Parenting Based on Prosperity Principles

ThoughtsAlive is all about learning to operate day-to-day within correct principles, or in other words, to live standards of conduct that correctly position us to receive all the prosperity in finances, relationships, and personal development that God, and His Universe, has to offer.

When we discover PRINCIPLES, we know for certain that to live by them will consistently and dependably yield the best outcome possible. To build prosperity on principles, we know that the results are all that they can possibly be.

By the same token, there are principles of right parenting.

What do you do when you are faced with a parenting dilemma?

If you understand the principles of right parenting, then you’ll know what to do. It will take different forms throughout a child’s life, but if the parent operates on a true principle, they can be sure they’ve done the right thing, and that the outcome will be the best that it can be. Many parents operate on ‘principle’ but if it isn’t the right principle, their efforts will ultimately backfire on them.

What’s the benefit of knowing and operating on true principles? Peace of mind.

Just think about what that’s worth in this day and age! Children will make their own choices, and well, they should! And as a parent, we have a responsibility to guide them and help them understand the connection between their choices and the consequences of those choices, negative and positive. It is our job to teach them accountability to something greater than us, so that they can become spiritually and emotionally self-sufficient.

Too often, parents spend enormous energy teaching right and wrong, hoping that a child will choose the right when they aren’t around. However, there is a piece missing here… and you will have the opportunity to discover what that missing piece is in September.

I am not a perfect parent, but I have discovered a beautifully simple approach to teaching accountability. My friends Matt and Julie Reichmann have shown me a system – a mindset – that provides guidance and insight into fulfilling this important parental task.

The program aims to pattern itself after the way God appears to work with His children. It’s in simple format—a bird’s eye view of what parenting is—and how to better align with correct parenting principles. When you’re caught off guard by new and challenging circumstances, the principles can act as an anchor, and help you to confidently continue moving forward.

It’s been about 3 years since I went through the program, and I’ve seen how it has helped my children set and achieve goals, and how it has also helped them to understand that their acceptability is not determinate on perfection.

Now, I’d personally like a refresher.

With another baby on the way, I want to make sure these principles are well-established as habits before that baby arrives. For this selfish reason I called up the Reichmanns and asked what it would take to have them come out to Arizona and present the program for my friends in the area, and anyone else who is compelled to fly in for it.

Matt works in law enforcement in Southern California (and boy, does he have some stories to tell!), and is a busy man, but agreed to take some of his time to put this together as a teleconference.

(This class was recorded and is available to Insider’s Club Members)

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