How the Stickman Concept Helps you Prosper

You’ve probably heard by now that one of the most powerful ideas I’ve ever encountered is The Stickman Concept.

Ever since I launched ‘The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can’ back in August of 2005, I’ve had a lot of questions come my way about the principles contained in that story.

In response, I started holding an introductory seminar to answer some of those questions. I shared more about MY story and how the book came to be… but most importantly I shared some things about the stickman concept and how this one simple idea has been the most succinct, empowering idea ever to hit the world of success psychology EVER, in my humble opinion.

It is a profound explanation of how your mind really works, and how to overcome fear. It helps you identify and deal with your present limiting beliefs. In fact, after I learned the ‘stickman’ concept about six years ago, I finally understood precisely why anxiety always preceded a major life improvement. Just knowing what it meant and why it was there gave me the understanding I needed to push through my barriers into the life of prosperity I wanted. It took the mystery out of how to make money, and helped us bring the 7 principles of the law of attraction out of the textbook and into my own life.

It is a visual representation of how our mind works, and it brilliantly demonstrates how it’s true that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” If you want to enjoy prosperity, it’s something you really need to see… after all, it IS what I call “The Visual Aid That Changed Everything”.

Best of all, it provides a visual representation of some of the most abstract but fundamental principles of success… something you can SEE… something that helps you change your life.

It changed mine.

How does it work so well?

Let me explain it this way…

Suppose I give you a simple math problem, and I verbally say:

“What is the sum of sixty one million, seven hundred fifty-five and ten thousand twenty-three?”

Maybe you’d think, “I know that’s an easy problem, but I can’t really do anything with it until I simplify it with symbols and see it on paper.”

So you get a pencil and put this on your paper:

+      10,023

Same problem, but we just feel differently about it when it looks simple.

And how we feel about things has a whole lot to do with how well we do.

How long have you been studying success principles? How many seminars have you been to? How many books have you read, and how many audios have you listened to?

You know that the concepts are supposedly simple, and they make sense, but just like reading or listening to a long, drawn-out arithmetic problem, our minds tend to go into overload to the point that we are unable to get the job done.

The principles of success are simple, but there’s a lot of verbage going on, isn’t there? For me, prosperity was elusive so long as I couldn’t simultaneously wrap my brain around ALL of the countless tidbits of advice I received.

What if I could show you a visual, symbolic representation of how to succeed, so that implementing everything you’ve been learning becomes dramatically more simple than ever?

The Stickman Concept makes success simple. It makes prosperity reachable. It gives you something to “see” in your head when you are trying to change old thought habits, and gives you a visual tool to understand what’s happening when you’re facing challenges, setbacks, frustrations, and fears. Furthermore, it helps you know just what to do when that happens.

Watch the Visual Aid that Changed Everything and see what I mean! It’s time to prosper!

Leslie Householder

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  1. Leslie

    I was trained by Bob Proctor who learned it from Dr. Thurman Fleet. I believe Dr. Fleet’s work is called Concept Therapy.

  2. namelocbob

    Who coined this concept or phrase and from which book?

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