Applying the principles with wisdom

Success principles activate a power that allows us to CO-create with God.

Co-creation (the power to cause things to happen with your faith) is similar to Pro-creation (the power to cause the creation of a baby) in that deep and enduring pain can result if the power is utilized at the wrong time, in the wrong place, or under the wrong circumstances.

I rarely hear any of the success gurus pause to share guidelines around the proper use of the power, because I’m convinced that most of them haven’t seen how a life can be devastated by using them carelessly.

They will explain away a calamity, even if it had been avoidable, as just another “opportunity to grow”, out of which can come an equal or greater benefit.

Yes, okay, sure… that’s true. Every adversity contains the potential for something great – but most of the time, if the adversity was self-inflicted, the ‘equal or greater benefit’ may only amount to a powerful (and sometimes painful) life-lesson learned.

So with that in mind, I’m still going to try to make wise choices based on sound wisdom, in order to avoid learning my lessons the hard way.

There IS a right and worthy way, and a proper time and place for the employment of BOTH powers. But there are also wrong and unworthy ways, and inappropriate times and places.

Both powers are divinely appointed for our use, but it’s how and when we activate them that determines whether the outcome will cause us (or others) joy, or regret.

It’s well understood that once a young person gets over the shock of learning where babies really come from, they must next learn the importance of exercising restraint of those divine powers.

By the same token, once a person realizes his or her thoughts truly do have a direct effect on their circumstances, they also should learn the importance of discerning the proper time and place for their intentional employment of that power.

While we are truly free to make of our lives anything we choose, the most right and worthy use of co-creation is when we are trying to accomplish something in harmony with our life’s mission and the purposes of God, especially if that mission or God’s purposes, at the time, may seem impossible to us.

In those moments, we must exercise the principles of that rare kind of faith, so that we can literally cause things to happen.

After all, it is our charge to discover the ‘way prepared that we may accomplish’ whatever we’ve been directed to do, even against the odds.

God’s purposes aren’t just spiritual in nature, either. He will tend to our temporal concerns (like getting out of debt or creating a successful business), and He is also interested in helping us find healing from emotional or physical troubles.

I am certain that he’s not only concerned about our spiritual welfare.

But to participate in miracles, it requires our belief, hope, and action – and ‘seeing’ it done with an eye of faith.

Okay, so what if my goal is putting a strain on my most important relationships?

The pro-creation/co-creation analogy can be extended to inform us on how and when to pursue goals that strain relationships.

While indeed it is sometimes necessary to make the difficult choice to end a harmful relationship, in most all other cases, a person who pursues a goal without consideration of the people in his or her life, is a little bit like the young teenager who immaturely desires to have a baby without first establishing a committed relationship to a man who is prepared and committed to play the role of a devoted husband and father.

Timing is everything if you want to have it all. Don’t be afraid to take the time to give your relationships first priority in your pursuit of your goals.

Choose goals that will strengthen and nourish your most important relationships. Employ the principles of success to achieve the kinds of goals that have eternal significance. Don’t be afraid to make short term sacrifices for the long term greater good.

So keep on dreaming, but slow down if you must. You’ll avoid a lot of heartache and pain if you do all things in wisdom and order.

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Leslie Householder

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