How the Stickman Concept Helps You Prosper

If you haven’t heard or read me saying it before, you’ll hear and read me saying it now:

***One of the most powerful ideas I’ve ever encountered is The Stickman Concept.***

Since launching ‘The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can’ in August of 2005, I’ve received many questions about principles presented through that allegory.

To answer some of those questions, I began hosting introductory seminars. A small portion of that time was spent sharing bits of my personal story and journey, and about how the Jackrabbit Factor book came to be… but mostly, I used these seminars to share some things about the Stickman Concept. In my humble opinion, this one, simple, succinct, yet EMPOWERING idea has been THE most powerful to ever to hit the world of success psychology—EVER.

The Stickman Concept is a profound explanation of how our minds really work. It helps us to identify and deal with our present limiting beliefs, and using the understanding that comes from it, the concept teaches us how to overcome fear. In fact, after I learned the ‘stickman’ concept about six years ago, I could precisely and finally understand why anxiety always preceded a major life improvement. Just knowing what the anxiety meant and why it was there, gave me the understanding I needed to push through my barriers into the life of prosperity that I had sought for.

Learning the Stickman Concept took the mystery out of how to prosper (and how to make money) and helped us bring the 7 principles of the law of attraction out of the textbook and into our own lives.

As a visual representation of how our minds work, the Stickman Concept brilliantly demonstrates why it is true that, “[As a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he.” If you want to enjoy a life of prosperity, principles of prosperity are something you really need to SEE to understand… and the Stickman Concept IS what I have called “The Visual Aid That Changed Everything”.

Best of all, the Stickman Concept provides a visual representation of some of the most abstract but fundamental principles of success; it is something you can SEE—something that helps you finally understand how to apply principles in ways that WILL finally change your life.

Learning the Stickman Concept definitely helped me change mine.

So why does it work so well?

Think of it this way…

Suppose I give you a simple math problem, and I verbally ask you:

What is the sum of sixty-one million, seven hundred fifty-five, and ten thousand twenty-three?”

Maybe you’d think, “I’m sure that’s simple enough to solve… but solving it is a lot more challenging without it being visibly/symbolically written down on paper.”

So, you do just that. You get a pencil and jot it down like this:

+      10,023

The problem is the same as the verbal one I presented before, but written out and visible this way, most of us would feel differently about solving the problem.

Super simple—doable! we would think.

But how we feel about things has a whole lot to do with how well we do.

How long have you been studying success principles? How many seminars have you been to? How many books have you read? and how many audios or podcasts have you listened to?

You know that the concepts are supposedly simple—and, in theory, they make sense!—but just like reading or listening to a long, drawn-out arithmetic problem, when presented or faced with other disorganized or non-simplified problems, our brains tend to go into overload to the point that we just can’t get the job done.

Principles of success, at their core, are simple… but a lot of times, there’s quite a bit of verbiage going on, isn’t there? Because of that, I felt for a long time that a prosperous life was out of reach, so long as I couldn’t wrap my brain around ALL of the countless tidbits, and every piece of advice I received, at the same time. It was a fragile balancing act that I just couldn’t master… and just couldn’t reap the benefits of.

But what if someone could have shown me a visual, symbolic representation of how to succeed, that made implementing everything I’d been learning dramatically more simple? What if I could do that for you?

The Stickman Concept is the tool that simplifies success. It renders prosperity within reach. It gives you something to “see” in your head when you are trying to change the old thought habits, and gives you a visual tool to understand what’s happening when you’re facing challenges, setbacks, frustrations, and fears. Furthermore, it helps you know just what to do when those challenges, setbacks, frustrations, and fears happen.

Watch the Visual Aid that Changed Everything and see what I mean!

It’s time to prosper!

Leslie Householder

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