Universe, or God?

I received an email with a question about “manifesting”. I’ll share Arlene’s question and my response below:

Hi Leslie,

My name is Arlene, I am 72, LDS, and I live in West Bountiful, Utah. It’s been quite a while since I read the Jackrabbit Factor. I have been impressed with your honesty and forthrightness. I am writing with a question, but I want to give you some background. I have been interested in the Law of Attraction for many years and I have received a lot of e-mail newsletters with “helps” to manifesting. I have also bought and read books and programs that almost guarantee I will have money, peace, friendships, health, etc. and it is supposed to be effortless!

It usually turns out that their main interest is in selling their product. The last two and a half years were spent in real estate investing with a partner. He made some decisions that really sabotaged our goals and ran up bills that have forced me into bankruptcy proceedings. He then moved to California so I dissolved the company and filed for bankruptcy. I would be paying on these bills for the rest of my life, so I took the advice of my lawyer to file bankruptcy. The stress has taken a toll on my health as well as finances. I know that God is our Heavenly Father and that He created the universe. I also know that He gives liberally to those who ask in faith. I also know that He will give us everything that is “expedient” for us. But that “expediency” is His determination.

People, who may not believe in God the way I do, don’t seem to have any problem thinking they can get anything they want from the “Universe” if they just go about it in the right way, and to them it is simple and easy. I have a hard time reconciling the Universe giving us everything we want vs. praying to Father for what I want, even to help me understand and use the Law of Attraction so that I can provide for myself and help people.

There is a scripture that I think supports the Law of Attraction, but it seems to be in the future and not here on Earth. D & C 121:45-46. 46 says, “. . . and thy scepter an unchanging scepter of righteousness and truth; and thy dominion shall be an everlasting dominion, and without compulsory means it shall flow unto thee forever and ever.”

Please give me your thoughts on this dichotomy (as I see it anyway): of a Universe that will give us what we want and even be forced to give us what we want (by vibrating on the same wave length as the Universe), and a personal God who is our Heavenly Father whom we ask for blessings and receive them based on our worthiness.

I know you are busy, but I would appreciate a reply.

Thank you, Arlene

Hi Arlene,

I appreciate your question. Here’s how I see it. We have an opportunity to learn about the principles, and discover that they do work, but the ultimate reason for learning how to operate by them is so that we can accomplish whatever seemingly impossible thing the Lord would have us do, to fulfill our life’s mission and further His purposes.

Those who are grounded in the gospel and seek first his kingdom will ultimately use the principles in some cases, and not in others, as the Spirit directs. Just because we have the ‘power’ doesn’t mean we should always use it. In that sense, if the law of attraction is the power of co-creation, then it’s sort of like the power of pro–creation: to only be used under certain conditions. Discovering the power is one thing, which many people may or may not ever come to discover. The next step is learning how and when it’s appropriate to use.

Here’s an article I wrote on this topic, which I hope will help further explain: Human Empowerment, in Perspective

Also, here is something I wrote someone else in answer to their question about whether the power is good or evil:

The law of attraction is a power that allows us to CO-create with God. But it is very much like PRO–creation, in that deep pain can result if the power is utilized in the wrong time, place, or circumstances.

There IS a right and worthy way, and a proper time and place. But there is also a wrong and unworthy way, and inappropriate times and places.

The power of both Co-creation and Pro–creation is divine, but it’s how and when WE use it that determines whether it is either good or evil.

So just because occultists have used it doesn’t make the power evil, and just because Christian people use it, it doesn’t make the power good. The power just is. Whether it produces good or evil is up to the individual who applies it.

I’ve learned that the most right and worthy use of CO-creation is when we are trying to accomplish something that God has asked us to do, which at the time may seem impossible. We are to discover the ‘way prepared that we may accomplish’ whatever we’ve been directed to do. This can include temporal concerns like getting out of debt or creating a successful business, but it also includes finding healing from emotional and physical troubles. In every case, it most certainly includes action on our part and ‘seeing’ it done with an eye of faith before we begin the process.

And finally, click here for a powerful explanation by President Boyd K. Packer

I hope this helps.

Warm regards, Leslie


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  1. Hi Leslie,

    Wow! I could have had a V-8! Your answer to Arlene above is by far the best reconciliation of this paradox I have ever read – I’m going to take the time to meditate on this so that I can really internalize it. This is the answer to the same question I have had these many decades. I hope I can now get down to co-creating the way my Heavenly Father expects me to do.

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