Be-Do-Have – The Most Important Process You Can Learn – Part I

By Cameran Hadlock

Less stress, struggles, frustration, working to the bone; more happiness, health, time, success and generosity – that is what is in store for you as you read and learn about BE-DO-HAVE! Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself or in your life and been told to do this or do that. I would like to introduce you to Be-Do-Have. Be-Do-Have is a process that focuses on “being,” not on “doing” things to change. Be-Do-Have allows us to go with the natural flow of the universe, resulting in gaining our desires more easily and quickly, without frustration – every time. The reason we have experienced so much struggle is because we have been going against the flow of the universe.

The Be part of this process is where it all starts. It is all about who we “are,” our “be”ings and that determines our vibration. Our “Be”ings create what we get in life. This can better be explained by showing two examples. Two young men wanted to “be” great basketball players.

The first young man would tell people that he was going to “become” a great basketball player. However, he had friends that thought he was crazy for saying that. They told him, “You aren’t a great basketball player. You’re not even on a team and you don’t even own a basketball!” In other words, they were telling him you have to have and do certain things before you can be a great player, Have-Do-Be. Yet this is in reverse, and against the flow of the universe.

The other young man had been telling people ever since he was little that he “is” a great basketball player. He had never taken lessons, didn’t have any sneakers, didn’t make very many baskets, but he enjoyed shooting hoops at his home. As he got older he continued saying, “I am a great basketball player.” Later, when someone saw him play they said, “Wow, he’s a great basketball player! Let’s get him trained and on a team.” With that he started doing the things basketball players do, taking lessons, joining a team, learning new plays and techniques. He then had all the things great basketball players have, popularity, scholarships, and recognition. He followed the Be-Do-Have process of the universe.

The reason he was able to have all those things is because he first was “being” a great basketball player. Unlike the first example, he didn’t need any one to tell him or agree with him that he was a great basketball player. He simply was “being” one and then he did what great basketball players do, and that led to his having what great basketball players have.

This process is probably a new and different way of thinking for many of us. For most of us we have been taught since the day we were born that life goes from Have to Do to Be. It has been ingrained in us that we first have to have before we can be, which has led to a lot of stress and making life harder than it really needs to be. Fortunately, there is a much better way.


Be aware of your thoughts, words, and results in life – for they are the mirror of your being. This process of “being” can be used by everyone by sticking to the following steps:

o Make a list of the “be”ings that you want. (For example, “being” happy)

o If you want to “be” happy, write out what “being” happy would be like and wouldn’t be like for you.

o Next, write out what you would and wouldn’t do “being” happy.

o Next, write down what you would have and wouldn’t have as a result of “being” happy.

o Take the list to guide your “beings” more clearly by being aware of and eliminating items that you don’t want as a part of who you are.

By working on our “be”ings we are working from the most foundational place inside ourselves and flowing with the universe. This can only result in easier, quicker, and real solutions to the desires and problems in our lives. In Part II we will find out how we can easily and effortlessly eliminate those things we do not want from our beings. Remember, make life easier, flow from BE to DO to HAVE and you’ll be more successful – every time.


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Cameran Hadlock

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