle upon which the whole conflict rests runs deeper than many good-hearted philanthropists realize.

For the fundamental principle that guides all of my political views, read my previous post: “Voting for Broccoli

Now, about the Immigration issue in America… Mexico’s president Calderon addressed Congress and while his comments seemed to be popular among the leftists, this response from Tom McClintock embodies the principles of prosperity and personal freedom, no matter what country you’re from.  My response to his response follows. Watch the video first, and then read on:

People forget that there are fundamental principles that promote freedom and liberty. All the people of the world want freedom, but until they recognize, acknowledge, and abide by the correct principles that lay the foundation for their freedom, it will continue to elude them.

I don’t want to hear from someone who has not proven his political theories. Show me what it is about Mexico that should cause me to adopt Calderon’s philosophies? If Mexico were a thriving economic place where people wanted to live, then I’d listen to what he has to say about how to create a great nation. I think it would do HIM well to read the constitution and find out the principles upon which this nation was founded, and why his people want to run across our borders.

Don’t get me wrong; I welcome ALL who want to adopt the principles that make our country great. Adopt the principles if you physically come to America, or adopt the principles in your own country.  Either way, they hold the key to personal freedom no matter where you live.  If a person is determined to come, let them respect the principles that promote and protect freedom.

I should also add here that not all Americans live up to their claim to freedom. Whether a person lives free or not depends on how aligned that person’s life is with the universal principles of freedom.

No matter what country a person lives in, personal freedom begins with a shift toward adopting true principles. Just because a person makes it across the borders without getting caught does not mean they will live a life of freedom. I’m talking about true freedom.

For example, few people will ever know the true freedom that Victor Frankl discovered when he sat in a German concentration camp. He realized that no matter what anyone did to him, they could never control his thoughts. That was the one last freedom that could never be taken from him.

That’s where it begins. It begins in the mind.

First, become the master of your thoughts and learn to respond to your conditions rather than react, and in time, life as you know it can no longer contain you, and ways open up for you to find better conditions.

Don’t cheat the process. Commit to principle and allow God to lead the way. Either the way opens up that brings you to America, or you discover that what you really want can be created right where you are.

Anything is possible – it’s THAT very belief that defines the American dream. As soon as people of other countries who want to live in America start believing it seriously enough, they’ll find that the principle is true universally, not not just within our borders.

It’s not about politics, it’s about principles.

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  1. WHY was it allowed to get this bad anyway?

    Those who previously “tolerated” illegal entry into this country took advantage of CHEAP labor. WHY was this allowed to go on for soooo long?

    I don’t have the answers because it is not as simply as some think!

    Enforce laws on the books … Arizona called attention to itself by passing new law instead of simply enforcing laws on the books.

    Simple solutions to complex problems help no one.

    In general I agree with the position taken here, but I need to ask everyone to think about the complexity of the problem at this point in time. There simply are too many people here illegally to simply try to send them all back … IF it were so simple, it would already have been done.

  2. Thank you Congressman Tom McClintock!!!! You should have had a standing ovation for your thoughtful comments.
    I am especially sorry that Barack Obama is trying to plot the demise of the United States of America by burying us in insurmountable debt, of which we have nothing good to show for.

  3. Here’s the problem…who will find the people who come in saying “No, really I want to work here, live here, be a good citizen,” when they turn out to be wolves in sheeps clothing. I love my illegal friends as much as I love my American friends. I have been to Mexico, seen their options there, it is a hash reality. How does that make it less available for them than it did for Leslie when she reported a stolen broom stick. I have lived in neighborhoods that were less than desirable and to get out you have to want to.

    Not all gangs are made up of illegals, not all people can afford to become a citizen…unless they really want to. One of my friends stayed in America for over 17 years married to a citizen who mistreated her and eventually left her, but in the mean time she made the choice to become a citizen and get citizenship for her son. Would she have been any happier in Mexico, I don’t know, but I know she worked hard everyday to be an American. And so she is.

    We don’t have a way of saving the world, we don’t have a way to make people think a certain way, but we do have the power to change the laws we think are unfair. If you really think that other nations belong here get on the phone with your senator. But once you get them here are you going to babysit them and make sure they truly are what they claim to be?

    I was driving down the street one winter day, snow on the ground, when I see this young girl in a long tee-shirt, no pants, broken sandals on her feet. I turned around got out of my car and saw that she had been beaten. She couldn’t communicate with me, because she didn’t speak English. I finally got her to get in my car and drove her to a friend of mine who could translate. She was refusing to go to the police for help because she would be deported. She had come to America hoping to eventually get enough money to get her kids here. How bad was her life in Mexico?…how bad is life for a kid in the worst neighborhood in America? Bad. Now ask yourself are we really supposed to take laws and throw them out and take little boys and girls from a family in the worst neighborhood because life will be hard for them??? Can we take illegal immigrants and hope that they are the good, law abiding type without any way of tracking them once they get here? Sure they are supposed to report but all do not.

    There is a price for freedom sometimes it comes in dollars and cents and sometimes it comes from the blood of an American soldier. If you think the laws are too tough maybe you should look at opening up that door for someone who couldn’t otherwise afford it. I mean cable television and cell phone bills could go to that fund. Too many times we look for the word impossible to describe what could be possible. Look at micro financing. If your the one who says people can be trusted, they live a hard life, you finance them. If you believe they can’t do it for themselves you be the fairy godmother. But for those of us who believe that where there’s a will there’s a way, for those of us that believe good things come to those who wait and those who work for their own benefit, we still think if a member of another country loves America like we do they will find a way. As so many others did.

    And may they do it legally.

    And as far as Iraq goes we wish we didn’t have to be there, we also wish that it were safe to hope the governments of other countries would not be letting their citizens plot for the end of America.

    God bless those who serve!

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